Nachiketoyamasamvada Katha Upanishad

Nachiketas said: "That which thou seest as other than virtue and vice, other than cause and effect, other than the past and future, tell me that, O Lord Yama. This is my third boon from thee".

Yama replied: "The goal which all the Vedas speak of, which all penances proclaim and wishing for which the aspirants lead the life of a Brahmacharin or celibate, that goal I will briefly tell thee. It is Om".

This word is verily Brahman; this word is verily the highest; he who knows this word, obtains, verily whatever he wishes—he attains Immortality and Eternal Bliss.

This Atman is beginningless, endless, birthless, deathless, changeless, formless, attributeless, and colourless. He is without sound, touch, smell and taste. He is eternal, immortal, all-pervading, self-luminous, indivisible, one without a second. He is beyond, Avyaktam or the unmanifested. He dwells in the intellect or the cave of the heart. He is the inner Self of all beings.

He who is free from desires, whose mind is concentrated and peaceful, whose senses are subdued, beholds this mysterious Atman through meditation and intuition in his own intellect and enjoys immortality and everlasting peace and bliss.

This Atman is hidden in all beings. It is realised by subtle seers through their sharp and subtle intellect, with eyes and other senses turned from sensual objects.

When all desires are destroyed, when the three knots of the heart, i.e., Avidya (ignorance), Kama (desire), Karma (work) are rent asunder, when, the five organs of knowledge are at rest together with the mind and when the intellect ceases functioning or becomes calm, you will attain immortality or Parama Gati or the highest state.

Just as you draw the pith or stalk from a reed, so also, you will have to draw or take out this essence of Atma from the body or the five sheaths patiently and boldly through meditation, Vichara or enquiry and Viveka (discrimination)".

Nachiketas got clear instructions on Brahma Vidya from Lord Yama through the third boon granted by Yama, practised meditation and attained Brahman, i.e., became immortal through knowledge of the Self. Any qualified student like Nachiketas who knows the Atman can surely attain immortality.

"Om Saha navavatu, Saha nau bhunaktu, Saha viryam Karavavahai'; Tejasvi navadhitamastu, Ma vidvishavahai." Om Santih! Santih! Santih!

"Om! May He protect us both (teacher and pupil). May He cause us both to enjoy the bliss of Mukti. May we both exert together to find out the true meaning of the scriptures. May our studies be fruitful. May we never quarrel with each other".

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