Philosophy And Meditation On Om

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Brahman or the Supreme Being is the highest of all. Om is His name. So, Om is to be adored. Om is everything. Om is the symbol of Brahman. It is the word of power. It is the sacred monosyllable. It is the essence of the Vedas. It is the boat to take you to the other chore of fearlessness and immortality.

Pranava or Om is the greatest of all Mantras. It bestows liberation directly. All Mantras begin with Om. Every hymn begins with Om. Every Upanishad begins with Om. Gayatri begins with Om. The oblations that are offered to the various gods are preceded by the chanting of Om. The greatness of Om cannot be adequately described by anybody.

That place where all speech stops, all thoughts cease, where the function of the intellect and all organs stop, is Om. The goal or word which all Vedas praise, which all scriptures proclaim and wishing for which the aspirants lead the life of Brahmacharya is Om. Om is verily the highest. It is the best support. It is the highest Truth. He who knows Om is worshipped in the world of Brahman. He obtains verily whatever he desires.

Om is formed by adoring the letters A, U and M. 'A' represents the beginning of the range of sound. 'U' represents the middle. 'M' represents the end. Thus Om covers the whole range of sound and words.

All triplets, such as, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva; Virat, Hiranyagarbha, Ishvara; Sattva, Rajas, Tamas; waking state, dream state, deep sleep state; creation, preservation and destruction, etc., are represented by Om.

Chanting of Om, Japa or silent repetition of Om, singing of Om, meditation on Om, purify the mind, remove the tossing of the mind, destroy the evil of ignorance and help the aspirant to merge in Brahman or the Supreme Self.

Om is the bow, mind is the arrow, Brahman or the Supreme Self is its aim. Hit at Brahman with a pure and one-pointed mind. Just as the arrow becomes one with the target, you will become one with Brahman.

Know this one syllable only. You will know everything. You will attain the highest knowledge.

Sit in Padma, Siddha or any comfortable pose. Concentrate on the spot midway between the two eyebrows (Trikuta). Meditate on the significance of the following formulae with Bhava or feeling. Repeat them mentally also.

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