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I woke up in the "correct" state. I immediately felt vibrations, and before I had time to time to think about anything, I was knocked out of my body by a strong kick. I started falling. I had no vision, the floor was gone. Like a nose-diving airplane, I was in a free-fall. I kept dropping faster and faster. I started to feel that I was losing control. The only thing I could do was increase the speed with which I fell, all of the ways that occurred to me to try maintain the phase that I attempted at that moment only lowered my degree of awareness. Touching did not do anything for me, as I was just an unembodied spirit in a complete vacuum. Vision was also missing. I started to panic due to the imminent foul. But the acceleration of the fall did not help either, and I was flying and waiting for the moment when I would be thrown out into the dream world. And I dropped like this until I fell asleep.

Questions: Did Boris describe a direct or indirect technique? What could he have done if no spontaneous separation had occurred? How could Boris have more correctly used deepening techniques? Why wasn't Boris thrown into a phase episode? Why did he fall asleep?

Answers and Comments: An indirect technique was employed. If spontaneous separation had not occurred, Boris could have tried to separate on his own. If an attempt to separate had failed, it would be necessary to implement indirect techniques by intensifying the vibrations, and then try once again to separate. In order to deepen and, meanwhile, reach a destination while falling, Boris should have applied translocation techniques and, upon reaching a location, continued to deepen by means of sensory amplification. For example, he could have applied the technique of translocation by teleportation with his eyes closed or simply tried to catch sight of his hands through the darkness, which also would have induced an exit.

Boris also did not pay any attention to the roar in his ears. It could have been used for the technique of listening in, which would have helped him to deepen and maintain. The lack of a set aim to land somewhere resulted in his endless fall, though it does not always happen this way. Boris fell asleep due to his passivity and also because he forgot that falling asleep was a possibility, though he did remember about the possibility of an inadvertent return to reality (a foul).

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