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My first time was the most terrible event in my life. I had never experienced such terror. It happened in December, 1990. I was falling asleep in my bed at home. Suddenly, I heard someone enter my room, but I did not pay attention to the "intruder". Then, two female hands grabbed me from behind, and while pressing my belly, started to lift my body up. I distinctly felt thin fingers with long nails on my belly, but was completely paralyzed and absolutely unable move any part of my body or put up any kind of resistance. I felt my body go through the ceiling, but then was pulled still higher and higher.

I got scared that this could be death. I was afraid not so much of death as of the unknown. All of this happened so swiftly that I found myself unprepared for such a crossover. I started to pray. I asked God to help me free myself and go back. I panicked. I can't say how many seconds my forced levitation lasted or how high I was lifted above my house, but the moment came when I instantly returned to my bed.

Questions: Was this entry into the phase deliberate? What kind of technique led to the phase? What is the name for the complete immobilization that Dmitry encountered? What should he have done in order to start moving? Why did his body easily go through the ceiling? Why was he able to stop this terrible experience by praying? What could he have done immediately upon returning to his body?

Answers and Comments: This phase experience was spontaneous and falls under the category of direct techniques since there was no significant lapse into sleep. The whole experience was accompanied by sleep paralysis, which is why it was difficult for Dmitry to do anything. In order to move in this type of situation, it would have been necessary to intensify the phase state by using an indirect technique or redouble efforts to move.p

Dmitry's body went through the ceiling without any difficulty because there was no vision and the phase itself had not been deepened, otherwise this would not have happened so easily. Praying and appealing to God helped in this case because praying facilitated a relaxation of perceptions and an intention to go back to reality: two factors which are crucial during emergency return techniques. Upon returning to his body, he could have still tried to separate again, though this would have been easier said than done due to the fear associated with the first experience.

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