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Truly, the most interesting things almost always happen unexpectedly.

After a sufficiently long break in my attempts to go to the other world, tonight I decided to try it again. I threw in the towel after yet another unsuccessful attempt, rolled to my other side, and decided to simply get a good night's sleep. I do not know exactly how much time passed while I lay down and thought about what I was still doing wrong while observing interesting images that my imagination was drawing. But at one fine moment, I suddenly felt the phenomenon that is commonly referred to as vibrations. I started to intensify them (I should add that the feeling is indescribable), but I could not levitate, though I really wanted to take a look at myself from the outside. I decided to simply stand up, and that's when it all became most interesting! The entire process of transitioning from a horizontal position to a vertical one was accompanied by increasingly palpable vibrations and a louder and louder roaring sound in my head. The sensation was the same as that experienced after going to bed after not having slept for 24 hours and then being suddenly roused by somebody: my head spun, everything started crackling inside of it, and I was about to lose consciousness. Then, a flickering picture started to appear. It stabilized after one or two seconds, the roaring in my head died down, and I realized that I was sitting on my bed.

I was in my apartment, thought it was noticeably altered. My room seemed more or less the same, though the interior was indeed different upon detailed examination. For example, my mobile phone, which is always within a reach, was somehow an older and different model. It turned out to be the first object that I tested, as I suddenly wanted very much to find out what time it was and check which day of the month it was. I distinctly felt the phone in my hand, but upon attempting to concentrate on and look at the display, I was thrown back into the reality. I immediately climbed back out of my body and decided to simply pace around the apartment while trying to remember what I could experiment on. I tried to conjure an object, but that didn't work and resulted in some mental activity. This caused the phase to fade and my being thrown back into reality. In total, there were about five successive entries into the phase that lastedfor 2 to 3 minutes each. The experiences were not stable at all, which is why I was examining my surroundings in a hurry, always trying to get ahold of anything I could get my hand on. However, there were a good amount of impressions, considering that it was my first entry.

Questions: What type of technique did Roman use to enter the phase? What were the key precursors of the phase? Which separation technique was used? If Roman had failed to completely separate, what technique, besides vibrations, should he have considered? What is the most likely reason for all of the fouls? Which single action allowed the practitioner to make the phase five times longer?

Answers and Comments: The phase was entered through a direct technique, with the comfortable position that Roman was lying in being the main catalyst. As long as Roman was lying in an uncomfortable position, his mind was unable to completely turn off physical perception, and this was most likely the reason why there were no short lapses in dreaming. If Roman were still unable to separate when using the technique of standing up, or any other technique besides intensifying the vibrations, he could have tried listening in, as there was some noise.

Instead of using his first phase experience to work on mastering the basic skills of deepening and maintaining, Roman immediately indulged in complex experiments, which is why his multiple entries within the same phase were brief, of poor quality, and not used effectively. But this is all typical during initial experiences and a lot was still accomplished, especially considering that a direct technique was used. The relative length of the phase was achieved mainly thanks to complying with the single way to maintain the phase -repeated separation, which Roman managed to do five times.

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