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number of terms united by the phase that refer to the state in which a person, while being fully conscious, realizes consciousness outside the normal range of physical perception._

Indirect techniques - entry into the phase within five minutes of awakening from sleep of any duration - provided there has been minimal physical movement.

Direct techniques - entry into the phase without any prior sleep, after excessive physical movement upon awakening, or having been awake for at least five minutes.

Dream Consciousness - entry into the phase through becoming consciously aware while a dream episode is happening.

Dissociation - separation; in this case, a scientific term describing experiences in the phase.

Sleep paralysis - a stupor; the complete immobilization that often occurs when falling asleep, awakening, and entering or exiting the phase.

Stencil - the real physical body that is no longer perceived while in the phase.

Deepening the phase - methods for making the phase as realistic as possible by stabilizing the surrounding space.

Maintaining the phase - methods for maintaining the phase state by preventing a lapse into sleep, a return to reality, or an imagined return to reality.

REM - rapid eye movement sleep (REM phase); a sleep phase that is characterized by increased brain activity that is accompanied by rapid eye movement and dreaming.

Foul - an inadvertent termination of the phase through a spontaneous return to everyday reality.

Cycles of indirect techniques -- the easiest way to enter the phase, employed by rapidly alternating certain techniques upon awakening from sleep until one of them works.


This book is the freestanding supplement to School of Out-of-

Body Travel I — A Practical Guidebook. It is intended to give a first-hand demonstration of the out-of-body experience in practice, while bringing attention to correct actions and mistakes made when out-of-body.

It's one thing to know which techniques can be used to control and leave the perception of the body, but another thing to actually know how to use those techniques. It's one thing to read descriptions of a single individual's experiences, but another to learn about how a large number of other practitioners regard the techniques and feel about them. Not everyone is able to figure out what exactly to do and how to do it without reading this book. Technique-related theory and real experience are essentially two different things.

The power inherent in this collection of personal practitioner experiences is such that even if you never intend to try out the techniques described in it, you are practically guaranteed to nevertheless encounter this phenomenon, as it will enter your subconscious mind as a kind of programming that will sooner or later activate at the right moment. This collection is all the more beneficial for those who would like to receive real guidance in their explorations. All of the fundamental mistakes that practitioners are prone to make are described and analyzed here. Having read the book, the practitioner will be armed with knowledge of the most distilled and verified kind.

In preparation for this book, the personal experiences of hundreds of practitioners were collected at seminars, through the website, and by mail. However, only the most demonstrative descriptions were chosen for inclusion. Thus, the selected descriptions are invaluable not only for those who have just started out on their journey with the most extraordinary practice of out-of-body travel, but also for those who already have substantial experience with it.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who assisted me in putting together this one-of-a-kind compilation. You have made a contribution to this field of study and it only remains for me to wish you further success, which will show that my commentary on your experiences was right on.

Michael Raduga Founder of the School of Out-of-Body Travel

March 20, 2009

Table of Contents: Part 1

Leaving the Perception of the Body Part II

Out-of-Body Experiments Part III

The Experiences of Well-Known Authors Part IV

Demonstrative Case Studies

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