Backtonature Cleaning From A Company As Old As Dirt


Back when we started in business, you didn't need a chemistry degree to read an ingredients label. Tbday, our products are still free of parabens. phthalates. iso-propyl, formaldehyde, dyes and a whole raft of stuff you're better off without. Little did we know that by being so old-fashioned, we'd be way ahead of the curve.

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to those parts you might be less than satisfied with, developing greater joy and deeper appreciation for what is.

This practicc of cultivating appreciation and gratitude can be done throughout the day. One of my students shared with me that her life felt empty. As part of her practice, I asked her to take some time each evening to make a list of five things that brought her some joy that day. I emphasized that these need not be "big" things, that perhaps seeing a child laugh could bring her some joy. At the end of one week, she asked me if she had to limit her list to five things. She said she had found that she had many joy-filled experiences, even on her darkest days. Without denying her sadness and heavy spirit, she was able to see that not all was dark.

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