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One day I was telling some friends that in the chaos of the move I had lost touch with my yoga practice and wanted to find a yoga group again, but wasn't sure how. I wasn't sure what my level would be, whether I'd be up to this class or that one. I looked at the big new space, the sea of oak floor around my kitchen island, and it struck me that my friends and I could share our yoga practice the same way we shared our soup suppers.

One of our group is a yoga teacher. On a Monday afternoon, a handful of us got together and unrolled our mats on the wooden floor. Some of us were rusty, and one member of our group had never done yoga before at all. No matter. It was a pot-luck practice, like the impromptu studio dinners: Come as you are, and bring what you have—a practice, the memory of one, or the desire for one. There were no expectations, so nothing could go wrong.

More than a year has gone by since that first yoga class in the new kitchen, and we have become a devoted group. We gaze out the windows as we practice, and use the island as a prop. Sharing our yoga practice, like sharing food, has made it better. Often a big pot of soup waits for us on the new stove, along with a batch of freshly baked savory scones or a loaf of rustic bread. Sometimes a bottle of wine is opened after Savasana. As we lift our glasses, I think, This is temporary, too. ❖

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