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The cooks at Shoshonl prepare food with love and consciousness, says Susannah Narayani Levine, a chef at the center and the author of their newest cookbook, The Kitchen Goddess, holding that energy as they work by chanting or repeating mantras. "When you have that meditative focus while you're cooking, you channel that love and energy into the food. You can really feel the loving energy in the food when you eat it."

Repeating mantras as you cook, focusing on your breath, or singing along with a chanting CD can lift you out of your thoughts and bring conscious energy to the food, says Levine. "Even simpler than that, just thinking of the person you're cooking for with a lot of love is one of the best things you can do." Levine says she sees guests at the end of their stay at Shoshonl looking a little bit softer, more open, and happier than when they arrived. "They always seem to have felt that deep loving nourishment. It's almost like when your mom cooks something for you-it tastes so good because she really loves you."

Sesame Asparagus Salad (recipe on page 101)

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