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In this variation, the lifted leg extends to the side, which helps stretch tight hamstrings, groins, and adductors. Oftentimes lower-back and sacrum pain is accompanied by tightness in the groins and inner thighs, so this stage of Supta Padangust-hasana is especially beneficial. If your legs and hips are tight, you may find this variation more accessible than the previous one. This is also the appropriate version to practice during menstruation and up to the fifth month of pregnancy.

Before you begin, you'll need to place a block about an arm's distance from your torso on your right side. Begin as you did in the previous variation, pressing both feet into the wall. Adjust your sacrum with both hands and extend both legs on the floor before placing the belt around your right foot. Now hold both sides of the belt together in your right hand and extend your right leg up toward the ceiling. Press your left thigh into the floor and your heel into the wall. With straight legs, turn your right thigh outward and lower your right leg to the right, in line with your hip. Pause for a moment halfway down, and again charge your left heel into the wall, keeping your left hip on the floor so that you don't topple over to the right side. Extend from your inner right thigh to your inner right heel, and move your outer right hip and buttock away from your head toward the wall, the way you did when you adjusted yourself earlier. Keeping the legs straight and the left side grounded, lower your right leg more and place the outer edge of your foot on the block. If the block isn't tall enough or if your left hip lifts off the floor, add another

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block or some blankets, or use the seat of a chair for support. As in the previous variation, let the intelligence in your left leg guide how far you lower the right leg. As you keep your left hip down, extend the inner left leg toward the inner heel, and press the top of the thigh into the floor. Extend both inner legs away from your pelvis and away from each other.

Relax your face and throat and take a few smooth exhalations. Look up at the ceiling, keeping your head, chest, and abdomen centered. On an inhalation, bring your right leg back to 90 degrees, bend the knee, and place the leg on the floor. Repeat the pose on the other side.

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