30/30 Bubble Butt Review

Who is the Author of this product and why should you trust them?

Shawna Kaminski who made sure all women get tricks and tips to make their butt look better created 30/30 Bubble Butt. His program contains all what you need to get a desired butt that people will compliment every time you are outdoors. She made sure you have a well detailed program that will inform you which is the best time to have exercises and how you will make use of those exercises for effectiveness.

Shawna Kaminski has been researching on the right types of foods and exercises you can make use of to get an all round butt. She has years of experience and she also attained the same desired results with the use of the same tricks. The author also has several other programs that can help you lose menopause belly and burn some calories.

What is the actual product about and what does it include?

30/30 Bubble Butt is a 6 weeks strategic program that is sprint into 2 stages. Each of the stages has all the tips to teach ladies on how to stabilize between consuming, exercises, sleeping and their body shapes and weight. The program also features over 100 weight loss foods that you need to take as you continue with the program.

The product will also help ladies to manage their cravings hormonal agents. What this means is that 30/30 Bubble Butt will help you eat when the need arises.

After ordering, you will get:

  • Detailed workout plan-In the package, you will get easy to follow workout plans that works perfect for you. The instructor will guide you along the best workout plans and also share when it’s the best time for you to exercise.
  • Exercise videos-To make sure you get all what you want, the author has also included some exercise videos that shows you how to perform the exercises. The author will help you master all the moves for effectiveness.
  • Nutrition plans-We all know that what you eat reflects directly on your physical appearance. The program also comes with proven nutrition plans that you can customize for effectiveness. The fact is that not all foods were created equally and you don’t have to take them just to be full.

Bonuses-You will as well get a bonus which includes:

  • Get the bubble butt of your dreams without growing your thighs. This bonus will, help you get the shape you want on your butt without impacting on your thighs.
  • Member’s area access-You also get a lifetime access to their member’s only area. Here, you can access all the workout plans, nutrition guides, recipes and bonuses and eventually exercise videos.


  • The tricks included here don’t take a lot of your time. The author knows that you are already a very busy person and hence has made the program very easy to follow and implement without taking a lot of your time.
  • The tricks and tips included here are highly effective
  • The author is an experienced researcher and a body builder. What this means is that you should trust them with the diets and exercises shared.
  • It is also a very clear and a user friendly manual
  • The program is available in PDF and video forms. This means it’s portable and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Every good program comes with some downsides. Here are some of the disadvantages of this program;

  • The program requires you to change most things in your life including what you eat and how you sleep.
  • You may not access it easily if you don’t have internet connection.

What Problems Does The Product Solve?

This program was designed and written by Kawinski to make sure all ladies especially those that have invested a lot of their money and time on commercial remedies to acquire their wanted weight and a beautiful butt are able to do that with ease. With all the tips and the tricks incorporated, you will get a bubble butt that you can be proud of.

What Is The Format Of This Product?

This eBook has been written and provided in PDF versions to make it easy for you to get after you complete the ordering process. PDF formats means that you can download it and print if you want to have a hard copy. You will as well get exercise videos that you can burn into a disc or put in your hard drive if need arise.

Who Is The Product Intended For And Is It Actionable?

This product was created specifically to help women that want to lose some weight and get a bubble butt. If you are one of them, then you have a very helpful product to achieve exactly what you want. The product also works perfectly for beginners and intermediate body builders. 

30/30 Bubble Butt
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