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About the Author

Brian Klepacki is the mastermind behind the development of this product. He is a qualified trainer with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise science and master’s program in Exercise science. Brian is also a qualified and certified strength and conditioning specialist and a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach.

With all the educational qualifications and the experience, Brian has a lot to offer to the world of fitness. He has for the longest time been relying on the world of research along with his personalized workouts to help clients receive training that will change their physical appearances for good.

What is the product about?

This Product crafted by Brian is all about fitness and building a strong core. It is an 8 week core strengthening program. It includes

  • 8 total Body Workouts
  • Over 70 exercises
  • Easy to follow instructional videos. These video contents are based on very effective instructions and techniques of developing the body. Upon purchase, you will get this product digitally and you can watch on your tablet or a computer. However, if you want a physical program delivered at your door steps with no extra costs, then that will be done. The other thing is that if you want to buy a program for your family and friends, then you can get two digital programs and also two digital downloads for an extra cost.

This program is a step-by-step guide which is designed to help you get massive fitness results after just 60 days. In this program, Brian promises you stronger abs. However the main focus is for you to stand tall, breathe better and be healthier overall.

The main program works in two phases as discussed below

Phase 1

The first phase is a 4-week phase that uses functional exercises and workout to build the stability needed in your core.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is also a 4 weeks program that uses advanced exercises to help you tackle those deep abnormal muscles for real abdominal strength.

The two phases are focused at helping you build a stronger core that endures without the risk of getting injuries. Although the whole program takes 8 weeks or two months to complete, it isn’t so demanding on your part. You will at all-time get a complete workout even if you have limited time on your part.

What the program contains

The program contains six quick 10 minutes workouts that come on two DVDS. You can also access those six quick 10 minutes workout through the online. You are required to follow what they wants you to do each day until the end of the program. What you will be doing with this program is building a core for yourself from the ground level up.

In simple terms, the program is going to present to you a completely different solution to the workouts you have been trying. This program presents to you a formula that is simple and easy to follow. The formulas have been developed to offer assistance even to an average man in achieving dramatic outcomes. Their abs are developed within 60 days without the need to take harmful bodybuilding supplements.

The other thing is that this program can help your body align, correct and build strength in case you have an injury. According to Brian, he works in a pool full of injured individuals and in most cases experience pain to their back or neck. Brian also puts forward the claims that this product can also help you build stability and strength. It can also help in helping you remove most of the causes of injuries.


  • This product can work for everyone. It can even work for people with injuries
  • The method used in this program also reduces the risk of injuries
  • The man who created this program has great educational experience and great experience. For this reason, this product can be trusted.
  • The other thing is that the program can work for both men and women., This means that it is not gender discriminative
  • The program is also available in digital forms


  • A lot of effort is required to make this product work for you
  • There’s also little information from prior users

What is the format of the program?

This product is available in digital forms. The main product is in PDF formats. There are also some contents that are available in downloadable MP4 video formats. If you want to get it in physical forms, then the main product will be delivered in a Printed Book and some other contents in DVD forms.

What problems can the product solve?

This product is not designed to solve any problem but it can offer a simple way of elevating your fitness hormones. With that being said, if used the right way, this program is likely to help you develop abs and reach the fitness level you desire.

Who is the product designed for?

This product is designed for both men and women with the ambitions of developing a strong core and at the same time develop abs.

Crunchless Core
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