Law Of Attraction Wealth Practitioner Certification

About The Authors

Dr. Joe Vitale is an author of several books; for example, he wrote The attractor factor: 5 easy steps for creating wealth from the inside out. The publication eventually became the #1 bestseller two times to beat the latest Harry Potter book. He also wrote another #1 bestseller Life’s Missing Instruction Manual: The guidebook you should have been given at birth; it was picked up by Walmart. Other famous titles attributed to him is Zero limits: The secret Hawaiian system for wealth, health, peace, and this book focuses on HO’oponopono an ancient Hawaiian practice. Besides, Joe hosted numerous live events on this subject throughout the nation and has created a following with this title only.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Vitale has been helping all people attract every kind of miracle in their lives. The most crucial factor is to be ready for his tips. He is living proof that you can also manifest anything you want in all areas of your life.

Since the 1980s, Dr. Steve Jones has been practicing hypnotherapy. He has written over 22 books about hypnotherapy. He is also a member of the American Board of hypnotherapy, National guild of hypnotists, and president of the American Alliance of hypnotists. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association. To be at par with the very latest in research, he frequently attends all training conferences.

Much of Dr. Jones research in the late 80s was published in several psychology journals, and he continued with his practice of hypnosis outside of academia consistently.

About The Product

Steve and Joe’s popular law of attraction certification program is the only legit online the wealth practitioner certification course. Don’t be misguided by several other programs which make similar claims but lack the competence to deliver.

The material will benefit you irrespective of whether you are a newcomer with no prior knowledge or success about maximizing on the law of attraction and its relation to attracting wealth or maybe you are not looking to use the material you learn to teach others; you can still take the course.

You will know everything there is to know concerning the Law of attraction and how to draw its power to attract unlimited wealth to your life. In the professional field,  the course will advance you to another position and stage where people will start paying you for your expertise and knowledge. Complete the course and be certified with the global sciences foundation.

You may have concerns if you will get proper training if all you have to do is take the online program for the Law of attraction wealth practitioner certification course. Ideally, any law of attraction practitioner will receive training in a classroom environment with a trainer that will be present physically. But the luxury is not practical for many individuals; this is because after factoring the costs of staying at the hotel, airfare, or spending time far from family and work, it becomes more costly. For these reasons, several institutions have switched to online courses as the most viable alternative for accomplishing modern-day needs. Penn, Cornell, Yale, Harvard, Dortmouth, and Columbia have extensive programs conducted online. Dr. Steve Jones widely studied online programs provided in Ivy League schools while taking his doctorate in education. Afterward, he was able to incorporate what he learned from that curriculum with Dr. Joe’s profound knowledge about the law of attraction and wealth attraction to develop another program of Law of Attraction that provides the same level of training. For this course, look for a study partner and practice your strategies on several people.

You will have mastery over the topics discussed through the law of attraction wealth practitioner basic certification course. The five books, book one to book five help people to attract everything they desire, learn how to teach people the art of manifestation, and how to enrich your life with the ability to attract abundance into your own life.

Book 1 explains what the law of attraction is, how the wealth law of attraction works, whether wealth is available to everyone, the fundamental law of attraction principles for wealth, and how occurrences are attracted by energy, and how to prevent the past from having a bearing from your future. Book two outlines the first steps toward wealth, choosing your first goal, why believe and receive works, the importance of visualization and methods, why being appreciative for what you have brings in more wealth, and how to live as if you already have wealth. Book three mentions several meditation and breathing methods, how to use positive affirmation to get wealth, polarity and thought intensity, developing a welcoming attitude, intention setting for success, and how to strengthen your client’s positive vibrational energy. Book 4 is about focusing on the future, getting rid of doubt and fear, how to conquer the fear of failure, being happy with the present, eliminating negative energy and selfishness, how to ask the universe, how to surround yourself with positive people, boosting motivation, and how to see wealth and money in a positive light. Book five tackles common questions about the Law of Attraction.

Law Of Attraction Wealth Practitioner Certification
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