Sacral Chakra Mala

About the creators of the product Liz and Ric:

Liz and Ric are two enthusiasts about chakra and they have found out of the secrets of the sacral chakra and its powers. They have been in dire situations and it was only through the bracelets that they were able to get through their troubles. They have made the sacral chakra bracelets so easy to get for everyone since they are offering free shipping, but the amount of people who are willing to buy the bracelet is insane. 

Everything you need to know about sacral chakra:

The root chakra has nothing to do with the sacral chakra since this type is going to deal more with your power side of the reproductive capabilities. It isn't just about sex, it's about harnessing your energy to the world around you. These beads are made just for the sacral chakra and for nothing else. A lot of people forget that you need to be able to power up all the chakras behind the chakra you need to awaken. For the seven chakras, you cannot attain the crown or the third eye without being able to go through all the six chakras and maintain them.

This is why you should not confuse this with the Muladhara chakra which is a bit lower than the sacral chakra. While the Muladhara chakra is responsible for the person's overall wellbeing and understanding of the world and the self, these beads will actually target sex and the link between your past and future. Karma is something that is present in your whole life, it is determined by your actions and it is always there. Your whole DNA and genetic identity are within the sacral chakra and no one can change that. This is why as soon as you will wear these beads, you will be able to unlock your sexual powers. This is all about representing yourself outward rather than inward. The beads will also help you feel the joy and excitement in life, it will help you be more creative and in tune with your spirit and you will be able to create an autonomous chakra. 

The reason why the sacral chakra matters is because everyone needs it in this day and age. Since food, water, shelter, and the essential needs are all present, you need to have some kind of excitement and joy in your life. Getting these beads is the first step to getting all of your chakras aligned and working properly. These beads will also:

  • Increase your sex drive
  • Help you be more joyful in life
  • Be more confident in who you are
  • Get over the coldness 
  • Find your purpose
  • Fulfill your life
  • Figure out things about who you are as a person
  • Stop being anxious and self-judgemental 

When you put this on, you will know for a fact that it's working because your body will naturally start to act the way that it is supposed to. Many things we do in life suppress and kill our emotions, but with the sacral chakra beads by Ric and Liz, you'll be able to enjoy your life and rediscover yourself like never before. You will even be able to balance out your chakra so that if it is underactive, you'll be able to influence it to go up, and if it's overactive, you will tame it down. 

This can actually have an effect on your marital life and even your work. All you need to do is to have put this bracelet on your neck all the time. This will almost feed your spirit and fulfill your soul. The effects are so good because they actually help in daily life. You will finally be in control of your environment and life and no longer swayed by anything that comes your way. 

The chakra mala is something that tens of thousands of people wear on a daily basis. The color of the mala you will get is orange which signifies spirit, rawness, creativity, meditation, and power. You will receive the beads that are around 108 in total. 

Advantages of Getting sacral chakra:

One of the best benefits of the sacral chakra beads in that it comes right through your door. The cost of shipping is none and you will have one of the most beautiful beads you will see. This is perfect for reciting the mantra and meditating and you can even wear this outside. A lot of people will think it is just an accessory item that looks trendy, but it a powerful tool that will help you find inner peace, calmness and creativity within you in the sacral chakra. This is even something that the Buddha himself has been wearing because it is so powerful. You can use your mala all day through the reciting with protective power which can last all day every single day. In addition to that, you can use the mantra reading the reciting if you want to have a special night with your loved one because you will unlock the confidence of your sexual energy. The energy won't come out as untamed and uncontrolled, it will be pure and directed, it will be so clean that anyone would be drawn to it. 


The sacral chakra bead mala is a great way to reintroduce the chakra of your creative energy. it's also something you can get without even being an expert on chakra, as a matter of fact, it would be great to have this as an introduction tool you use to recite and do your daily mantra practice. With the mala, you will be able to have some of the most peaceful meditative times in your life because you'll feel the energy flowing slowly but surely, It can be a part of your rituals since it flows your sacral chakra with energy that is harnessed and controlled. You will feel lust for living, power within and figure out the secret of life once you find what you want out of life with the mala. 

Sacral Chakra Mala
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