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The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide

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Effective Rotator Cuff Exercise Program

Here are the Benefits of The Effective Rotator Cuff Exercise Program: A list of rare but effective rotator strengthening exercises will be revealed. Common and uncommon rotator cuff stretching exercises are given. A suggested list of range of motion exercises will be demonstrated. You will discover a ready-to- use 12 week rotator cuff exercise program. Recommended rotator cuff strengthening exercises will be taught. An outline of pulley exercises for the rotator cuff will be explained. An introduction to the 7 structures that make up the shoulder joint. Discover the structures that stabilizes the shoulder joint. The 5 most common causes of rotator cuff injuries will be discussed. Be introduced to the 12 factors that influence the risk of a rotator cuff injury. Learn the 3 most common injuries that occur to the rotator cuff. Have common assessment and diagnostic tools explained to you.

Effective Rotator Cuff Exercise Program Summary

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Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is a combination of four muscles the subscapularis, the infraspinatus, the teres minor and the supraspinatus. The subscapularis and infraspinatus have opposing actions and function as antagonists. The teres minor is a synergist of the infraspinatus and is not covered in detail here. As with the deep pelvic muscles, we are unaware ofthe rotator cuff, even though we use its muscles constantly in our daily life. Certain yoga postures awaken our consciousness of these muscles. Once awakened, their contraction and relaxation can be used to refine other postures. The shoulder (glenohumeral) jointis composed of a ball (the humeral head) and a shallow saucer-like socket (the glenoid of the scapula). The shoulder joint enjoys the greatest mobility of all the joints, but also has the least stability and is the joint most frequently dislocated. (Like a yin-yang, greater mobility means lesser stability.) The rotator cuff encircles the Rotator Cuff

The Muscular Stabilizers of the Shoulder

Posterior Cruciate Ligament

The shape of the bones and thick ligaments stabilize the hip. Musc les stabilize the shoulder. The primary shoulder stabilizer is the rotator cuff, the secondary stabilizers are the triceps and biceps. Yoga postures such as arm balances and inversions strengthen these muscles, balancing stability and mobility in the joint. Rotator Cuff (stabilizing shoulder joint)

Supraspinatus soopruhspiNAtus

Garudasana Arms

Of all the rotator cuff muscles the supraspinatus is the most frequently injured, due to impingement of its tendon on the inferior surface of the acromion process of the scapula. In yoga, impingement can occur in asanas such as dog pose and urdhvadhanurasana. This problem can be avoided by

Triceps Distal Tendon Tear

Distal Triceps Tendon

Contraction of all three heads produces extension ofthe elbow (as in downward facing dog pose). Contraction ofthe long head with the forearm fixed rotates the scapula upward (by pulling on its origin). This rotation increases contact ofthe humeral head with the shallow glenoid, stabilizing the joint. This contraction ofthe triceps also moves the acromion process medially and away from the humeral head, preventing impingement ofthe acromion on the humeral head. This protects the rotator cuff muscles in poses like the backbend and dog.


Hut even more strongly, through out eve ry phase of the pose. Not only is this essential tor achieving the stretch (because it keeps the upper end of the latissimus wrapped around the arm bone), hut it also helps prevent injury to the tendon of one ofyour rotator cuff muscles, the snpraspi-natus. This muscle lies in a bony depression atop the shoulder blade. Its tendon passes through a tight space underneath a shelf of bone called the acromion process (which is parr of the shoulder blade) and above the top end (head) of the humerus. The tendon then crosses to the outer side of the humeral head and attaches there. Whenever you raise your arm, you run the risk of pinching the supraspinatus tendon between the humerus and the acromion. However, it you rotate your upper arm outward far enough before lifting it, you move the tendon out from underneath the acromion, so you can raise the arm freely without damaging the tendon. If the latissimus dorsi is tight, it will limit your ability to...


Bulbospongiosus Muscle Exercise

The subacromial bursa is a sac-like fluid-filled structure that facilitates the gliding of the rotator cuff under the acromion. Impingement involves compression of the subacromial bursa between the greater tuberosity of the humerus and the acromion. This can result in shoulder pain.

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