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Quantum Confidence System

Quantum Confidence System is the new course for everyone who wants to get rid of all problems in their life permanently such as stress, anxiety, missing, boring, and much more on the way to guiding them on how to be more confident. The program will help learners believe in themselves and make anything possible. The Quantum Confidence System also provides users with some brainwave entrainment tones, which enable them reproduce neuro chemicals in their brain. Moreover, the new guide covers 10 CDs, which are divided into 4 components such as Self Esteem and Quantum Confidence with TMM, Self Esteem Meditation and Quantum Confidence with TMM, Self Esteem Triliminal and Quantum Confidence with TMM. Using the Quantum Confidence system is very similar to using an exercise regimen or even a proper diet that includes a change in eating habits. You see what happens is if you exercise for a time and notice your body getting into really good shape, and if you diet for a time and notice your weight dropping to a desired level, and then you turn around and stop exercising and go back to eating in the same way as before you will tend to notice the same conditions that pre-existed returning.

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Yoga Is Truly Comprehensive and Empowering

Yoga offers you a sensible, growth-oriented lifestyle that covers all aspects of life from cradle to grave. Its repertoire includes techniques for optimal physical and mental health, for dealing creatively with the challenges of modern life, for transforming your sexual life, and even for making creative use of your dream life through the art of lucid dreaming (discussed in Chapter 20). Yoga makes you feel comfortable with your body, improves your self-image and self-esteem, and enhances your power of concentration and memory. Ultimately, Yoga empowers you to discover your spiritual essence and to live free from fear and other limiting emotions and thoughts.

Kid Stuff Making Yoga Fun for Youngsters

The sense of calm, focus, and balance that draws adults to the practice of Yoga is also available to children, even those as young as three, as long as you introduce them to it in a playful, child-friendly fashion. When guided with a developmentally appropriate approach, preschoolers and the primary school set alike can reap Yoga's numerous benefits, such as improved concentration skills, an ability to calm and center themselves, and greater self-esteem and self-confidence. In many ways, young children are naturals for Yoga because they can participate without the physical and mental tightness that adults have acquired. Afi Kobari, creator of the Yogamama program in Los Angeles, describes a palpable energy and joy in her young students when she guides them through postures with a playful approach. The following sections give you some tips on engaging your child in Yoga, as well as several poses to try.

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Destroys a community's social fabric and a woman's self-esteem. Its program (offered in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan, among other countries) pairs women in war-torn regions with sponsoring sisters in other countries who write them letters a sign of friendship and a reminder to those who feel abandoned by the world that someone does care. The sponsoring women also send 27 per month (plus a 30 enrollment fee) to support their sisters in a yearlong program that teaches them about personal and political rights and provides job training, emotional support, and basic necessities such as clean water, medicine, and food.

Celebrate the Benefits to Your Sex Life

As advertisers know, sex is a powerful motivator. Why else do so many models appear in advertisements You can use sex to motivate you to do your yoga-with-weights exercises, because yoga with weights can improve your sex life. The exercises in this book boost your metabolism and increase your ability to focus and concentrate. You'll feel healthier and better, and you'll notice improvements in your self-esteem and stamina. All these benefits have the effect of making you more confident and alive in the bedroom.

Natural Hub Removal Systems

On a fundamental level, being busy nourishes the ego's need to feel important. But while it's normal to derive a healthy self-esteem from being engaged with the world, the ego's addiction to busyness has at its core a terror of its own emptiness. The ego feels, If I'm busy, that means I exist. I'm worthwhile. I'm wanted. When you're active and engaged, you feel part of the rhythm of life. Our culture reinforces the assumption that being busy equals being productive and important.

The light the heat understanding the mind

Asmita, which literally translates as a (not), smita (smiling) or 'inability to smile,' is over-identifying with objects peripheral to our core self. A gross example is basing my self-esteem on the car I drive, the clothes I wear, or the size of my bank account. More subtly, I might define myself by the books I've read, the yoga postures I do, the foods I do or don't eat, or the people I count as friends.

What Your Body Is Telling You and Whether Its Good News

If you scored 8 to 15 points Yoga can help you become more aware of your body and improve your self-image. You'll discover feelings, muscles, positions, and energy you never imagined you had. If you don't pay attention to your body, it will break down faster, and you don't want that Most of us have many illusions about our bodies. Unfortunately, these illusions affect not only our feelings about our physical appearance, but also our self-esteem and our

Yoga Promotes Whole Body Fitness

Nonathletes also might be attracted to the idea that yoga isn't competitive. In fact, a sense of competitiveness is in direct opposition to the yoga frame of mind. Your yoga practice is personal and has nothing to do with anybody else. Plus, yoga will give you so much energy and such an improved self-image that you may find exercise isn't as bad as you thought.

The Importance Of Confidence

A crucial factor in developing phase abilities is self-confidence in the ability to use the skills. Initially, these abilities are absent because the human brain, tuned in to ordinariness, blocks confidence in the ability to do anything unusual. As soon as strong confidence is reached in the performance of phase abilities, all others become easy to achieve.

Psychic Influence

We have spoken of this matter in Science of Breath, under the title of Soul Consciousness, on page 70. In the same book, on page 61, under the title Forming an Aura, we have hinted at a plan whereby weak and fearful persons may protect themselves while they are building up a sure foundation of self-confidence and strength. The affirmation or mantram which has proven of more benefit than any other in these cases is the positive assertion of I AM, which expresses a truth and tends to a mental attitude which is taken up by the Instinctive Mind and renders it more positive to others, and less liable to be affected by suggestions, etc. The mental attitude expressed by I AM will surround you with a thought aura, which will act as a shield and a protection, until such time as you have fully acquired the higher consciousness, which carries with it a sense of self confidence and assurance of strength.

Non selfacceptance as a cause of disease

The inability to accept oneself is a fundamental cause of disease. Lack of self-acceptance results not only in mental disturbances, but also physical ailments. Mental dissatisfaction leads to a reflection and manifestation in the physical body. We could go on giving so many other examples, but by now you should clearly see the pattern lack of self-acceptance leads to disease. Don't try to over discipline the mind, saying that it should be this or that it should act in accordance with a certain code, for this will only lead to suppression. Let the mind be free to do its own thing. But be aware. Don't suppress your thoughts for this will eventually lead to disease and unhappiness. Accept your thoughts, but with awareness. In time all disharmonious tendencies will slowly wither away through greater understanding.

Security is our Greatest Asset

SELF-LOVE on an energetic level is our goal. For self-love to be real, we have to enjoy being in our bodies. This is of course a process that takes time. We have to be willing to feel uncomfortable and to experience our emotions. If we are willing, we will over time experience inner power and peace. Maybe the core issue is not food or addictions. Maybe the core issue is our own security, our own self-love, and our dedicated commitment to living our own lives.

Cultivate a Relationship between You and

This is a great exercise to do after healing mediation because it creates some great sensations that you just want to keep feeling. The more we feel the pleasurable sensations, the more we identify with them. The more we love what we feel, the easier it is to stay in this space. This is the foundation for self-love. We can actually feel we are love and we love it.

An Invitation to turn Inward

Some of the above are easy to identify. We know when don't like our job and feel abused in our relationships. However, other problems in our psyche lie outside our conscious awareness. The result is that we think our problem is our depression. However, depression is a symptom of a deeper problem that we can't consciously identify. Our inability to connect with our own self-love and experience our connection with the Divine is the most fundamental of these unidentifiable problems. And even if we identify it consciously, as we are now doing, we cannot access the connection and thus the solution through our conscious rational mind.

Disconnection from our Souls

We are obliged to experience grief, sorrow, pessimism and loneliness. The trick is that we are not obliged to indulge in these feelings. They are there to teach us. But they are not there to torment us. The key to understanding all these feelings is the realization that they are a reflection of our separation from Source. They are a response to a closed heart. They are generated by a lack of self-love and a fundamental misunderstanding of who we really are. To understand our divine nature we must have the experience of our own soul. We will not love ourselves simply by having someone tell us we are beautiful and great. We have all witnessed how transitory the elation from even honest complements are. For the remedy cannot come from outside ourselves. The remedy is found within our own hearts.

Advice To Householders

Start that pure life of a Yogi the very day on which you read these lines. No leniency to mind. Self-reliance is indispensably requisite. You can get suggestions from outside. But you will have to tread the path yourself, to place each step yourself in the spiritual ladder.

Thought Power and Practical IdealismII

Become a staunch believer in self-reliance and self-effort. You can determine your fate by force of thoughts. As clouds are the main source of rain, so the control of one's own thoughts is the source of durable prosperity. You are yourself your own friend or enemy. If you will not save yourself by cherishing good thoughts, there is no other remedy.

Utkatasana Lightning Bolt Pose

Lightning Bolt Yoga

We've emphasized before that balance is extremely important in the practice of yoga. When your body is balanced, a connection is formed between the two sides of your body (ha and tha, as in Hatha Yoga). But balance poses do more than coordinate your left and right sides. They help tie your entire body and mind together into a more integrated and fully functioning whole. Balance poses also increase self-confidence, because they teach you to stay centered, calm, and strong in precarious circumstances. If you accomplished the warrior 3 pose in the earlier section, remember how great you felt That's just a taste of the power of balance poses.

Do You Trust Your Body

If you agreed with any of these statements, you have problems trusting your body. Your body is not your enemy, and it's not a stranger. While you may need professional help to cure an eating disorder, chronic illness, or negative self-image (you'll want to enlist the aid of a licensed healthcare professional as well as a yoga instructor ), the wonderful thing about yoga is that it reacquaints you with your physical self. You'll get to know your body like never before, and you'll even learn to make peace with your body, enjoy your body, like your body.

Our Inner Journey Tuning In

To tap it and make the best use of it, we have to experience it in its most primal form before it becomes an emotion or a commotional story. Meditating on yourself as a flower can help stimulate a feeling of self-love. Taurus teaches us that one of the highest forms of healing is available through self-love.

Law The Law of Pure Potentiality

While performing your yoga postures, relinquish the need to judge your ability. Begin each session with the statement, Today, I shall judge nothing that occurs, and remind yourself that self-acceptance is the source and goal of yoga. When you are constantly making judgments, including of yourself, as things being right or wrong, good or bad, you create turbulence in your internal dialogue, which constricts the flow of energy between you and the field of pure potentiality. Nonjudgment cultivates silence in the mind, which gives you direct access to the field of pure potentiality.

Kripalu Yoga The Style

Kripalu Yoga can be especially beneficial to those individuals seeking to combine the practice of yoga with personal transformation. By engaging himself fully in the practice of Kripalu Yoga and bringing the focus and attention to every detail of the physical postures, a man can relax the body, calm the mind, and strengthen one's self from within. Perhaps more importantly, Kripalu Yoga emphasizes letting go of emotional blocks and regaining the ability to feel fully. This can bring a man back in touch with his feelings, often opening his heart to himself and others. From this place of self-acceptance and emotional connection, the answers to life's questions become clearer and men can enjoy the bliss and inner freedom that is the goal of yoga. The Kripalu Center offers an ongoing assortment of programs that may be of particular interest to men, including workshops in yoga for back care and yoga for men.

The accumulation of subconscious blockages

This illusory or contrived identity defines itself continuously in our daily thought patterns, through a kind of a self-talk just at and under the surface of our waking consciousness, constantly commenting on the events of our lives. There is a whole new psychology involved in simply changing this self-talk in order to change ones life, through planning, repeating and mentally imaging affirmations, called self-image psychology. This self-talk further influences the dreams we have related to the building of the identity around the mind's ongoing attempts to bring all these images and takes into a unified identity. This process all happens at what we call the subconscious level.

Teen Yogis

Teenagers can gain great benefit from a regular yoga practice, which will help to keep them physically fit, strong, flexible, and confident. The self-esteem teens can gain from yoga may be the most important benefit of all. Yoga can also help kids develop self-discipline and gain control over their bodies, which are subject to intense hormonal fluctuations and strong emotions during these years.

Lets Get Personal

If you find that, when evaluating yourself, most of your answers are negative ones ( I'm selfish, I have low self-esteem, I don't have very many friends, etc.), nip that negative self-talk in the bud Whenever you catch yourself forming a negative thought, restate it in the positive ( I am aware of my needs, I often put others first, I have a few really good friends ). Take it easy on yourself. You're working at your own speed and learning as you go, like the rest of us. You are an amazing person, worthy of self-respect and self-love. In fact, you are miraculous. Feel good about who you are and where you are, and yoga will be a natural avenue of self-care.

Being more beautiful

It's often said that yoga slows the aging process. What yoga really does is to help maintain and improve your posture and general health through exercising and proper breathing. Yoga with weights helps to increase your vitality and overall well-being so you look and feel younger and more beautiful. It can give you self-confidence and poise, increase your self-awareness, and make the light inside you shine more brightly with each decade.

Yoga Makes You Wimpy

On the other hand, yoga isn't really a passive form of exercise. It organizes your strength, internal energy, and awareness. Yoga builds strength in areas that other exercise programs don't come near. It builds self-confidence, quiets your mind, and helps you find your own direction. You develop your inner as well as your outer strength. Does that sound wimpy to you Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, John McEnroe, and Dan Marino don't think so. These professional athletes practiced yoga in their playing days and continue to practice it now.

Yoga In Daily Life

Practise self-control and self-mastery. Have self-confidence. Develop independent judgment. Do not argue. Strive ceaselessly for Self-realisation. Kill this little ego. Develop pure love. Rise above all distinctions of caste, creed and colour. Give up the idea of 'I-ness', 'Mine-ness'. Look within for the happiness which you have sought in vain in the sensual objects.

Search for Balance

In their teens, young people explore and discover themselves and search for their identity. They long to be themselves and to take control of themselves and their lives. It is a period during which they have conflicts with their parents, teachers, and others about music, clothes, and rules. Gradually, their relationships with parents and educators move toward equality. At the same time, young people turn enthusiastically to the outside world. Full of self-confidence, they jump into adventures, spending more and more time away from home in order to get to know the world, to form friendships and other personal relationships, and to make important choices. The stress of all of this can manifest itself in many ways from physical disorders to a negative self-image. Symptoms such as bad moods, restlessness, and headaches or stomach aches with no clear cause frequently occur during this period. Some young people may become listless and dependent others exhibit challenging behavior or are...

Feel Free

Thispracticewillgctyouin touch with the manipura chakra, which governs the navel and solar plexus area, This energetic force can be weak, not just physically but psychologically, too, after the sheer willpower that giving birth requires, says Missingham. Working the core in Plank and Paripurna Navasana (Full Boat Pose) can reignite a sense of Strength and self-confidence. Other poses in the sequence gently release tension all through the body A supine Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) can be a balm to the ou ter hips and gluteal muscles. Bridge and Eagle are great for relieving the tension in the chest, shoulders, and upper back that builds as you carry a new baby around.

Yoga True and False

Many of the secret rites and hidden practices, prescribed by esoteric systems and occult creeds as well as many exercises of Yoga, are but effective methods of self-hypnosis in disguise. They cause the practitioner to fall into a state of mental passivity leading to trance. The daily repetition of the experience tends to fortify belief in the reality of the vision and to create an assurance that the practitioner has found what he had striven for. This assurance has a powerful effect in creating self-confidence in and in influencing his followers and disciples. Once the ability to induce hypnosis in himself has been gained by a Sadhaka, the next step of exhibition of psychic talents becomes possible soon afterward in a certain proportion of successful initiates. They may succeed in awakening extracerebral memories relating to the past or in exhibiting clairvoyance, prevision or other supernormal gifts.

Self Acceptance

Man should also live a harmonized, tuned in life, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. Man can never accept himself and his faults, and in away this is a good thing for it motivates him to overcome his apparent limitations and elevate himself to the higher realms of understanding and bliss. But generally the lack of self-acceptance is too overwhelming it totally grinds a person into an overburdened state of worry and dissatisfaction, which leads to a life that is lived at a very low level compared to the possible potential. There should be more self-acceptance combined with the need to improve oneself. There should be aspiration for self-improvement, but not neurosis because of the faults that a man sees in himself. Try to accept your present personality, no matter what its obvious weaknesses and faults, but still have the aspiration to overcome them.

First Step

Liz Dunn, a massage therapist in Cheshire, Connecticut, lost 125 pounds over a year and a half and says that the self-acceptance she learned through yoga was a crucial part of her weight loss journey When you're that size, your thoughts are dominated by things like 'I can't sit in that chair,' and 'I can't do this or that.' But yoga taught me that I'm OK where I am today. Yoga was like a warm, welcoming embrace saying, 'Let's find you and take time to just be here, now.' This, Dunn says, is what enabled her to get past the plateaus that invariably accompany significant weight loss over a long period of time. I never set weight loss goals I just integrated yoga into my view of how I was physically in the world, she says. That made it OK when I hit those plateaus and wouldn't lose any weight for weeks, which is when a lot of people give up.


Practise the suggestions that we have given, and you are on the path to total self-acceptance. At first it may be on a superficial level, but this is the beginning of self-acceptance in a much deeper sense. Automatically, you will find that as you come to accept yourself, you will start to accept others, regardless of their faults. You will begin to realize that most people act in the way they do only in order to be acceptable and worthwhile both to themselves and others. This applies to people who behave in the most bizarre manner though their actions seem totally unrealistic, it is merely their way, however inadequate and strange, of coming to terms with themselves and their surroundings. Increasingly you will realize this and learn to accept others for what they are, and this will help others to accept you. This increased awareness is a positive approach to bringing about harmony in your life, both in the internal and external worlds. Total self-acceptance comes with the advent of...

Divine Addicts

Maybe weight and food problems are not really about food and weight. Maybe the issue is self-love. Maybe we should start out by loving our bodies as they are. After all everyone is different and therefore special. Maybe addictions are about taking back our power from those forces and authorities who we have let manipulate us. Maybe every issue we face is a spiritual issue between me and myself and me and the Divine.

Making Choices

It is the actual experience of the different energies within you that will allow you to make a choice between the two. Sensory experience is a necessary for training yourself to use the energies that initially appear as bad for action, energy and motivation. It is the acceptance and honoring of all our energies that is the energetic foundation of self-love.


Practise your dharma to the best of your ability. Try not to do the dharma of another person, even though you could do it better, or more easily. You may think that you are helping someone by doing bis work, but it may lead to less obvious adverse repercussions, perhaps by making the other person lazy or lose self-respect. So one should adhere to their own dharma (swadharma). At the same time try to practise karma yoga. In this way, one will reduce 'sinful' acts and thereby move into the realms of higher experience and knowledge. Incidentally, it is so important not to become caught up in the intellectual definitions of sin that have plagued people with untold phobias

Joy Seeker

A deep and long relaxation is an important part of cultivating joy in your asana practice. While lying in Savasana, you can touch various parts of your body with your loving attention. For instance, bring attention to your eyes as you inhale, send them an inner smile, and feel gratitude and appreciation for them as you exhale. Spend a few breaths smiling to each part of your body in this manner, especially

By Yehudi Menuhin

It is a technique ideally suited to prevent physical and mental illness and to protect the body generally, developing an inevitable sense of self-reliance and assurance. By its very nature it is inextricably associated with universal laws respect for life, truth, and patience are all indispensable factors in the drawing of a quiet breath, in calmness of mind and firmness of will.

Pran Mudra

The Pran Mudra generally increases vitality, reduces fatigue and nervousness, and improves vision. It is also used against eye diseases. On the mental-emotional level, it increases our staying power and assertiveness, healthy self-confidence, gives us the courage to start something new, and the strength to see things through. Clear eyes are also a sign of a mental outlook emphasizing clarity and a clear mind, which means clearly structured thoughts and ideas.

Vajrapradama Mudra

Cross the fingers of both hands in front of your chest. Solid fundamental trust is the basis for healthy self-confidence. We experience times when we think we can deal with whatever comes our way and there are times when we doubt ourselves, we feel insecure and think ourselves not capable of handling anything that happens. When we take a closer look at things, we notice how important inner strength is for our self-confidence. When we are weakened, no matter on what level (physical, mental, emotional), then insecurity sneaks in. We can build up our inner strength with specific mudras, physical exercises, and breathing exercises (see page 43).

Ecstasy Yoga Union

The Western approach to yoga tends to be more fitness-oriented, while the Eastern approach to yoga is based on the idea that a healthy body makes it easier to progress spiritually. Either approach benefits both body and mind, however. If you're interested in yoga for its physical benefits, you can consider the spiritual centeredness you achieve a splendid bonus. Or, if you tend more toward the Eastern way, consider fitness the icing on the cake of spiritual growth. Either way, yoga fitness power means self-confidence, self-control, and inner peace. Whatever your fitness level, let yoga challenge you.

Obstacles In Yoga

The old Samskaras (latent impressions) of vanity, cunningness, crookedness, arrogance, petty-mindedness, fighting, boasting or bragging nature, self-esteem or thinking too much of yourself, speaking ill of others, belittling others may be still lurking in your mind. You can never shine until you remove these faults thoroughly. Success in Yoga is not possible unless these undesirable negative qualities of lower nature are completely eradicated.

Closed Heart

One of the main reasons for poor posture is a closed heart. If we are afraid, lack self-confidence and self-esteem, or suffer from any of the other manifestations of a closed heart chakra, we try to protect ourselves by physically bending in at the heart center. Much of our deep emotional pain in stored in the solar plexus (between the navel center and the breasts.) Our protective instincts are often initiated in the area of the solar plexus.

My brothers mullet

Eventually, a rounded back can lead to back pain and low self-esteem. Shallow, irregular ing a person with the perspective and detachment to see us clearly, and the experience and skills to help us change. We need a teacher. (In the classical model, only one teacher.) Since the yoga teacher will teach largely by example, we must have a teacher who is equally committed to self-transformation, and who has a teacher. In other words, we need a teacher, who is also a student. For many of us, committing to a teacher is itself a new pattern. The old habits of stoic self-reliance and keeping our options open by not committing (which once worked) will now keep us from progressing on the yoga path.