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Sex Hacker Bundle

Brooklyn based couple intimacy Coach Kenneth Play has designed an educational course purposed to increase men's sexual confidence and by providing techniques that create and maintain erotic bliss in lovemaking. The course is in the form of videos and is categorized into five modules. Just watch the videos to see how every skill builds off of foundational techniques, practice what you have seen with your lover or even on your own, and the master the skills you have learned from the course to become a sex hacker. The videos teach s foreplays, oral sex, penetration techniques, squirting and different types of squirting, and how to use your fingers and sex toys to pleasure your lover. The product was created by a team of professionals with years of experience in sex education, but the main man is Kenneth Play. He was once sexually insecure, but he transformed himself by first becoming physically fit. The other contributors are female, who brings different knowledge to the course. The course uses simple language that you can understand and follow the techniques taught, which are backed by science and research. Read more...

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Celebrate the Benefits to Your Sex Life

As advertisers know, sex is a powerful motivator. Why else do so many models appear in advertisements You can use sex to motivate you to do your yoga-with-weights exercises, because yoga with weights can improve your sex life. The exercises in this book boost your metabolism and increase your ability to focus and concentrate. You'll feel healthier and better, and you'll notice improvements in your self-esteem and stamina. All these benefits have the effect of making you more confident and alive in the bedroom. Another benefit to your sex life comes from the emphasis that yoga with weights places on breathing. Many sexual techniques call on you to focus on your breathing as a means of relaxing and enhancing the sensation so you enjoy sex more. Relaxation occurs naturally in the breathing practices as the body releases stress and the habitually thinking mind quiets down. You become more receptive, present, and relaxed when you can focus on and control your breathing. Relaxation is...

Yoga to Enhance Your Sexual Performance

Maybe a tantric yoga ritual isn't for you. Maybe you're not worried about shortening your life through multiple orgasms and ejaculations. Maybe you're just wondering if yoga can help you get more out of your sex life. The answer is yes Yoga can help you have a better sex life, too. The practice of yoga, in general, will help to make your body stronger and more flexible, your heart healthier, and your breathing deeper and fuller all of which can help make your lovemaking more ardent and more passionate. In addition, yoga can help to make your mind more relaxed and open to receiving the pleasures of sex. It can also help to reduce anxieties you may have about your performance in the bedroom. exercises you can do to increase sexual stamina and performance. In many books on tantric yoga, you may see Kegel exercises referred to as PC exercises PC stands for pubococcygeus and refers to a group of muscles that surround the penis and anus.5 In addition to massaging the prostate gland, Kegel,...

Tantra A Wide Web of Practices

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that literally means loom and is associated with weaving. Tantric yoga is an approach to yoga that developed to help men achieve self-realization by weaving their own individual selves with the greater cosmic Self. Sexual tantric practices can help a man to achieve self-realization by sexually weaving himself in a sacred union with a sexual partner. Tantrism pays tribute to the sacred divine feminine principle of cosmic energy known as shakti. A basic precept behind the sexual practices of tantric yoga is that each man and woman is divine. By recognizing and worshiping the divine principle in your sexual partner, you can come closer to achieving unity with the divine. This union is characterized by a deep spiritual connection, not just the physical release of orgasm. In fact, in some esoteric sexual practices, men are encouraged to explore and enjoy their sexual energy without having an orgasm with ejaculation. In many Eastern traditions, it is a commonly...

Garudasana Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose is one of the most challenging postures in Yoga for Men. The model illustrating this pose is especially accomplished. Do whatever you can and whatever feels comfortable. If you find Eagle Pose difficult to maintain on the first few tries, don't be discouraged. With regular practice, you will get better. You may feel a bit like a human pretzel doing this particular yoga posture, but the twisting and strengthening of the central core area of your body can result in beneficial results not only for your sex life, but also for your entire being.

Tantra Mantra and Kundalini Yoga

Mani Padme Hum Written Sanskrit

Tantra Yoga has been associated with sexual rituals in popular culture, but that is an inaccurate portrayal. Tantric thought assumes that we live in a dark age (kali yuga) and therefore must use every method possible to boost our spirituality. Because Tantra Yoga emphasizes the power of ritual, it has become most famous in Western culture for its notion that sexual energy is an important store of energy that can be rechanneled to further you along your way to spiritual enlightenment. Our culture has expanded on the idea of sexual energy and sometimes perverts the concept into something it was never meant to be. Tantra isn't about sex. It is a complex, ancient, and esoteric discipline with a wide range of practices, often involving sacred rituals based on the idea that humans are reflections of divinity.

The implications of kundalini

The kundalini is often associated with sexual energy. In fact, in tantra, under specified conditions, sexual energy is utilized as a method of raising the kundalini and expanding levels of awareness. This can be done in two ways either by actual sexual intercourse in a prescribed manner, or by abstaining from sexual relationships. In both cases, the sexual energy is transmuted. This process is called urdhvaretas, which means the power and energy behind sex is directed upwards to induce higher states of consciousness.

Kriya Yoga An Introduction

Kriya yoga does not ask you to abstain from your sexual life. Why should it Sexual activity is a natural part of life, so why abstain from it Kriya originated from the ancient system of tantra, and of all the spiritual systems tantra is the most understanding regarding sexual life. In fact, under correct circumstances tantra has encouraged the use of sex as a means to evolve spiritually. Of course there is much written about the conservation of sexual energy and its sublimation into spiritual power. This idea has been sadly misunderstood. When people write about sublimating sexual energy and directing it into higher channels they generally

Cool It Casanova Brahmacharya

The brahmacharya yama is often described as being about sex, and technically, it does preclude sexual lust the one-night stand, using people sexually (including yourself), and all the other things we typically associate with the word lust. Letting your desire for sex consume you is no way to become self-aware or calm and centered But brah-macharya also encompasses lusts and desires of all kinds. At the very heart of this yama, desire itself, no matter its object, is what keeps us from seeing truth. To master our desires is to gain self-awareness.

Observing chastity in thought and deed

Chastity (brahmacarya, pronounced brah-mah-chahr-yah), which is a highly valued virtue in all traditional societies, means abstention from inappropriate sexual behavior. According to Yoga, only adults who are in a committed marriage or partnership should be sexually active all others should practice sexual abstinence. For many Westerners, this standard is very difficult.

Transcript of Lecture by Yogi Bhajan

In the next twelve to fourteen years you will be needed by the world. It does not matter who one is today, or to whom one belongs people's minds are going to go empty. In the Piscean Age, which is going to end, the main need was for knowledge, for creative legacy. That's why in the Piscean Age sex was taboo it was monitored, matured, glorified. Sex and sensuality were considered the primary attractions. Beauty was physical and people pursued each other. Sexual intercourse was the orientation of relationship and it reached the point of obnoxious duality perversion became very prominent. Who had sex with who Who wants who Who chased who Who is nude Who is more nude You understand There's a competition going on. You see all our magazines it's a human joke. And when a race of humans starts making mockery of themselves openly and

Meditation Letting Go of Fear Opening the Heart

Sexual union is about much more than the physical orgasm It is about being completely open to giving and receiving. Many men have closed off their hearts without even realizing it because of the accumulated unconscious fears that they are holding onto. The following meditation will help you to see and release your fears. It will help you to open up to give and receive love fully. And then you will be able to participate joyously, completely, and with perfect presence in union not only with your own soul but also with your sexual partner and other people with whom you are intimate in your life.

The Eight Angas Part The Practices

This term is a translation from the Sanskrit term Brahmacarya, which is generally translated as celibacy. Desikachar (1977, p. 109), however, noted that this translation is off the mark, that such an ideal (celibacy) would conflict with the Hindu ideal of having a family. A closer translation is chastity, in the same sense that medieval European literature would describe a chaste wife or husband. They might enjoy appropriate sexual activity with each other, but beyond that they avoid irrelevant erotic stimulation, and turn away when it occurs. The aim is to subdue sexual restlessness.

Tantric Ritual

In their relationships with their partners, their focus is often on immediate gratification of their sexual needs. Their partners may end up performing out of a sense of obligation, and the end result can be frustration for both parties. By becoming more relaxed and open, a man can help nurture a sense of deep trust in his relationship with his partner. This sense of trust can not only help to improve the quality of a man's sexual life, but it can also spill over into all of his relationships. Tantric yoga with a sexual partner involves worshiping the divinity of your partner. It is about being open and giving of yourself to please your partner in every way that you can tactilely, sensorially, emotionally, and spiritually. It is about complete giving and abandonment without thinking about receiving. For, according to tantra, in giving of your entire self you will receive far more than you ever imagined possible. You may be surprised to learn how...

Obstacles In Yoga

In the Yoga-Kundalini Upanishad you will find Diseases are generated in one's body through the following causes viz., sleeping in the day-time, late vigils overnight, excess of sexual intercourse, moving in crowds, the checking of the urine and the faeces, the evil of unwholesome food and laborious mental operations with Prana. If a Yogi is afraid of such diseases (when attacked by them), he says My diseases have arisen from the practice of Yoga. Then he will discontinue his practice. This is said to be the first obstacle. The second obstacle is doubt, the third carelessness, the fourth laziness, the fifth sleep, the sixth not leaving of objects (of sense), the seventh erroneous perception, the eighth sensual objects, the ninth want of faith and the tenth the failure to attain the truth of Yoga. A wise man should abandon these ten obstacles after great deliberation.


Exercises A & F conquer the rule of hunger, thirst, and poor digestion. Exercises B & C releases energy to the brain and is known as Adha Shakti Chalnee Kriya. It gives clarity of thought and clear sparkling eyes. Sciatica can never be a problem. Exercise D is for potency and exercise E eliminates wet dreams and enables you to gain sensitivity to the truth in any situation. It creates alliance between yo mind and soul so that your mind will never bow before the ego of man. It gives you a radiant power. In exercise F , you will sweat. Any pain that occurs is a result of too much sexual activity or activity with the wrong frame of mind and tension. Exercise G is for the head centers. Exercise H is for the navel point energy release. Exercise I opens the digestion and elimination of the intestines. Exercises J through O adjust the navel point and balances the aura and distributes the sexual energy smoothly. After this kriya, meditation becomes automatic.

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