Anusara Yoga The Heart Centered Yoga of Flowing Grace

Anusara ("flowing with grace" in Sanskrit) Yoga is an approach to yoga developed in 1997 by American yogi John Friend, based on his many years of yoga practice. This style of yoga draws heavily on Friend's hatha yoga training in Iyengar Yoga (see Chapter 4) and his spiritual studies with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda (see "Siddha Yoga Meditation," page 105). Anusara Yoga reflects Friend's eclectic background, integrating a physically strenuous practice of hatha yoga with the spiritual focus of opening and expanding the heart center. Anusara Yoga is becoming rapidly popular throughout the United States and the rest of the world; indeed, it is one of the fastest growing hatha yoga practices in the world today, with several hundred Anusara Yoga teachers trained by Friend. For more information on Anusara Yoga, contact: Anusara Yoga

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The Power Of Yoga

The Power Of Yoga

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