Ardha Matsyendrasana Seated Spinal Twist

Ardha matsyendrasana, Seated Spinal Twist, is described and illustrated in Fig. YPS.10 (page 129). You can help a partner stretch even further in this position.

Have your partner sit on the floor with his or her trunk, neck, and head erect. Your partner's right leg is bent with the sole of the foot outside the straight left leg. Your partner's right arm is straight out behind him or her and the partner's left hand hugs the right knee.

Kneel behind and to the left side of your partner, facing him or her. Place your right hand on your partner's right shoulder to help it open, and place your left hand on fbk your partner's left shoulder and encourage it to open and rotate forward. Maintain this position of support as your partner takes several deep, full breaths, opening and rotating even further to the right with each breath.

Have your partner release from the pose, and then repeat Seated Spinal Twist on the other side of the body as you provide assisted support. When your partner has completed Seated Spinal Twist on both sides of the body, change roles: You assume Seated Spinal Twist successively on each side of your body while your partner assists you.

Fig. 15.4: Partner Assisted Seated Spinal Twist

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