Authors Note

The practice of yoga is frequently described as both a science and an art. It is, in fact, an entire approach to living that originated thousands of years ago. Yoga has grown, evolved, and branched in many directions in the many centuries that have followed. Because yoga is rooted in such a long and rich tradition of practice, there can be numerous, virtually countless, ways of interpreting and presenting its teachings.

The information in this book is the result of my own exploration and integration of the teachings of yoga—a personal journey that spans more than 30 years. I have attempted to present the many diverse facets of yoga in as complete a manner as possible and in the way in which they are most commonly presented and practiced. I respectfully acknowledge that other practitioners of yoga may view or interpret yoga in their own particular way, and hope that the information contained in this book will be seen and used within the context and intention within which it is presented—to help as many men as possible gain access to the widest and deepest benefits that yoga can offer.

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