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The Himalayan Institute is located on a 400-acre campus in the rolling hills of the Pocono Mountains in the northeastern Pennsylvania town of Honesdale. It offers a wide range of programs, classes, and seminars ranging from weekends to a week or longer at its Honesdale campus, as well as at its branches and affiliated centers throughout the United States and the rest of the world. These include courses on hatha yoga, meditation, breath control, diet and many other practices related to health and well-being. The international headquarters in Honesdale offers residential programs in self-transformation that allow


individuals the opportunity to spend extended periods of time living and working within a yogic community.

The Himalayan Institute publishes a bi-monthly journal titled Yoga International, which is one of the leading professional yoga publications. In addition, the Himalayan Institute Press publishes a wide variety of books and tapes on yoga. The Institute also sells various supplies and products to enhance the practice of yoga through its online and mail-order retail stores.

For further information on the Himalayan Institute, its programs and services, or catalog of its products, contact: Himalayan Institute RR1 Box 1127 Honesdale, PA 18431-9706 Tel: (800) 822-4547 or (570) 253-5551 Fax: (570) 253-9078 Website:

E-mail: [email protected] (for Himalayan Institute in general) [email protected] (for information on Himalayan Institute books and other products)

To locate a certified Himalayan Institute yoga teacher in your area, or for more information on the Teacher Certification Program, call (570) 253-5551, ext. 1251.

The Himalayan Institute maintains one of the richest Websites on yoga at its principal Web address of Its Website presents articles from the current issue of Yoga International magazine, as well as numerous archived articles from past issues on topics as wide-ranging as asana practice, ayurveda, health, meditation, spirituality, and tantra. It presents an "Asana of the Month" in addition to various archived discussions and instructions on a diverse group of asanas. Its Quarterly Guide to Programs and Yoga Teachers Guide are also available online. Through the "Find a Teacher" searchable database of its Yoga Teachers Guide, you can find a yoga teacher near you by entering your city or United States zip code. Information on the site is available in Spanish as well as an English language version.

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