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In addition to the resources cited previously, Ravi Singh is a prominent presenter of an approach to kundalini yoga. He teaches ongoing classes in New York City and workshops worldwide. For current information regarding Ravi Singh's schedule, as well as his books and tapes, contact: Ravi Singh

Tel: (800) 243-YOGA Website: E-mail: [email protected]

For those individuals in a state of spiritual emergency, two organizations can be of assistance:

The Center for Psychological & Spiritual Health (CPSH) was founded in 1980 as the Spiritual Emergency Network by Christina Grof and her husband, Stanislav Grof. The CPSH provides information, referrals, and support for individuals experiencing spiritual emergence and difficulty in psychospiritual growth, either through the experience of kundalini uprisings or other precipitating factors. For further information: Center for Psychological & Spiritual Health 1453 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Tel: (415) 575-6299

Website: E-mail: [email protected]

The Kundalini Clinic for Counseling and Research is the first spiritual emergence service in the world, founded in 1976 by Lee Sannella, M.D., author of The Kundalini Experience. It is directed by Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D., author of Words from the Soul. The clinic provides technical information on yogic approaches to difficulties sometimes experienced with kundalini activity and also weekly therapy sessions to help people integrate such awakenings into their daily lives, careers, and relationships—locally in person or nationally and internationally by phone. For further information:

The Kundalini Clinic

3040 Richmond Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611 Tel: (510) 232-8262 Website: E-mail:[email protected]

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