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Kripalu Yoga is most commonly practiced in a class setting, although individual instruction by certified Kripalu Yoga teachers is also available, in Lenox and in many other locations. Classes are approximately one hour to two hours in length. They incorporate exercise of physical postures, focused awareness on the breath, and motion. Classes can be grouped according to the three levels of practice, although "open" classes geared for anyone at any level are also widely available. The amount of physical exertion used can range from gentle to intense. Generally, the emphasis in Kripalu Yoga is on precision of form and awareness, rather than physical effort.

Kripalu Yoga can be especially beneficial to those individuals seeking to combine the practice of yoga with personal transformation. By engaging himself fully in the practice of Kripalu Yoga and bringing the focus and attention to every detail of the physical postures, a man can relax the body, calm the mind, and strengthen one's self from within. Perhaps more importantly, Kripalu Yoga emphasizes letting go of emotional blocks and regaining the ability to feel fully. This can bring a man back in touch with his feelings, often opening his heart to himself and others. From this place of self-acceptance and emotional connection, the answers to life's questions become clearer and men can enjoy the bliss and inner freedom that is the goal of yoga. The Kripalu Center offers an ongoing assortment of programs that may be of particular interest to men, including workshops in yoga for back care and yoga for men.

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