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The Internet is host to an incredibly large and ever-expanding amount of valuable information regarding men's health. In Chapter 17, you'll find information regarding some of the best sites on the Internet for finding out more about men's health, yoga, and other resources helpful to today's man, including some Websites with specific resources regarding prostate health.

Edward S. Goldberg, M.D., on yoga for men's health:

"Yoga has health benefits, especially as it involves circulation and stress reduction. Stress has long been known to be associated with exacerbation of physiologic illnesses such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and many others. Men, in particular, may experience benefit in prevention of cardiac disease, as there is a greater risk of cardiovascular disease in men as compared to women. In addition, increased blood circulation and decrease in stress may impact greatly on prostate health. Chronic prostatitis is associated with aging, stress, and poor circulation, making it a good disease target for prevention with yoga. Musculoskeletal health will also improve with regular physical activity and practice of yoga."

—Edward S. Goldberg, M.D., Physician and Yoga Practitioner

"Stress is one of the most basic factors that impacts a man's physical, mental, and emotional health. Yoga is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Men facing serious medical conditions can use yoga as a way to gain control and hope in their lives to better cope with their conditions. I've observed that my patients who practice yoga have an inner control, without the use of drugs. I'm also amazed at what good muscle tone these patients have, especially in their core abdominal area. When I palpate their abdominal area, I feel they have the muscle tone of someone who does 40 or 50 sit-ups


a day. In addition to these physical benefits, they have an inner peace that only seems to grow with time."

—John Montana, M.D., Internest specializing in men's health issues

Take a Yoga "Stress-Buster" Break for a Healthy Alternative to Your Coffee Break

While yoga can be practiced in a complete yoga session, you can also use yoga to help restore and renew you nearly anywhere or anytime. Some large commercial airline companies even offer their passengers instructions on "airplane yoga" to help them relax in their seats.

Try taking a Yoga Break as a breather during your day:

■ Sit in a chair and practice some Three-Part Rhythmic Breathing or Alternate Nostril Breathing.

■ Practice some of the stretches from "A Complete Yoga Practice Session for Men"; for instance, Standing Forward Bend.

■ Practice some of the stretches contained in this chapter; for instance, Cat Stretch or Seated Cat Stretch.

■ Take some time to close your eyes and practice meditation—focus on your breathing.

■ Incorporate into your break any of the other yoga practices and techniques that you find especially helpful in this book.

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