Poses for Increasing Abdominal Awareness and Strengthening the Buttocks

Many men desire to have not only strong, attractive abs, but a well-toned butt as well! Doing an exercise that involves a pelvic lift is an excellent way for a man to increase awareness of the abdominal area while also strengthening and toning the buttocks. One of the best abdominal lifts in yoga is Bridge Pose. This asana combines a powerful pelvic lift with a back bending movement. Bridge Pose is presented in "A Complete Yoga Practice Session for Men," where it is illustrated in Fig. YPS.11 (page 131).

In addition to Bridge Pose, Locust Pose is an excellent yoga exercise to help a man increase abdominal awareness, stimulate the internal organs, and firm and tone the buttocks, while strengthening the backā€”all at the same time!

Lessons in Raja Yoga

Lessons in Raja Yoga

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