Position Namaskar Hands at Center Breast

Exhale as you gently place your hands, palms touching, in front of your chest, in a position known as namaskar. The placement of the hands with the palms touching is sometimes popularly referred to as namaste, or "Prayer Position." It is named this because it calls to mind the position of the hands during prayer in many cultures and traditions, but it has absolutely nothing to do with religion in the context of yoga practice. You are placing your hands here in this way in order to center yourself and prepare for the sequence of movements that follow. In addition, you are practicing a mudra, or yogic "seal" with your hands, sealing in the circuit of energy throughout your entire body, and showing your respect and attentiveness to the practice that is to follow. Take a few moments to take a few full, deep, clearing, energizing breaths as you center yourself for the movements to follow in surya namaskara.

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