Position Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend

Exhale as you dive forward, arms out to the sides, as though you are executing a swan dive. Keep your lower back and torso as straight and erect as possible, then fold forward, belly over the thighs. Try not to round forward as you allow your head to move toward the floor. Place your palms on the floor, parallel to and outside of your feet, fingertips in line with the toes. See if you can touch your knees with your head. If you are able, allow your legs to remain straight. If the palms of your hands do not reach the floor with straight legs, bend your knees until your palms are firmly on the floor. If that is too challenging for you, then simply let your hands reach as close to the ground as possible. Be patient with yourself: With regular practice, you will gain greater flexibility and will be able to stretch further and deeper in this position. This posture is known as uttanasana. It literally means "Intense Stretch," but is commonly referred to as "Standing Forward Bend."

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