Position Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend

Exhale as you lift your left leg, bringing it forward so that your left foot is parallel to and touches your right foot. Your hands are on the floor outside of your feet, fingertips in line with the toes, at the front center of your yoga mat or space. Keep your legs as straight as possible and allow the head Fig. YPS.ll: Standing Forward Bend

Fig. YPS.lk: Lunge Pose—Left Leg Back

to hang as low and close to the floor as possible. Try not to lock your knees. To help keep your legs as straight as possible, try contracting your quadriceps. To help you stretch further forward, try folding your torso at the hips—as though there is a hinge at your hips that allows you to press and fold your upper body forward. This will help you keep your back as straight as possible rather than rounding forward. You are now, once again, in uttanasana, or Standing Forward Bend.

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