Standing Abdominal Lift

Standing Abdominal Lift is an abdominal squeezing exercise that you can perform while standing. It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles while giving a powerful massage to the internal organs.

Stand in Mountain Pose (Fig. YPS.1a, page 115) with your feet firmly planted on the ground about hip-width apart, and your arms and hands by your sides. Lower the buttocks

Fig. 13.4b: Seated Cat Stretch—Rounded Back

to come into a modified squat position. Place your hands on your thighs for support. As you exhale, squeeze in your abdomen as the belly lifts up, creating a hollow arch. With this exhalation, actively compress your abdominal muscles. Feel the strong contraction in the entire area of your solar plexus. Relax the abdominal muscles as you inhale fully and completely.

Once again, exhale strongly as you squeeze in your abdomen. Inhale fully and naturally and relax the abdominal muscles. Practice this posture for several rounds of full, deep, rhythmic breathing.

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