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Many yoga classes begin with the execution of a yoga exercise called Surya Namaskara (literally "Salute to the Sun" or "Sun Salutation"). This is not technically an asana, but rather a series of flowing movements that incorporate a number of different postures into one exercise. The Sun Salutation presented here synthesizes the elements of many widely practiced approaches to yoga. It is designed to warm up the body for the postures that will follow during the Complete Yoga Session. The Sun Salutation is composed of a number of movements performed in sequence. These movements flow into each other and help to stretch the body and improve the circulation of blood so that your yoga practice will be even more beneficial. As you perform each sequence of the Sun Salutation series in succession, pay attention to your breath. Perform each movement as indicated in the instructions with an inhalation or an exhalation. As you practice yoga, let your breath be your friend and guide.

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