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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is an emerging form of body/mind integration. It represents a synthesis of ancient yoga practices and modern insights into personal growth.

Michael Lee developed Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy as a result of his unique life experiences. Lee, who was born in Adelaide, Australia, was trained in education and psychology and worked for a time as an organizational consultant to the Australian government.

Akin to many men today, he is also a spiritual seeker. His search for his own inner self led him to the practice of yoga. He experimented with a variety of approaches to yoga that eventually led him in the mid-1980s to become a resident at the Kripalu Center, where he learned, practiced, and taught that particular approach to yoga (see Chapter 8).

In practicing yoga, Lee became aware of its rich potential to be a tool for personal transformation. This became especially apparent to him when he practiced asana postures with the assistance of another man, who also served a mirroring function through his provision of interactive dialogue. Lee realized that when the practice of yoga postures was combined with the nurturing hands-on and verbal support of another sensitive, trained individual, a true therapy developed.

Lee created Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy from these basic tools, and in 1986 established a private practice outside of ashram life. In 1987, he began to offer training workshops and certification programs to teach others his innovative, integrative approach to yoga. Since that time, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has been practiced and taught throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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