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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is based on the belief that a man's body can be a rich reservoir of inner wisdom, which is a commonality among yogic principles in general and many other approaches to body/mind integration, both ancient and contemporary. Long after we have forgotten experiences and feelings in conscious awareness, the body remembers. By tapping into the wisdom of the body, men can bring to present awareness various issues that may have been limiting them, release those issues, and transform themselves. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy aims to provide a bridge from a man's body to his soul.

From personal experience, Lee discovered that the practice of yoga asanas, or postures, could guide us to greater presence in our bodies. This presence can lead us to the awareness that is necessary for integrating body and mind. Awareness is heightened when we practice yoga at what Lee describes as "the edge"—that point in a yoga posture at which any more stretch would be too much, and any less would not be enough. It is at this point that inner wisdom surfaces most profoundly.

Finding one's edge is a simple concept, but not necessarily easy to execute. Lee discovered that working with another person who provides both hands-on and non-directional,

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a contemporary approach to yoga that draws on the innate wisdom of the body to access the soul. Australian-born Michael Lee developed this approach to body/mind integration as a result of his own experience and practice of yoga and the yogic life. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy uses a variety of techniques, including assisted postures, breathing, non-directive dialogue, and meditation to foster inner awareness. The reference to the mythical phoenix in the name of this yoga therapy highlights its ability to be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.

non-judgmental verbal assistance could help one find, maintain, and explore one's edge much more deeply. In addition to sharing insights, the partner provides the nurturing support of a caring and compassionate fellow human being. Through the postures, aware breathing, assisted support, and meditation, men who practice Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy are able to achieve deep levels of awareness and acceptance of themselves as they are. This can be the first and key step in initiating a process of change to become who we truly are.

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