Websites With Information on Yoga for Men and Mens Health and Fitness


This is a searchable database in which you can type in a subject (such as yoga) and quickly find a number of articles and links to help answer your questions.


While this site is targeted to a gay audience, it contains a host of information on male fitness including yoga that can be helpful to any man.


This is a Website full of information on many subjects, including health and fitness, for every guy.

Mens Fitness Magazine:

This is the Website of Men's Fitness magazine, which contains articles on topics related to men's health and fitness.


This is the Website of the Male Health Center, located in Denver, Colorado, and the first health center in the United States to be dedicated to the issue of men's health.


This Website has compiled information and books on the issue of yoga for men, as well as other topics relevant to men's health and fitness.

PRO ACT (Prostate Action, Inc.):

PROACT (Prostate Action, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help men make informed decisions about preserving and protecting their health by promoting greater public awareness of and understanding about prostate diseases. It was founded in 1994 by William C. Roher, a prostate cancer survivor.

Prostate Cancer Educational Council (PCEC):

The Prostate Cancer Educational Council (PCEC) is a nonprofit organization that founded and coordinates the National Cancer Prostate Cancer Awareness Week Program. Its Website is a rich source of articles on prostate disease, with links to other useful resources.

Prostate Forum:

The Prostate Forum is a subscription-based monthly newsletter created in 1996 by Dr. Charles Myers, a leader in prostate cancer treatment and research, and his wife, Rose Sgarlat Myers. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide useful, reliable, timely information about prostate cancer and its treatment in easy-to-understand language.

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