Yoga in Cyberspace Resources for Yoga on the Internet

As many men are discovering, the Internet is a powerful resource that connects you to a vast body of information quickly. Due to the increasing popularity of yoga, the number of Websites devoted to this subject is growing at a rapid rate. Virtually every major school or organized style of yoga has a Website that provides helpful information on its approach to yoga, valuable information on yoga in general, and, frequently, links to other helpful sites. The most recently available information on these Internet sites is included in the chapters on individual styles of yoga. In addition, the Websites for any learning networks that are cited in this chapter are included with their descriptive entries.

In addition to the information available from the yoga institutes and learning networks featured so far in this book, the following is a list of some additional Websites that are among the best and most helpful Internet sites regarding yoga and men's health issues at the time of publication of this book. Sites frequently have links to other related sites: You can roam the Internet virtually endlessly, finding more and more about yoga. So turn on your computer, point your mouse, and start surfing!

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