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Maybe a tantric yoga ritual isn't for you. Maybe you're not worried about shortening your life through multiple orgasms and ejaculations. Maybe you're just wondering if yoga can help you get more out of your sex life.

The answer is yes: Yoga can help you have a better sex life, too. The practice of yoga, in general, will help to make your body stronger and more flexible, your heart healthier, and your breathing deeper and fuller—all of which can help make your lovemaking more ardent and more passionate. In addition, yoga can help to make your mind more relaxed and open to receiving the pleasures of sex. It can also help to reduce anxieties you may have about your performance in the bedroom.

Certain yoga asanas and practices are especially helpful for promoting the optimal functioning of a man's reproductive organs. Not surprisingly, many of these emphasize opening, stretching, and strengthening the areas of the buttocks, hips, and pelvis.

One of the very best yoga practices for strengthening and toning the urogenital area is applying the yogic lock of mula bandha, described in Chapter 13. Practicing the allied Kegel exercises (contracting and releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor) is one of the best exercises you can do to increase sexual stamina and performance. In many books on tantric yoga, you may see Kegel exercises referred to as PC exercises—"PC" stands for "pubococcygeus" and refers to a group of muscles that surround the penis and anus.5 In addition to massaging the prostate gland, Kegel, or PC, exercises can help strengthen the muscles in the genital area, bring increased circulation and blood to your sexual organs, help you build more stamina and control when making love, and, some men claim, even make you shoot farther when you do ejaculate.6 These exercises can also help you become more aware of your sex organ and be more sensitive to the pleasurable sensations you experience when you make love. Additional yoga postures presented in Chapter 13 that can help open your pelvic area and improve your sexual performance and enjoyment include both Seated and Reclining Cobbler Pose (see Fig. 13.9 and 13.10a and b).

Additional yoga postures you might want to try to spice up your sex life are Pigeon Pose and Eagle Pose. Pigeon Pose gives a deep stretch to the hips, pelvis, and groin for increased ease and openness in this area. Eagle Pose is touted by some practitioners of yoga as one of the best yogic positions for increasing sexual stamina. Bikram Choudhury, yogi to the superstars, is reported to have boasted that Eagle Pose is great for sex: "You can make love for hours and have seven orgasms when you are 90."7 Choudhury is known for his tendency to overstate: Try Eagle Pose for yourself and see what it does for your sex life whether you're 90 or not. Directions for performing both Pigeon Pose and Eagle Pose follow.

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