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Yogilates represents a marriage of yoga with a system of wellness and fitness known as the Pilates Method. The Pilates Method is a series of movement exercises developed by German-born Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) in the 1920s. These exercises are designed to make people more aware of their bodies while stretching and strengthening muscles, opening joints, and releasing tension. Interest in the Pilates Method has grown enormously in recent years. The exercises that form part of this method are a natural complement to yoga postures. Teachers who are trained in both the Pilates Method and yoga are now incorporating the two practices together in a system known as Yogilates.

Jonathon Urla is a well-known practitioner and an author on Yogilates. You can find out more information about Yogilates by contacting him at:


309 East 87th Street, #6G

New York, NY 10128 Tel: (877) 964-4528

Website: www.yogilates.com

E-mail: [email protected]

The principles of Yogilates are presented in his book:

Jonathon Urla, Yogilates: Integrating Yoga and Pilates for Complete Fitness, Strength, and Flexibility (Harperlnformation, 2002).

Mark Donato on yoga for men:

"In my observation, men are more externally oriented and controlling of their environment than women are. The problem is that when they are busy working their butts off to support their family (or themselves), they lose touch with their personal environment—i.e., their body and breath. Even men who are physically fit and work out a lot, oftentimes have little awareness of their bodies when they get into yoga class. ('Breath? What's that?' they may ask.)

"One of the biggest challenges men in general have in yoga class is their release of control. Just allowing themselves to sit and watch the breath. To watch the mind as we watch the breath, and accept what comes up. Yoga is about taking an honest look at ourselves; and we may not always like what we see. That's why lifting weights and working on the machines at gyms is much easier. Because we can just pummel through our workouts without any sense of mindfulness.

"Another reason yoga is beneficial for men is prostate health: cobbler pose, eagle pose, root lock, for instance, are good for promoting prostate health."

—Mark Donato, Teacher of his own signature approach to yoga, Core Yoga, at

Om Yoga Center, New York City

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