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let your story unfold

"The t>k(\\t> \et>^oi\t> I \eftrv\ed in tvt^ \eftzMer trfliWMg^ Mve tVlfut>ed every yir\ of life, (HoIudiKA tw^ iv\far&eAio\/\i with thcse Ground late ofr the l/wAt. I trvj to h-yyrohc-M every di\j with ion, e^uA.tfftVu'fy i\A& jo^ ."

Name JM.hplUH.d

Year Graduated trQ.Q IrtOUJ 1006,

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and '^udwA cf forever

Why YogaWorks Teacher Training ,! AduAijd frolM lUryA» d W(th. 4 fcA Afte r, .? riowt'i' o u I ¿eft r c- KI'^A, I v a:(-J.i-.C'\Jii (i; ov- a<?v to..M;p.. find jo.s in thetr live';. 1 .necdM to fir^t

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How it's helping me now iyid yrfttA toe helped. htAxiey^ ft ..¡wore t H r a ted,_ b ä j ä H c-e dir fee* t^l e.

Future goal IVlO^tiHUC to '<Mre for with.Pthert>.

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The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

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