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that began the practice, wakes you up, gets you feeling energetic, and cultivates calm focus for whatever comes next.

And he's right. When we arrive at Canyon Express, I decide that, instead

I feet as light as a feather, thrilled enough to scream out "woo-hoo!"

of stumbling through the runs today, I'll be more aware of my body while I ride and try to figure out what I'm doing that causcs me to suddenly crash. With my feet back in my boots and strapped onto my board, I'm surprised at how familiar the stance feels—like a shorter version of Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend).

"It's your toes," says Serena, after watching me take a few turns and tumbles. "You're afraid of leaninginto your toes, so you're just riding on your heels. "Marianne agrees. So we spend the morning snow boarding through quiet areas where they coach me through some basics: to ride squatting like I'm in Utkatasana (Chair Pose), to deeply exhale before leading with my hips and shoulders to turn, to bend my front knee and bravely lean into the front of my boots and toes, and most of all, to keep smiling when I tall. When I finally put it all together, we ride as a trio into McCoy Station for a cafeteria lunch with the rest of the group, where we share high-fives and stories of the morning's adventures.

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