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Applications Based On Contact With The Subconscious Mind

It is possible that the phase space is governed by the subconscious mind. This means that the practitioner is able to contact the subconscious while in the phase state. During everyday life, the subconscious mind sends information based on calculations determined by enormous capabilities. However, humans neither hear nor perceive these signals because people are accustomed to receiving information linguistically. The subconscious mind hardly operates within the limitations of language. Communication with the subconscious mind on a conscious level is only possible within the phase. If all phase objects are created and controlled by the subconscious mind, then it is possible to use them as translators. For example, when talking to a person in the phase, normal words are heard while the object and communicated information is controlled by the subconscious mind.

Yoga Balances Your Mind

Yoga not only assists you in maintaining or recovering your physical well-being (see the earlier section Yoga Helps You Maintain, Recover, or Improve Your Health ) but also has a profound influence on your mind. The mind is the source of many of your troubles sooner or later, the body reflects wrong attitudes, negative thoughts, and emotional imbalance that your mind holds. Yoga is a powerful tool for clearing your mind and freeing you from mood swings. Yogic practice supports greater results than any tranquilizer and without the undesirable side effects of drugs. It balances you without dulling your mind. Through Yoga, you can stay alert but relaxed.

The Dynamics of Prosperity

Those who have practiced this meditation report that it uncovers the dynamics of prosperity and manifestation. The following are some of the insights that can come to us as we practice this simple meditation. Humility is another key to prosperity. One of the ways we co-create with the universe is to release our limited concept of control. Simply giving and receiving from the Source, the unknown, delivers us to place of peace.

Anatman Reconsidered You Are Not Your Mind

Suppose you are starting the phy sical exercises of Yoga with a simple movement like raising your arms. You are instructed to breathe in slowly, raise your arms while inhaling, and lower them while exhaling. This cycle is repeated a few times. Simultaneous with this coordinated breathing and movement, you are to attend to and relax all muscles not in use (e.g., the face, the toes). Clearly, then, your mind is busy. It is focused on the movement, the breathing, the coordination, and the relaxing. Your full attention is required. Nevertheless, you may find your mind drifting, perhaps to a recent argument with your brother, or to the film you saw last night. In such a case, the beginner is instructed to redirect the mind. Specifically, you are to (inwardly) say Stop, as though giving a command to a voice-operated TV set, and return to the movement, breathing, and relaxing. Consider the psychological implications of this instruction. You are in two parts. There is your mind, which is...

Releasing blockages and dissolving the subconscious mind

The purpose of yoga, from the psychological point of view, especially as it relates to the emergence of the True Man and True Woman, is simply to dissolve these subconscious blockages that have been stored throughout the body, with the result that the subconscious mind simply vanishes like a mirage, energy is released and flows freely once again, and only the single all-pervasive Truth is seen, again to quote the Third Zen Patriarch, Infinitely large and infinitely small, no difference for definitions have vanished and no boundaries are seen.

About the Prosperity and Enlightenment Program

Pathway to Prosperity and Enlightenment. Sri Siva is offering a special Internet-based Prosperity and Enlightenment program so busy people can receive teachings and blessing directly from him. This program allows him to create a personal connection, no matter where you or he might be at any given time. This program is for those of you who are interested in bringing more Light and abundance into your lives-whether that means more and better health, wealth, relationships, happiness or peace of mind or perhaps a special and more personal dream. The structure, teachings and techniques will vary throughout the course of the program, based on what Sri Siva sees as the evolving needs of the group. You can visit the web site to access more details of this program.

Watch and Spiritualize Your Thoughts

Fear, strong dislike, buried hatred, prejudice, intolerance, anger, lust, disturb the action of the subconscious mind. Cultivate virtues. Purify and strengthen the subconscious mind. Desire, greed, etc., enslave and obscure the mind which must be freed and restored to its pristine purity, to reflect Truth and practice meditation. The lower impulses belong to the physical body and the mental plane.

Algorithm for Obtaining Information from the Phase

As a result, if everything is based solely on the resource of the subconscious mind, then information may be obtained about everything that is related to an individual life the practitioner's experiences and the experiences of those with whom the practitioner experiences life. Lessons are learned from the future and past, and the future and past of others. All in all, in order to approach knowing the whole of the information available in the phase, personal knowledge capacity would need to increase by 100 or even 1,000 times. The only information that is not available in the phase is that about which the subconscious mind does not have any preliminary information. For example, where to purchase a winning lottery ticket that will win millions of dollars cannot be learned since there is no data that could support the necessary calculation. The subconscious mind will also not be able to show the practitioner what a random street in a small town on the other end of the Earth looks like. A...

Influence Others by Thought

Here is an exercise for your practice in telepathy. Think of your friend or cousin who is living in a distant land. Bring a clear-cut image of his face to your mind. If you have his photo, Thought-vibrations travel faster than light or electricity. In such instances, the subconscious mind receives the messages or impressions and transmits the same to the conscious mind.

Parapsychology and Subconscious Thoughts

Practice of telepathy, thought-reading, hypnotism, mesmerism and psychic healing clearly proves that the mind exists and that a higher mind can influence and subjugate the lower mind. From the automatic writing and the experiences of a hypnotized person, we can clearly infer the existence of the subconscious mind which operates throughout the twenty-four hours. Through spiritual Sadhana change the subconscious thoughts and mind and become a new being.

Meditation and the Mind

Any definition of the mind is bound to be very limited and arbitrary. For example, modern psychology roughly divides the mind into three parts the conscious, subconscious and unconscious. It is very easy to regard these definitions as fixed quantities or specific areas ofthe mind. Furthermore, one is inclined to gain the impression that the subconscious (below consciousness) and unconscious (beyond consciousness) regions of the mind are strictly and permanently inaccessible to conscious perception. This is a common belief but totally wrong. All regions of the mind are accessible to our awareness. That is, the so-called unconscious mind is only unconscious because of severe limitations in the freedom and scope of our awareness. Similarly, the subconscious mind is only below our conscious perception due to lack of awareness. If we develop our awareness, then the unconscious mind and the subconscious mind would no longer be unreachable and unperceivable. This is the case with someone who...

The First Three Principles

To those who have read up on these theories, we would say that such reading will materially help them to understand the three mental principles of man, if they will remember that the conscious or objective mind corresponds very nearly with the Intellect principle in the Yogi philosophy and that the lowest portions of the subjective or subconscious mind are what the Yogis term the Instinctive Mind principle while the higher and sublime qualities, which the Western writers have noticed and have grouped with the lower qualities in forming their subjective mind and subconscious mind theories, is the Spiritual Mind principle of the Yogis, with the difference that the Spiritual Mind has additional properties and qualities of which these Western theorists have never dreamed. As we touch upon each of these three mental principles, you will see the points of resemblance and the points of difference between the Yogi teachings and the Western theories.

Intensification of feeling

These are suggested by the instructor during the practice session. You must try to clearly feel the sensations associated with the above, either in different parts of the body or one part in particular. For example, you can develop the sensation of heat and then eliminate it at will. Or you can try to remember a vivid pain and relive it. You must bring it from the past into the present and then throw it out of the mind. You create coldness and then remove it you create heaviness and then remove it you create pleasure and then remove it. This can easily release emotional tensions from the psyche, ones that have been locked in the subconscious mind. Feelings such as heaviness and heat are especially useful for inducing physical relaxation of the body as a preliminary to deeper states of relaxation.

Communication with Trees

At seminars on yoga and communication, which form part of the Kundalini yoga teacher training, we are delighted time and again to find that some of the participants already regularly communicate with trees. Many people spontaneously start talking with trees. This communication can take place at many different levels. Some people even seem able to talk with the Devas (soul beings) of trees. With others, such communication appears to be merely about the projection of an ideal onto the tree. It can also happen that the communication occurs as an intuitive impulse from the person's own subconscious mind, or indeed as a message from their higher-self. Regardless, it is through contact with the tree that such realisations take place, realisations that may not have happened otherwise and then wouldn't be available to the person to increase their self-knowledge.

Application Based On Influencing Physiology

There are three main elements that, with the help of the phase, may influence the physiology in very beneficial ways. First, it is possible to contact the subconscious mind to learn how to influence physiology. Second, the brain reacts more strongly to sensations than to real events. For example, if running while in the phase, the physical processes of the body would be consistent with the processes occurring in the body of a person running in reality respiration accelerates, blood pressure increases, the heartbeat quickens, and even blood flow to the feet becomes greater. Third, while the practitioner experiences profound changes of consciousness in the phase, this is when all direct and indirect forms of autosuggestion are most effective.

Asanas as a step to higher awareness

This was a means to an end. Their aim was to make the body so perfect and the subconscious mind so calm and trouble free that these aspects of individual existence could be forgotten. Consciousness could be disentangled from the troubles of the mind and body. When the aches and pains and ailments of the body are removed and one is emotionally and mentally relaxed, then one automatically ceases to be aware of the physical body and the superficialities of the mind. In this way the fetters of individuality can be released and one's true nature - pure, infinite, all pervasive consciousness - can be realized.

The Essence Of Applications For Phase States

Every proven and accessible practical application of the phase is based on three qualities a) application founded on the phase's ability to simulate any object and any space with any properties and functions b) application based on the opportunity to connect with the subconscious mind in order to obtain information c) application based on the phase's ability to impact a practitioner's physiology.

Crisis during the mind cleansing process

As you start to purge the dross in the subconscious mind, you may possibly go through periods of nervous, emotional and mental troubles. There may even be occasional eruptions, in the form of various illnesses in the body. This is, in fact, to be expected, for problems have to manifest themselves before they can be exhausted. Perhaps you won't pass through these minor crises it depends on your problems. But if you do face them, remember that they are no more than a passing phase, a temporary reaction, and that when

Man is already a harmonious whole

When a person is experiencing mental or emotional anguish or strife, other people often try to console them by saying It's all in the mind. Of course, this is fundamentally true, but the statement is usually said in such a way that infers that the problem is not important for it is only in the mind. It implies that anything which has its source in the mind is inconsequential and perhaps a little unreal. If we forget, or if we close our eyes to an object it does not cease to exist it is still there. Similarly, subconscious disturbances, childhood impressions, etc. do not disappear when a person is not aware of them. They remain in the mind and can cause havoc in an individual's daily life. The parts of the subconscious mind that one is not aware of at present are every bit as real as internal or external things of which we are aware. So to console a person with mental conflict or physical ailments that it is only in the mind (and therefore not worth worrying about) is merely evading...

Meditation practices for removing mental problems

As you become more competent in meditative practices and learn to relax more, you will begin to delve into your subconscious mind and will come face to face with strong thoughts and visions many of these will represent your subconscious and suppressed problems. Do not worry if you don't have these experiences, for time and practice are both necessary before achieving some success. You may become aware of some gruesome aspects of your mind. These must not be suppressed, but allowed to arise. They may create emotional responses such as fear this is almost to be expected. But as much as possible you must tiy to watch these manifestations of the subconscious mind bubble to the surface without like or dislike, without any emotional link whatsoever. You must be aware of them. This is essential. If you fight them, resist them, or perhaps even enjoy them you will not be purging them. It is essential that you watch the occurrence with a feeling of total detachment. Imagine that they are...

Yoga nidra as a meditative technique

At the stage of dharana one should fix awareness on a psychic symbol. This can be done at a suitable stage of yoga nidra. As concentration deepens, dharana is transformed into dhyana (meditation). One contacts the deeper layers of one's being. One reaches the regions beyond the conflicting thoughts of the subconscious mind. One contacts the seat of superconsciousness, intuition, bliss and transcendental experience.

Non selfacceptance as a cause of disease

Accept your nature, whether it is 'bad' or 'good'. Don't feel guilt. Accept your character for what it is a product of circumstances. Acceptance will lead to acceptance of others. Don't suppress thoughts, whatever their nature. Accept that there are unruly traits and desires within you and eventually these disturbing traits will drop away. Let the hidden aspects of your subconscious mind rise to the surface. Don't fight them and don't be ashamed of them. Let them arise and face them. If you suppress them they will still influence your whole life, but from the murky depths of the subconscious mind. So you might as well let them bubble to the surface where you can become familiar with them. Eventually you will lose interest in them. They will fade away and no longer disturb your life, in the same way that water evaporates from a damp cloth placed in the hot sun. The evaporation occurs without the slightest effort.

Meditation Rules for Practice

Is an alternative method which works over a longer period of time this is the method of autosuggestion. That is, suggest to yourself before your practice and at other times during the day that you will not fall asleep during meditational practice. If you say this with resolution, then the idea will take root in the subconscious mind. Often we are overwhelmed by obsessive and persistent thoughts which have emotional overtones, such as jealousy, hatred, pride, fear and a multitude of others. These are not easy to remove. On no account should you suppress them, for they will only lie dormant in the subconscious mind. Let these lingering and exhausting thoughts arise but try to watch them with awareness. That is, look at the thoughts as though they are something Actually the cause of tension is in the mind. Through meditational practice you will slowly come face to face with the source of these disturbances. People experience these agitations in many different forms. But they are only the...

What are mental problems

There are many other more obvious mental problems, some of which you will be conscious of and others that you will not be able to recognize, for they will lie in the deeper levels of the subconscious mind. Some people are scared of insects, of certain animals, of open spaces, of closed spaces, of other people, of tbe opposite sex, of the dark and so on the list is without end. Some people have sexual complexes, such as impotence other people have a strong hatred of their mother or father, or both others have strong feelings ofjealousy towards others either specifically or generally others have had and still feel the shock of death, perhaps of a close friend or relative. Examples can be quoted to completely fill this section. All of these problems must be rooted out ifyou want to achieve happiness in life.

Mechanics of relaxation techniques

How can we relax and learn to do it well As is often the case, for the answer we have to look towards the animals or to those humans less disturbed by the tumultuous world, namely our children. When a child sleeps it forgets all problems. When a child sleeps it really sleeps, if it plays then it really plays and when it works it works. There is full intensity in the activity at hand. Adults have the habit of mentally working when they sleep and play, and of sleepwalking when they work. So one basic rule of relaxation is to shut off thoughts on a conscious level about things that you have completed. Don't dwell or brood over problems. Your subconscious mind actually has great powers to solve problems without any need for the thought processes to be at a conscious level. When you have fed the necessary data into the mind about any particular topic, forget it. The mind will churn out the answer when it is required. Your conscious brooding on the problem in an effort to aid the process...

Sat Nam the Seed of Truth Stress Reduction

SAT NAM has the power to clear the subconscious mind so that old wounds and programs no longer get in the way of Self-realization. It does so by changing the projection of our minds. Mantra means the projection of the mind. Bij or seed mantras use universal sound currents to rearrange the habit patterns of the mind. They do so by accessing the part of the mind that regulates habits. The sounds erase patterns that vibrate at lower frequencies or do not resonate with the Truth or our true essence. They establish new habits by replacing the old frequency with the higher frequency of the Truth. SAT resonates with universal Truth. NAM is the vibration which creates what it names. *(1)

Psychological Presuppositions

There are certain ways in which the psychological instruments begin to function in relation to objects. The ego, intellect and mind perform the functions of arrogation, understanding and thinking of objects. There is also a fourth element, called Chitta, which is not easily translatable into English. The term 'subconscious' is usually considered as its equivalent. That which is at the base of the conscious mind and which retains memory etc., is Chitta or the subconscious mind. But the Chitta in Yoga psychology includes also what is known as the unconscious in psychoanalysis. All this functional apparatus, taken together, is the psyche or Antahkarana, the internal instrument. The internal organ functions in various forms, and Yoga is interested in a thorough study of these functions, because the methods of Yoga are intended to take a serious step in regard to all these psychic functions, finally.

Chapter Pratyahara Or Abstraction

There is another cause of dissatisfaction. Unwittingly we create psychic impressions subtly in our subconscious mind through the satisfaction of a desire. Just as when one speaks or sings before a microphone, grooves are formed on the plate of a gramophone, and the sound can be relayed any number of times so also when one has the experience of the enjoyment of an object, impressions are formed in the subconscious level and they can be relayed any number of times even if one might have forgotten them, though many births might have been passed through and even when one does not want them any more. The impressions created by an act of enjoyment are for one's sorrow in the future. spiritual seekers. A kind of lethargy (Alasya) in the whole system, bodily and mental, sets in as another obstacle. One will not be doing any meditation but only drooping heavy with idleness. This is the Mohana-Astra or the delusive weapon cast against the seeking mind in its war with desire. Lethargy paralyses...

Keys for Manifestation

How, you say, can you dream a house or a relationship or a job or whatever you want into your reality Carlos Castaneda talks about his master who taught him the art of dreaming. His master tells him, Just start dreaming and dreaming and dreaming to understand a great deal of the secret of the relationship between matter and spirit. If you are around people who give out affluent, healthy, positive vibrations, then your mind will keep company with those thoughts. On the other hand, if you are with people who produce skeptical, negative thoughts, then you will fall victim to these thought processes. It is very important to be around people who are positive and harmonious.

Mind Meet Body Body Meet Mind

Beginning to practice yoga is like introducing your body and your mind for the first time. Sure, they have resided in close proximity your entire life, but do they really know each other If you want to be truly fit, you must introduce your body to your mind and your mind to your body. Hatha Yoga, the yoga that concentrates on strengthening and purifying the physical body, is the perfect introduction.

Yoga Means Connection

Yoga taps into your inner power, connecting your body with your mind. It's easy to fall into a pattern of associating fitness with the body alone. We run, do aerobic dance, bicycle, and perform sit-ups and pushups all for our bodies. What does your mind have to do with it But the yogi will soon see the absurdity of this notion. Body and mind are one, and although they can become isolated and dissociated from each other, yoga brings them back together where they belong. Everything works better when all the circuits are connected. Your mind can boost your physical performance to new heights, and control over your body is training for control over your mind.

Open Up and Let Go The Mind

You've moved past your body and are now immersed in your mind. But that has to go, too. Yes, the mind is as distracting as the body when it comes to true relaxation maybe more so Even as you lie in the corpse pose feeling proud that you've managed to transcend your body, at least to some extent, your mind is holding you back from true awareness. How By making you feel proud, for one thing Pride belongs to the ego, and in true awareness, there is no ego. So what's an active-minded person to do Simple Stop thinking.

Making the Mind and Body Connection

Quieting and calming your mind X ou may not know it, but when you exercise, you have the potential to exercise with your mind as well as your body. And in yoga with weights, the mind plays a bigger part than it does in other exercise disciplines, because one of the goals of yoga with weights is to be self-aware and to develop your relationship with your consciousness in everything you do. This chapter explores training your mind and some of the mental aspects of yoga with weights. You look into quieting and calming your mind, listening to your body as you exercise, and breaking the mental barriers that keep you from wanting to exercise. You also discover a mental visualization technique for focusing your mind and a special contract-and-release exercise for wringing all the tension from your body.

Taming the Monkey Mind

One of the objects of traditional yoga is to discover how to calm your mind to achieve clarity of thought. An overactive mind is sometimes called a monkey mind. In traditional yoga, a monkey mind is one that swings wildly from branch to branch that is, from thought to thought without really considering where it's going. A monkey mind is always busy, so much so that it leaves you feeling exhausted and robs you of your precious energy resources and your ability to concentrate. Taming a monkey mind isn't easy. It takes time, practice, and, perhaps most importantly, a commitment to discovering how to relax your mind and always remain in the moment. What does in the moment mean It means to be consciously aware of your surroundings and how you feel now not letting your mind drift into memories or fantasies. When you tame the monkey mind, you achieve self-awareness and the ability to think with clarity. You literally pull yourself together, body and mind. For more tips on taming a monkey...

Pumping You Up The Strengthening Workout

Eeping your body strong and your mind in-tune are the keys to well-W being. You have more energy. You're more capable of doing physical activities, and you can maintain your concentration longer. You can resist stress better. You can withstand the daily pressures you have to labor under. When you feel strong, you're more confident. It's much harder to rock the boat emotionally, and the choices you make in your life are more consistent with the quality of life you desire.

Identifying That Two Legged Creature

Body and mind form a unit they're the outside and the inside of the same person you. In a way, your body is a map of your mind. Through regular Yoga practice, you can use the feedback from your body to discipline your mind, and the feedback from your mind (particularly your emotions) to train your body.

What time of day should I practice yoga

You can practice yoga at any time in the day when you feel you need to. Performing an active yoga practice in the morning can energize your mind and body, which can help set the tone for how you feel the rest of the day. You may want to perform a less active practice in the evening to help calm your mind and body after a long day and prepare yourself for sleep. Try to set a specific time each day, or as often in the week as possible, to practice yoga so your practice will become a habit.

Tapping Into Your Yoga Power Source

So how does all this centering and concentration get you in shape Because your mind and your body are so intricately connected, a centered mind with the power of concentration works directly on the body, allowing each yoga posture to accomplish the maximum possible benefit. Don't be misled into thinking you can ignore the mental parts of yoga because you aren't in it for the enlightenment. Perhaps getting in shape is priority one for you. That's great But the key to yoga's fitness power is in the synthesis of everything you are your body, your mind, your spirit each part working together to make the whole stronger, healthier, and more alive. Remember, a healthy body means more than just a strong body. As any doctor will tell you, a positive attitude toward life is central to the body's natural healing powers. Yoga stimulates your body mind power source, channeling your positive mental energy into your physical workout, and vice versa.

Coming Back to Center

Just like any other sport, yoga requires a warm-up period. Haphazardly practicing may build your strength to a small degree, but you won't get the benefits of yoga's body mind discipline. Centering is a mental warm-up to go along with your physical warm-up. As you practice your beginning poses, consciously focus your mind on your body. Notice how your body feels and what it's doing. Commit to your yoga practice for the next 10, 15, 30, or however many minutes you have allotted yourself. The more often you make a habit of consciously centering your mind on what your body is doing, the more you'll notice a feeling of calm, of being centered in your daily life. Your yoga fitness power is showing

Varied Utility of Thought Power

Every thought of yours has a literal value to you in every possible way. The strength of your body, the strength of your mind, your success in life and the pleasures you give to others by your company all depend on the nature and quality of your thoughts. You must know thought-culture, and develop thought power.

Yoga Is Occident Insurance

Internal organs, you'll find a new friend in your body. While you continue to hold each posture, your mind will learn how to tune out the distractions of life and hone in on how things are for you in this moment of living. Doing yoga makes you listen to how you feel physically and mentally. This newfound power of concentration will carry over into every aspect of your life. Signals you once ignored that crick in your neck or your obsessive worrying over a detail that keeps you from seeing the forest for the trees are instantly acknowledged and seen for what they are warning signs that you are heading down the wrong path. Yoga can help you regain your sense of self-fulfillment and joy, ensuring a more satisfying, not to mention fitter, existence.

Ending Meditation

Before you leave this workout, we encourage you to engage in meditation for a moment or two. Meditation requires mental focus and concentration, and in conjunction with the exercises we describe in this chapter, it helps unclutter your mind. Chapter 6 describes several meditation techniques. Find a technique that you enjoy and do it before you move on with your day.

Combination of the different modes

The practitioner need not only use one mode ofjapa. He can transfer from one to the other to suit the circumstances, during each practice program. It is a good idea to always startjapa with baikhari, whether your mind is calm or tense. If your mind is tense, then you should certainly chant aloud until it becomes peaceful. The loud vibrating sound, in a sense, overwhelms one's attention and gradually soothes the mind into a state of reasonable tranquillity. If you are calm then you can quickly transfer to upanshu or manasik japa. Baikhari is best for calming the gross tensions of the mind, and manasik is most suitable for exploring the deeper realms of the mind.

Attention and Intention Meditation

As you become adept at calming the commotion in your mind through meditation, you can enliven healing and transformation in your body through conscious attention and intention. As we've said, accomplished yogis can regulate basic physiological functions through inner techniques that focus attention and intention. You can learn to slow your heartbeat, raise your body temperature, and influence your circulation. Try this simple attention and intention meditation to convince yourself that your mind and body are intimately linked.

Vary Your Routine to Avoid Boredom

After you enjoy the initial wash of enthusiasm, your mind may start playing tricks on you. (Here are some favorite expressions of doubt Maybe Yoga doesn't work. It doesn't work for me. I really have other more important things to do. I don't feel like practicing today. ) If you're easily bored, vary your program periodically to keep your interest alive. Slogging through Yoga or any exercise program serves no purpose. Cultivate what the Zen Buddhists call beginner's mind Approach your Yoga sessions (and, in fact, everything else) with the same intensity and freshness that you brought to your very first session. If you focus on each exercise properly, your mind doesn't have time to feel bored. Also, the more you involve yourself in the spirit of Yoga, the more centered you become, lessening your likelihood of needing an exercise potpourri.

Commit Yourself to Growth

Even if you don't choose to practice Yoga as a lifestyle, keep an open mind about Yoga's involvement in your life. Allow it to transform not only your body but also your mind. Don't put a ceiling on your own development or assume that you're incapable of ever achieving a certain Yoga posture or learning how to meditate. Let Yoga gently work with your physical and mental limitations and expand your abilities and help you outgrow useless attitudes and negative thoughts and discover new horizons.

Maximize Your Performance

One of the goals of yoga is to attain a state of oneness with the universe. Surprisingly, this goal has endless practical applications. When your mind and body are one, and one with the power of the universe, the sense of tranquillity and control you can achieve makes everything clearer and simpler. Everything you do will be affected. Do you have a big presentation at work You are calm, confident, and empowered. Do you have a championship tennis match You are strong, flexible, buoyant, and the ball seems to go exactly where you will it to go. Do you have a really difficult test Your mind is so uncluttered that all your studying comes back to you effortlessly. Of course, such power doesn't come easily. A week of sitting in the lotus position for five minutes a day won't be enough to send you permanently into the zone. Yoga is a process. Your body and your mind need to learn new habits and a new way to communicate with each other. But if you're persistent and follow the yoga path, you'll

Implement Your Insights

Spontaneously implement the theory of yoga into the experience of life. Meditation, regulating the life force, learning to hold and circulate energy, and moving with awareness are the fundamental technologies that need to be mastered for you to gain the full benefits of yoga on the level of your body, your mind, and your soul.

Readiness for stage

When you can easily remain in a state of thoughtlessness, then you should proceed to stage 6. Do not continue with stage 5 for you will merely lapse into a state of laya (unconsciousness or sleep). You will have a nice deep sleep, but it will not take you anywhere on the yogic path. Therefore, proceed to stage 6 as soon as your mind is in a thought-free state2.

Aspiration and patience

A person can never raise his level of wisdom without aspiration. Every yogi, sage, seer, saint had this overwhelming need and aspiration to know. Only when there is this strong nee d to transcend normally accepted limitation, can one begin to tread the path to wisdom. This aspiration is also necessary in kriya yoga practice. Without it, you will give up after a few weeks and become distracted by other things. There must be aspiration, for this is the driving force that will make you continue to practise kriya yoga through thick and thin. It is aspiration that will give you the strength to face the dross that will initially emerge from your mind. If you have this mighty aspiration, then we urge you to start kriya yoga.

Discrimination and Inner Mental Culture

Whenever desires crop in your mind, do not try to fulfil them. Reject them through discrimination, right enquiry and dispassion. You will get tranquillity of mind and mental strength by constant practice. The mind is thinned out. The mind is checked directly from wandering. Its outgoing tendencies are curbed.

Unwholesome Thoughts and Selfwatchfulness

You must be saved from the malformation and the miscarriage of your mind. Mind is like a playful child. The clement energies of the mind must be bent to become the passive channels If you want rapid progress in the spiritual path, watch every thought. A vacant mind is ever distressed. It is the devil's workshop. Be thoughtful. Keep guard over your mind. Watch every impulse and thought. Spiritualize or sublimate your instincts. Evil thought is the most dangerous thief. Slay this thief with the sword of wisdom. Generate daily new divine vibrations or thought-waves in your mind. Make your thought pure, strong, sublime and definite. You will gain immense spiritual strength and peace. If evil thoughts enter your mind once in a month instead of thrice weekly (remember that evil thinking is the beginning of adultery), if you become angry once in a month instead of once weekly, that is a sign of progress, that is a sign of your increased will-power that is a sign of growing spiritual...

Arrest the Recurrence of Evil Thoughts

Suppose the evil thoughts stay in your mind for twelve hours and recur every third day. If you can make them stay for ten hours and recur once in a week by daily practice of concentration and meditation, that is a decided improvement. If you continue your practice, the period of stay and recurrences will be gradually lessened.

Go with the Flow Right Here Right

Do not sit awkwardly during meditation. Sitting slumped over with a crooked spine, or sitting in a position too advanced for you, can cause injury to your body, as well as frustration. It's impossible to relax deeply into your meditation if your body is strained or in pain. So stay within your physical limits while meditating and concentrate on your mind instead. 1. Let's sit for a moment. Sit comfortably on the floor and breathe. Don't worry about breathing deeply. Just notice your breath. Give your breath your full attention. You can probably hear lots of thoughts rattling around in your mind, somewhere behind the sound of your breathing. Note them, but don't let them engage you. Back to the breath. 2. After you've been sitting for a minute or two with your mind focused on your breath, move into a lying-down position on your stomach. But don't just move thoughtlessly. As you move, really pay attention. Keep your mind centered on how you feel, on how your body moves, on which parts...

Sleeping peacefully with lucid dreaming

You can benefit from taking note of your dreams, keeping a diary of at least the more significant ones. But dedicated yogis and yoginis seek to transform their dream life altogether by training themselves in lucid dreaming, a special state of consciousness in which you retain a degree of self-awareness while dreaming. In other words, you know that you're dreaming and, with practice, even are able to direct your dreams. Usually lucid dreaming occurs spontaneously, but by priming your mind before going to sleep you can increase the likelihood of becoming self-aware in the midst of a dream. If you're interested in exploring this art, we recommend that you study the resources listed in this book's appendix. In the meantime, here are some pointers for programming yourself to dream lucidly

Unleashing your essence

Yogic concentration is far more demanding than the kind of concentration you use in daily life but it's also much more rewarding. Yoga can help you unlock the hidden chambers of your own mind. When you're able to focus your attention on your inner world like a laser, you can discover the most subtle aspects of your mind. Above all, yogic concentration ultimately enables you to discover your spiritual essence.

Allow Your Body to Speak Up

Your body is your best friend and counselor, and listening to it is an art well worth cultivating. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Trust your bodily instincts and intuitions not only in your Yoga practice but also in daily life. All too frequently, your body tells you one thing and your mind another. Learn to go with your body.

Yoga Helps You Harmonize Your Social Relationships

By giving you a new outlook on life, Yoga can help you improve your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and others. It gives you the means to develop patience, tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness. Through the techniques of Yoga, you can gain control of your mind and liberate yourself from obsessions and undesirable habits, which can stand in the way of satisfying relationships. Yoga also shows you how to live at peace with the world and attuned to your essential nature, the spirit or Self. It provides you with all you need to harmonize and beautify your life.

What Youre Not to Read

We must admit that we hope you read every word in this book at some point in your yogic journey. We also confess that we include a few tidbits just to get your mind going and make you think. We mark this text with the Technical Stuff icon or format it as a sidebar (shaded gray box). These tidbits are interesting and important in their own right, but they're not essential to your practice of the various postures. Feel free to skip 'em, but plan to go back and read them at some point. You'll be glad you did

Slowly exhaling to a count of four gently and smoothly return to the starting position see Figure a

The purpose of the Divine Mother Affirmation is to center you and to teach you how to relax and calm your mind on your own. You're talking to yourself in a good way like a coach sending the right message to be well and in harmony with it all. This practice isn't as much an exercise as it is a quiet meditation designed for expectant mothers.

Exhaling to a count of four turn your back neck and head one vertebrae at a time to look over your right shoulder see

Start your twist in the area behind your navel, and move upward in a spi-raling direction. Imagine that your spine is twisting like a spiral staircase, with your mind climbing the stairs one step at a time. Twisting with an engaged abdomen protects your lower back and neck.

Law The Law of Giving and Receiving

The second spiritual law of success is the Law of Giving and Receiving, which states that the universe operates through dynamic exchange. Your body is in constant and dynamic exchange with the body of the universe. Your mind is dynamically interacting with the mind of the cosmos. Life is the flow of all the elements and forces that comprise the field of existence. The harmonious exchange between your physical body and the physical universe and between your personal mind and the collective mind is expressed as the Law of Giving and Receiving. Because your body, your mind, and the universe are in constant and dynamic exchange, stopping the circulation of energy is like stopping the flow of blood. Whenever blood stops flowing, it begins to clot, to coagulate. Whenever a river stops flowing, it begins to stagnate. This is why you must be open to giving and receiving in order to keep the life force circulating within you. During your yoga practice, the Law of Giving and Receiving is lively...

Meditation Experiences

Your repetition of the So Hum mantra should be effortless. Silent repetition of the sound does not require clearly pronouncing it in your mind. Rather, have just a vague sense of the mantra, as a vibration, an impulse, or a subtle sound. Listen for its sound more than feel the pressure to articulate it. Whenever the mantra appears to be changing in its rate, rhythm, or pronunciation, allow it to transform without controlling the process. The most common complaint that new meditators express is that they are having too many thoughts. Thoughts are a natural component of meditation, and it is not possible to forcibly stop thinking. There will be many times in every meditation during which your mind drifts off the mantra to thoughts. You may find yourself thinking about something that has happened in the past or something you are anticipating happening in the future. You As your mind quiets during meditation, you will experience moments when there is the absence of thoughts with the...

Daily Discipline of Thoughts

It is only by the practical training of your mind that you can prevent bad thoughts and actions from arising and can ward off bad thoughts and actions that have arisen from recurrence. It is only by practical training of your mind that you can encourage good thoughts and actions to arise, and can sustain good thoughts and actions when they have arisen.

Drive Away Obnoxious Thoughts

Drive away from your mind all unnecessary, useless and obnoxious thoughts. Useless thoughts impede your spiritual growth obnoxious thoughts are stumbling blocks to spiritual advancement. It should be as easy to expel an obnoxious thought from your mind as it is to shake a stone out of your shoe and, till a man can do that, it is just nonsense to talk about his ascendancy and conquest over nature. He is a mere slave and prey to the bat-winged phantoms that flit through the corridor of his brain.

Master Worldly Thoughts

Watch your mind always very carefully. Be vigilant. Be on the alert. Do not allow waves of irritability, jealousy, anger, hatred, lust, to rise from the mind. These dark waves and worldly thoughts are enemies of meditation, peace and wisdom. When you attain a state of purity, no worldly thoughts will take their rise in your mind. Just as it is easy to check the intruder or enemy at the gate, so also it is easy to overcome a worldly thought as soon as it rises. Nip it in the bud. Do not allow it to strike a deep root.

Acquiring Mental Qualities

Lie in a passive attitude, or sit erect. Picture to yourself the qualities you desire to cultivate, seeing yourself as possessed of the qualities, and demanding that your mind develop the quality. Breathe rhythmically, holding the mental picture firmly. Carry the mental picture with you as much as possible, and endeavor to live up to the ideal you have set up in your mind. You will find yourself gradually

Releasing tension with a contractandrelease exercise

The object of this contract-and-release exercise is to release tension in your body and bring your mind into the present moment. You isolate different areas of your body one at a time, starting with your toes and working your way up to your head. In each body area, you contract your muscles hard and then gently relax them. The idea is to tense each muscle group hard, without straining, for about five to ten seconds, and then suddenly let go of the tension or contraction. When you release your muscles, you do so fully and Visualize each muscle group you're working on in your mind's eye before you contract and relax the muscle group. By directing your thoughts into a part of your body, you can discover the nerve pathways necessary for relaxation. You discover how to relax by directing your mental energy toward your body.

The implications of Soham

If you wish and if your mind is sufficiently one-pointed, you can enquire further into the deep and real meaning of Soham. This is a method ofj nana yoga. But it will not yield results if your mind is tense and full of problems and unless you enquire incessantly, whether consciously or unconsciously twenty -four hours a day. If your mind is ready and your aspiration intense then theie will be a transcendental explosion of the meaning of Soham. The meaning will show itself like a flash of lightning, but you have to be ready. Few people are prepared for this type ofjnana yoga practice. Generally, therefore, we recommend remembrance of Soham as the best sadhana.

Awareness and concentration

Though the immediate and primary aim of trataka is to develop concentration, you should not force yourself to concentrate. Concentration must arise spontaneously. Try to maintain awareness of the object of trataka. That is, allow extraneous thoughts to arise, but while simultaneously being attentive to the object. You must split your attention between distracting thoughts and the object. Don't become lost in the stream of invading thoughts, but merely watch them with a feeling ofdisinterest. If you do this, then the unwanted thoughts will automatically subside, and concentration will arise. Of course, on occasions your mind may be more agitated than usual you should still follow the same procedure, though it may be difficult to attain any degree of concentration. This awareness is important, for if you try to force the mind to concentrate you will only create more tension and less concentration. So be aware. Don't battle with the wandering mind, for you will lose. Tame the mind and...

So Hum Meditation to minutes

After awakening these junction points between the mind and the body, it is time to calm your mind. Begin your silent meditation by practicing breathing awareness using the So Hum mantra or any other mind-quieting procedure you have learned. We encourage you to learn Primordial Sound Meditation from a qualified instructor.

Listen to Your Body

Breathing efficiently can positively influence your physical and mental well-being. For this reason, proper breathing is integral to the practice of yoga. This chapter shows you how to breathe efficiently to boost your energy and help rid your body of toxins. You will also learn how proper breathing techniques can clear your mind, improve your concentration and reduce stress. Perform the exercises in this chapter to help improve your breathing.

Stage object visualization

Shivalingam standing Christ Buddha in meditation a burning candle . . . look into the centre of the flame a pyramid . . . banyan tree a car moving along a road . . . the car is red coloured clouds red clouds . . . white clouds grey clouds . . . full moon . . . a dog a playful cat an elephant a horse . . . the rising sun a big pond a lotus . . . the bank of a fast flowing river a small sailing boat an aeroplane in flight a bird in flight a red triangle a golden spiderweb covered in dew a dead body . . . a cross over a church a temple bell ringing an old house a goat a shining symbol of Aum . . . chimney smoke rising on a cold winter's day a glowing fire inside a house . torrential rain snow-capped mountain . birds flying across the sunset . . . waves breaking on a deserted beach . . . hear the pounding of the waves be aware of the immensity ofthe sea be aware of a calm sea on a warm summer's day . . . feel the calmness yet hidden power within the sea . This is like your mind.

Suppression of minor thoughts

At a certain stage in your kriya yoga practice you may find that your mind becomes very calm, and only a few minor thoughts arise. At this point there isjustification for suppression. This situation may arise after a few months of regular practice, or it may occur during a particularly auspicious practice session. You should definitely not suppress emotionally charged thoughts, but minor ones can be 'squashed'. It is like an elephant and an ant. If an elephant annoys you and disturbs your peace, tact must be used. You have to watch carefully and use cunning to get rid of the elephant. If an ant annoys you, on the other hand, then it can be quickly picked up and removed. It is the same with major and minor thoughts. You must use your discretion here in deciding which thoughts are minor in nature.

Yoga is restraining the mindstuff Chitta from taking various forms Vrttis

A good deal of explanation is necessary here. We have to understand what Chitta is, and what are these Vrttis. I have this eye. Eyes do not see. Take away the brain centre which is in the head, the eyes will still be there, the retinas complete, and also the picture, and yet the eyes will not see. So the eyes are only a secondary instrument, not the organ of vision. The organ of vision is in the nerve centre of the brain. The two eyes will not be sufficient alone. Sometimes a man is asleep with his eyes open. The light is there and the picture is there, but a third thing is necessary mind must be joined to the organ. The eye is the external instrument, we need also the brain centre and the agency of the mind. Carriages roll down a street and you do not hear them. Why Because your mind has not attached itself to the organ of hearing. First there is the instrument, then there is the organ, and third, the mind attachment to these two. The mind takes the impression farther in, and...

Thought Excels Light in Speed

Even so your mind is like a wireless machine. A saint with peace, poise, harmony and spiritual waves sends out into the world thoughts of harmony and peace. They travel with lightning speed in all directions and enter the minds of persons and produce in them also similar thoughts of harmony and peace. Whereas a worldly man whose mind is full of jealousy, revenge and hatred sends out discordant thoughts which enter the minds of thousands and stir in them similar thoughts of hatred and discord.

The Battle of Thoughts

In the beginning of thought-culture, there is internal fight between pure and impure thoughts. The impure thought tries to enter the mental factory again and again. It asserts O little man, you gave me shelter in the beginning. You welcomed me before. You gave me a cordial reception. I have every right to remain in the lowlands of your mind in your instinctive passionate mind. Why are you cruel towards me I only gave you a push or stimulus in taking you to restaurants and hotels, cinemas and theatres, ball-rooms and bars. You had a variety of enjoyments through me alone. Why are you ungrateful to me now I will resist, persist and recur again and again. Do whatever you like. You are weak through old habits. You have no strength to resist. Eventually pure thoughts only will gain victory. Sattva is a greater power than Rajas and Tamas. Positive overcomes negative.

Thoughts and the Snakeanalogy

Just as you remove at once the pebble in your shoe that troubles you, so also, you must be able to remove at once any tormenting thought from your mind. Only then have you gained sufficient strength in the control of thought. Only then have you attained some real progress in the spiritual path.

Balancing Postures for Graceful Strength

Contemporary life is highly demanding and stressful if you're not properly grounded, you face a constant risk of being pushed out of balance. Grounding means being centered and firm without being inflexible, knowing who you are and what you want, and feeling that you're empowered to achieve your life goals. A good way to begin your grounding work is by improving your physical sense of balance, which helps you synchronize the movement of your arms and legs, giving you poise. When you can stand and move in a more balanced manner, your mind is automatically affected. You feel more balanced.

Relating to a higher principle

The third element of self-restraint (niyama) is devotion to a higher principle. The Sanskrit term is ishvara-pranidhana, where the word ishvara means lord, referring to the divine. We translate it as higher principle to emphasize that you don't need to believe in a personal God to perform this practice. Devotion to a higher principle essentially means keeping your sight fixed on realizing your highest spiritual potential. If you happen to believe in a personal deity, you can use the traditional practice of repeating whatever name you have for the divine until your mind becomes absorbed in the state of contemplation. Or you can employ prayers and invocations to feel near to God or Goddess. But always remember that, according to Yoga, the divine isn't a separate being but the essence of everything.

The Ultimate Facial Losing Your Senses

First, notice what you can taste, then let it go. Take your mind away from your taste buds. Next, notice what you can smell, then release your sense of smell. Notice everything your body is touching, then imagine you are floating and can't feel anything. What can you hear Let it go. Turn off your ears and focus inward. Last of all, let go of your sight (even though your eyes should already be closed) by releasing all tension around your eyes. If you see light through your eyelids, gently push away your awareness of it. 5. Now go back over each body part again, but this time, instead of physically tensing and releasing your muscles, mentally tell each part to relax. Really focus on each area, one at a time, and coax it to release all pain and tension. Consider this the start of a wonderful relationship between your mind and your body. Why shouldn't they converse

Looking at some meditation techniques

We advise you to meditate after each yoga-with-weights workout in all our workout chapters, but we also encourage you to meditate whenever the mood strikes you. The more you practice meditating, the easier it is to sit still without getting distracted or letting your mind wander. Be patient with yourself as you practice. Practice and more practice will help. How long you meditate is up to you. You can use an alarm to make a sound after a certain amount of time elapses, or you can purchase gentle chiming timers designed for meditation practice that chime softly so as not to startle you (Brookstone, Whole Foods, Sharper Image, and other stores sell them). Start by meditating for a few minutes and build up to 20, 45, or even 60 minutes over time. Try to meditate three times a week at minimum, and meditate daily if you can. At first, your mind will wander, but eventually you'll be able to maintain your focus as you move into deeper states of meditation. Be patient, and meditate without...

Thought Power and Practical IdealismII

Become a staunch believer in self-reliance and self-effort. You can determine your fate by force of thoughts. As clouds are the main source of rain, so the control of one's own thoughts is the source of durable prosperity. You are yourself your own friend or enemy. If you will not save yourself by cherishing good thoughts, there is no other remedy. of your body is by your own sublime thoughts. Stop the psychological functions of your mind and see value only in sublime thoughts. You work in accordance with your long-standing and intensified thought and belief. You accomplish and achieve the object of your own desire. Do not let your mind become denser and denser by allowing it to be engrossed in gross forms. Follow the abstractive process by cherishing the thoughts of virtue. The bliss that accrues from the culture of mind surpasses even the prosperity of the three worlds, or possession of all kinds of jewels, or acquisition of high office. Your mind is omnipotent. It is capable of...

Path Of Attainment

Perhaps we have made some points a little clear to a few who have been perplexed - perhaps we have opened a door to those who were seeking entrance to the temple - who knows If we have done even a little for only one person, our time has been well spent. At some future time we may feel called upon to pass on to you a higher and more advanced presentation of this great subject - that is a matter which depends much upon your own desires - if you need us you will find us ready and willing to join you in the study of the great truths of the Yogi Philosophy. But, before you take the next step onward, be sure that you understand these elementary lessons thoroughly. Go over and over them, until your mind has fully grasped the principles. You will find new features presenting themselves with each reading. As your minds unfold, you will find new truths awaiting you even in the same pages that you have read and reread several times. This, not because of any special merit in our work (for this...

Return to normal awareness

Don't suddenly finish the practice, stand up and perhaps start talking with your neighbour. The process should be gradual so that your mind fully adjusts to the outside surroundings. Keep your eyes closed after hearing the final statement. Slowly move your hands and feet. Be aware of external sounds. Then after a minute or so slowly open your eyes and raise your body. The teacher should give instructions accordingly.

Culture the Thoughts and Become a Buddha

Drive away from your mind all unnecessary, useless and obnoxious thoughts. Useless thoughts impede your spiritual growth obnoxious thoughts are stumbling blocks to spiritual advancement. You are away from God when you entertain useless thoughts. Substitute thoughts of God.

Spiritual Methods for Thoughtculture

If evil thoughts enter your mind, don't use your will-force in driving them. You will lose your energy only. You will tax your will only. You will fatigue yourself. The greater the efforts you make, the more the evil thoughts will return with redoubled force. They will return more quickly also. The thoughts will become more powerful. Be indifferent. Keep quiet. They will pass off soon. Or substitute good counter thoughts (Pratipaksha Bhavana method). Or think of the picture of God and the Mantra again and again forcibly. Or pray.

Find the Zoneand Move In

The zone is that place you go when your skill is suddenly heightened, your mind is sharp, and you can do no wrong. Athletes know about the zone. When an athlete is in the zone, he or she has reached peak performance. The mind is thinking quickly, sharply, and accurately. Success is effortless.

When Its More Serious

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, sometimes we get very sick. Competent medical care is crucial if you have a serious condition, but yoga can help, too. When your body is aligned, strong, and flexible, it will be able to fight off illness more effectively. When your mind is calm, peaceful, and optimistic, your body will be even better at battling the bad stuff. Keep your body filled with prana and positive thoughts, and don't give up hope. Hope is the best nurse of all.

Ardha Baddha Padma Pashchimottanasana Bound Half Lotus Pose

Just a friendly reminder to your ego Take a hike When performing any yoga pose, especially more difficult poses, don't allow your ego to take over. If you find yourself thinking, Look at me touching the floor or Wow, I'm so good at this re-adjust your thoughts. The goal of yoga is to eliminate ego, not to encourage it. Feel how the posture you're holding helps your mind to become clear and see the truth that you are one with the true world.

Creating body awareness

Yoga with weights builds body awareness. You can think of yoga with weights as a dialogue between your mind and body. As you exercise, your brain sends a message to a part of your body telling it to move in a certain direction, and your body sends a signal back to your brain saying that the body part can make the desired motion or can't move any farther. When your brain receives its signal, it sends out another signal asking the part of the body to become

Consider How Well Youre Sleeping

If you wake up agitated in the middle of the night, or if you're suffering from insomnia, try taking the long, slow, yogic breaths we describe in Chapter 4. Or try this technique Lie on your bed with your eyes closed and your hands resting on your belly. As you inhale, feel your belly expand and rise to the ceiling. As you exhale, feel it softly contract, and visualize your belly drawing closer to your spine. By focusing on the rise and fall of your belly as you breathe, you still and soothe your mind. You quiet your thoughts and, in doing so, permit yourself to fall asleep. Deep-belly breathing helps trigger the relaxation response in your brain.

Practical Spiritual Instructions

Pain is an eye-opener. Pain is your silent teacher. Pain will turn your mind towards God. Many old Karmas have to be purged out quickly by the thirsting aspirant before he attains the blissful Samadhi (superconscious state). Therefore, the thirsting aspirant only will get more troubles. Become a spiritual warrior and chop off the thoughts and subtle forms of secret desires for enjoyment. A glorious brilliant future is awaiting you. To live is to fight for the ideal and goal. Life is conquest. Life is a series of awakenings. Conquer your mind and the senses. These are your real enemies. Live under lifelong vows. Conquer your internal and external nature. Fight against the antagonistic dark evil forces through Japa and meditation.

Within The Mind Of The

In our last lesson we gave you the Inner Teachings of the Yogi Philosophy, relating to the real nature of the Universe, and all that is therein contained. We trust that you have pondered well and carefully the statements contained in that lesson, for in them is to be found the essence of the highest Yogi teachings. While we have endeavored to present these high truths to you in the simplest possible form, yet unless your minds have been trained to grasp the thought, you may have trouble in fully assimilating the essence of the teachings. But, be not discouraged, for your mind will gradually unfold like the flower, and the Sun of Truth will reach into its inmost recesses. Do not be troubled if your comprehension seems dull, or your progress slow, for all things will come to you in time. You cannot escape the Truth, nor can the Truth escape you. And it will not come to you one moment sooner than you are ready to receive it, nor will it be delayed one moment in its coming, when you are...

How To Transform Felicity Into The Spiritual Path By Means Of Relative Truth

Therefore, from various perspectives regard those things as impermanent and unsatisfactory, and cultivate a strong sense of disillusionment. Try to direct your mind away from carelessness and think, 'Thus, all the pleasures of the world are trifling and are bound up with many problems. Nevertheless, some of them have good qualities. The Buddha said that, for a person whose freedom is impaired by suffering, it is very difficult to attain enlightenment but one who abides in happiness attains enlightenment with great ease. The fact that I have the opportunity to practice dharma in such a state of happiness is great fortune. So, at this time I shall by all means convert my happiness into dharma and since dharma also gradually gives rise to happiness, I shall practice making

Breathing During Poses

This breath awareness exercise helps you connect with the natural rhythm of your breath and thereby increase your awareness of your breath. Practicing this breath awareness exercise before you begin your yoga practice helps center your mind and prepare you for the practice.

Opening the Heart Center

It is interesting to look back and observe the different spiritual paths in the 70's and 80's. The message of the flower children of the 60's was All we need is love. Yogi Bhajan attracted many of these flower children to his classes. We certainly need more love. The question is how do we get it Yogi Bhajan essentially said, If you want love, you have to prepare your mind and body to give and receive it. So while other paths were concentrating on opening the upper chakras to receive universal Love, Yogi Bhajan was teaching us breath of fire, stretch pose and other strenuous abdominal exercises. There was no time to sit around and love each other.

Body Beyond the Body The Five Sheaths of Existence

In Chapter 8, Hatha Yoga May the Force Be with You, we briefly mentioned the five sheaths of existence, but they're worth touching on again here because they're intimately connected with the state of your health. The first sheath consists of your physical body. The second is the vital body, made of prana, the life force. The third sheath is your mind, including your emotions and thoughts. The fourth sheath is your higher intellect, and the fifth sheath is the bliss sheath, filled with positive energy and inner peace. Being human means we originally existed in the bliss sheath, and we have to work our way down into the physical body, then find our way back out to the bliss sheath again. Even positive behavior can cause an imbalance when taken to an extreme. Perhaps you absolutely love running normally a healthy activity so much that you spend all your time running at the expense of all other activities and interests. Your mind becomes obsessed with running and loses interest in other...

Repeat Steps and six to twelve times

You can greatly enhance the value of this and other exercises by fully participating with your mind. Feel the air fill your lungs. Feel your muscles work. Feel your body as a whole. Visualize precious life energy entering your lungs and every cell of your body, rejuvenating and energizing you. To help you experience this exercise more profoundly, keep your eyes closed. Place your hands on your abdomen and feel it expand upon inhalation.

Incorporating Yoga into nighttime routines

In turn, the condition of your body and especially the nervous system affects your mind, which affects your entire life. Thus the traditional maxim You are what you eat holds true to a certain degree. Yoga masters have typically been vegetarians, favoring grains, legumes, and fruit. In your diet, stick as close to Mother Nature as possible.

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