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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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History and scriptural references

Kriya yoga seems to have been known in China, for a system which is vaguely similar is mentioned in a scripture called the Tai Chin Hua Tzang Chih (The Secret of the Golden Flower). This text has been translated into English by Richard Wilheim with an introduction by Carl Jung. It describes the practice of rotating one's awareness through the back and front psychic passages of the body, though the rotation is in the opposite direction to that of kriya yoga practised in India. We are not saying that the Chinese system and the Indian are the same, only that they have similarities. It is interesting to note that China developed its own unique, dynamic meditative system called Tai Chi Chuan. Though kriya yoga and Tai Chi Chuan seem to have little in common from outside appearance, their fundamental

Different methods of regulating prana

There are various methods of manipulating and influencing the flow of prana throughout the whole psychic body. The Chinese developed the two systems of acupuncture and tai chi chu'an to bring the pranic system into balance1. In the system of tai chi chu'an a series of dynamic movements are utilized. There are various systems in vogue today, though it is said to have been originated by San Fung Chang. The movements are so designed to bring the negative and positive forces (yin and yang) of the pranic body into balance and coordination. This in turn calms the mind and allows the state of meditation to spontaneously flower.

The Body Field

Wherever there is a concentration of energy through concentrated attention, meditation, through pressure, through breathing, internal or external sound in any area of the body, the sexual fluid will migrate there. Whether the energy consciousness focus is to learn to tie ones shoes or do one's work in school or one's profession or think up the Theory of Relativity whether it is to focus in one's hands, the flowing careful focus in a series of tai chi movements or karate movements or free flow of asana movements whether energy is generated through the combination of postures and breathing in Kriyas effecting certain areas in the body, or the sound of mantras or chanting or inner nada reverberating in the centers wherever there is the pressure and concentration of energy consciousness, the body will develop and open the channels in various systems for the sexual fluids to circulate, migrate and fill those areas. This results in those areas building, carrying and maintaining a charge and...