Divine Romance of Love

One day a soul reached freedom in God and was so surprised of the true being of his nature that this very soul decided to reincarnate on earth to dissolve all the misperception and misinterpretation of God that was existing on this planet. All this soul knew from the past several incarnations on earth is fear about God, punishments to be expected, possible rejection.

However nothing like this happened. There was but Love coming from heavenly father.

Nothing but Love - isn't that much !

Divine Love that healed all the wounds left from previous tormenting incarnations, without erasing the lessons learned from these valuable experiences.

Love is God's true being and God's true nature - Love is your true nature, because you are his child. We all are children of God, made to his image, Divine beings of Love and light - like angels, known in some cultures here on earth.

All this soul ever has experienced is Love, Love, Love - Divine Love day by day. All the wishes come true, most of them immediately. Because most of them are wise and related to helping this soul's brothers and sisters on this planet. When this soul returned to this planet, God was busy keeping this beloved soul happy. And he did. Being here in a physical body was quiet difficult at the beginning for many decades. Now, even working inside the physical body, the presence and bliss of God can be felt day by day. Never and for no physical wealth would this soul ever again part away from God.

Love of such a Divine nature and purity only comes from God and can only be experienced when finally returned to God. He is our origin and our destination. But he wants us to return on our own. Because we are of Divine nature and origin, we are free souls. Free to do whatever pleases us. All we need to learn, is to do what pleases all others as well, so we are never causing any Karma that may temporarily prevent us from going home immediately by the end of this incarnation.

This following text will help you to gain a thorough understanding of God and his Divine Nature of Love. All of the authors workshops have but this one goal in mind.

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Developing Divine Love

An introduction to Bhakti Yoga

Worshiping God with Divine Love and to recognize everything in God's creation as being part of God is a practice of Bhakti Yoga. A straight way to God without difficult techniques, as some other spiritual traditions may require. But you may wonder, how can a Bhakta - a yogi practicing Bhakti Yoga - become one with God without difficult techniques? If he became a true and perfect Bhakta, he is a pure being of Love. Love toward everybody and anything, without a single exception - he then is God-like (to the image of God), that's the reason he can merge with his beloved one! Love is the key to God. The very final steps to merge with God, are always paved with Love. No matter what religion or spiritual tradition prepared you for this final steps into oneness.

That is the reason why development of Divine Love within yourself is helpful for every person on his way to God independent of his spiritual tradition or teachings he is following. It simply makes everything easier and speeds up your spiritual development and growth. It is something that needs to be practiced in your daily life. In your job, family, recreation, among friends and those few, who still are waiting to be accepted as your friends. There is no additional time required for this practice, but may be some additional efforts at the beginning. Later on however, it ends up in additional joy in your every days life. Because the more Love you radiate, the more Love you will earn from your environment. Isn't that enjoyable, to be loved by more and more persons, day after day!

However, sometimes it may appear to be more difficult, than you thought at first glance. With a deeper knowledge of God's creation everything is becoming easier for you. Let God help you on your way home.

Here is some help:

Remember - we are made to the image of God. God is Love

When we have developed the same purity of Divine Love within ourselves as God is radiating, we can merge with God. The difficulty of developing this Divine Love often is a result of lack of understanding of your true nature in relation to God.

God made the entire creation. The physical as well as the metaphysical one. Millions of universes, physical universes, astral universes, causal universes, atmic universes and more of unique splendor and beauty.

That means everything is made by God. Out of his holy spirit, out of his very own substance - if you prefer this explanation. Nothing on earth and beyond is made of anything else than of God's holy spirit. Every animal, plant, tree and of course we human beings.

He imagines a being with particular shape and a particular consciousness and lets flow as much of his holy spirit into his imagined being until it becomes real and alive. Until it becomes holy spirit of a higher density, to become visible for other beings.

Maybe you have heard or read about great saints who could materialize certain objects, or a second physical body of their own to appear at two places at the same time (see also: „Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda. Paramhansaji encountered several such Saints in India and wrote about them in his "Autobiography". The principle is the same. They visualized an object in their mind to become first an astral object. They continued to let their creative energy of Divine mind flow into their imagined object until it started to become so dense to be visible on the physical plane.

Let's give you another example. It is important for you to understand, that everything is truly part of God and how this is possible:

Let's take water vapor. If you reduce the vibration of water vapor (reducing an object's vibration usually cools the object down), it finally becomes water, then continue your efforts in the same direction by further reducing the vibration of water and it is cooling down until it becomes ice. It still is chemically one and the same (H2O), but vapor as in our breathing air may not be visible for our physical eyes. In northern (or far southern) climates during fall the air is cooling as much down until this vapor in the air becomes fog. Water is visible, but without any particular shape.

Now you see that something with an extremely high vibration beyond visibility of your physical eyes may become dense and physically visible. The same applies for the Holy Spirit - you could call it God's mind, if you better understand this word. Whatever exists, matter of any kind, stones, rocks, mountains, planets, moons, suns, meteorites, elephants, whales, sharks, lions, rats, worms, angels, mankind, roses, orchids, grass, ... just everything is made out of God's Divine Spirit. His Divine spirit is a very part of himself. There is nothing higher or beyond God. And even though apparently separated from God, again from the physical point of view, it is on a different level of consciousness that we remain still one with God.

If you can see or feel aura, then you can see or feel at least the physical body and the astral body, e few people may see the mental body (the forms, colors and vibrations of thoughts) an extremely few can even see, feel or know (by intuition) the causal body and be fully aware of its content including past incarnations and Karma.

During meditation you can withdraw your consciousness from the physical body into a higher vibrating body of yours, that already exists, even if you lack presently the awareness of it. The same way all the other above mentioned "bodies" - as well as all higher ones not mentioned above - exist at the same time and have centers of consciousness with different levels of activity and spiritual awareness.

Deep within every human being vibrates the very Divine light of God that we are made of. We are made to his image. Out of him, out of his holy spirit. Nothing on earth or anywhere else can be made of anything else than of this Divine vibration.

God gave us the freedom to be his children made to his image, including all his Divine power. We are here on earth to learn make proper, loving and wise use of this Divine power. We all are here to learn to become true and awakened - grown up - children of God and to stay with God forever if we want so and have learned to do so.

The same as above applies to all other "things" he created for whatever reason and purpose. All is made out of his holy spirit, out of him. And all will one day return to him. All is made of his Divine holy spirit !!! Strive to understand this. Pray to God to help you to clearly understand it and he certainly will do so.

Understanding this helps you to instantly love everything and everybody !!

If everything is made out of God's Divine spirit, everything is still part of God.

Let's go even further and be more specific. Even all matter that mankind "invented" and made - like for example books, cars, computers, medicine, construction material - is made of God's creation, though made of God. But as free and self-conscious children of God we are using our God given power of imagination and creativity to add our own - personal - intentions to the material God made for us. We learn how we can properly use our God given creativity for the sole benefit of the entire creation. For the pure benefit of the entire creation without even harming a single part of it. Because everything is part of God.

Whenever you have any objections against anything or anyone, you are having objections against a part of God's creation, which is made of him and is part of him. Now and forever. If however you truly realize above mentioned principle of God's creation, then you may start to understand that you can learn worshiping God by learning to love everything and everyone around you. Learn to recognize everything as being part of God, as being a manifestation of God, created by God with eternal love for a very particular purpose or reason. Your beloved ones as much as the ones you fight, hate, or simply reject from your home or heart. One day you will for sure understand the exact reason and purpose of everything God created. For now you may just have to believe, that he did whatever he did on purpose and with infinite Love for you and all his creation.

Your "enemies" teach you loving. Consider them like angels in a physical body, sent by God to you. Why do my enemies teach me loving, you may ask ?

It is very easy to love someone who is very gentle and loving toward you. Someone who always does things the way you want them to be done. Someone who behaves the way you expect him to behave. Someone who caresses you when you need affection or Love and leaves you alone when you want to watch TV. Someone who does things the way you do. But what about those who are different from you. Aren't they children of God as well, here on earth learning similar basic lessons on their way to grow up and become adult children of God - made to the image of God. They learn their own way, because they are free children of God, learning to make proper and wise use of their freedom. How can you learn to play piano without ever hitting any key. Impossible! Everybody learns by doing. So do we human beings learn to be angel-like beings of Love and light by living and practicing a variety of different activities during a number of incarnations in different cultures, religion, countries and in different colored bodies!

And of course by learning to do, most people first and for a while may do things wrong. But what is wrong and how can you know the difference between wrong and right, if you never tried. May be these other people that you presently reject now learn and live the lessons, that you learn in a few years or the ones you have learned some incarnations ago. If you have the right to learn and live your way, why not all other as well ? Imagine a world of billions of your very own clones - 100% pure and perfect clones of your thoughts, feelings, body, etc. ...

It is the huge variety if different creatures, different shapes and colors, music, ... that makes life so beautiful. It is God who made all that. Even great saints were different and still are now while being in God. They are different but Divine and saint children, made to the image of God and have realized to be awakened and grown-up children of God, doing everything, but with Divine love and wisdom, whatever they do.

By the time you have learned to love your ,,enemies" you have really learned to love. Divine love toward every being and every part in God's creation, the perfect ones as well as the learning children.

Anyone having difficulties with people of other religions, just consider the following. No matter in what sect, religion or spiritual tradition people are in, they all at least trying to strive for the same you are doing right now by reading these lines, to find their way home to God. Isn't that beautiful to think that every person going to church, Ashram or any sect is actually searching for God - even if sometimes temporary on a "wrong path"? God is whispering to their hearts and souls and they hear it without understanding his call. Every soul has a lover and every soul is involved in an everlasting Love-affair - with God! Every soul very gently guides the present consciousness of your physical body toward this Love-affair. Until all parts of you - from your physical body through your innermost Divine light is in Love with God and returning home.

So what's wrong with going back to God and searching for the right way ?? How do you know that your way is the right one? May be you are one of the few having a saint, a true guru as your companion, leading your way back to God. Or you are lucky to have found and follow a spiritual tradition that has helped thousands or millions of Godseekers to become saints and free children of God. By the time you merge with God and become one with God you definitely know that your way was the right one.

Besides all the traditional ways to God, there are thousands of ways back home and God helps everyone searching for his Divine home by sending this person (soul) the right messages and lessons to spiritually grow. God certainly recognizes every soul that has learned to become angel-like. No matter how the soul learned it. Every days life is an excellent teacher for most valuable spiritual lessons. A truth many God-seekers often forget. Always remember one and the single most important thing about God. God is Love and his grace and mercy will dissolve and remove from any person, from any soul any remaining Karma if you directly and consciously ask him to do so when approaching him either in Samadhi or in very, very deep prayer. It is the purity of your heart, soul, mind, feelings at that moment that allow you to ask for his grace and mercy, and all your wishes come true -instantly - because he loves you, he always did and always will ! You are his child, his beloved child, there is no first or last one, all are equal! He loves those who on earth are called "sinners" as much as those who are called saints !!!

Learn to love

First find out about your likes and dislikes, your loves and hates. There may be many things you like or love. But you may be surprised how many things, actions, beings, people, plants or animals you dislike or even hate.

Write it down for future reference in your spiritual workbook - it helps to keep track of your daily spiritual homework. Then start to think about why you dislike or even hate certain things in life. There is always a definite cause to it. And at any time, always remember - you always earn or experience what you did to others, in this or any previous incarnation. there cannot be any painful experience prior to having caused pain to others. What you may experience now is what you need to experience in order to understand what you have done to others before and eventually to change the direction of your mind, emotions and actions toward a more loving attitude.

Every dislike or hate needs to be dissolved in your Divine Love. Whatever you do or did to others - at the same time you do or did it to yourself. We all - in God - are one.

Any pain you caused to others, you have also caused to your own soul and to God as well. That means that all beings you ever disliked or hated now need your Love - plentiful of it - as well as your own soul needs the Love of these beings to be healed.

On the other side, in order to learn to love, it is important that you learn to focus all your attention and awareness on all those things in life that can be loved by you - however without disliking or hating all the rest of God's creation.

The chapter on rejection and fear and the physiology to dissolve in Divine Love shows you a very practical technique on how to dissolve in Love. This technique of course also works with all your dislikes, hate, Practice this technique to become free and open for but Love.

Everything is part of God's creation. By disliking or even hating part of God's creation - you also dislike or even hate God. Learn to understand, that everything in God's creation has its sense. Everything, even if obsolete to you, may be important to someone else, who needs exactly that particular experience on his way to God. There is no such thing like "good" or "bad". Everything is just a part of God's creation and serves a particular purpose. Mankind, as God's creature, has the divine ability to create and they do usually create lot's of problems among other useful things - however God as the perfect and eternal lover of us all, continuously creates solutions to our problems. God creates solutions faster than we create the problems. In fact - every problem we create already contains its solution. If we dissolve the problem in Love, we suddenly perceive its contained solution. Every problem is but a lesson that we fail to understand or that we reject to understand or to learn. As soon as we truly understand the lesson that is represented by a "problem" and as soon as we are ready to accept and realize this lesson, then we perceive the solution and spiritually grow one step further - instantly !!

Since we are free and freedom is one of the most important divine principle, God never interferes with our free will. He waits until we ask for help. Some people find themselves in a (problem-) situation created by themselves. They ask for help but can't be helped. Why ? Because they are attached to the opinion or behavior that leads to the problem. Drop your your opinion or behavior and become free to realize the absolute truth behind everything. Become free and open for Divine help and Love from God and all the Divine sisters waiting to love and help you !!

Sometimes it may take a few incarnations until we can accept a solution offered to us by God, however an incarnation compared to eternity cannot be measured. It is simply nothing in the absolute reality. The time we may consider ourselves suffering exists but in our mind. The more we suffer, the slower time seems to pass.

The more you love, the less you experience time in your life. Let's start to love now !! Let's start to create happiness within ourselves as well as within all others now. The faster you learn to love everybody and anybody, the sooner you may be called back home for the rest of eternity or the sooner you may be able to help all the many others of your Divine sisters still waiting and searching for help. Millions of people need your Love now, today - all your Love, nothing but Love. All those you hated or disliked in the past and millions more are in need of your Love now !

What keeps you from loving the dislikes and hates now ?? Just look at it and start to love all those likes and hates now. You won't escape this single lesson, one day you certainly learn and manage to simply love.

Start now to love all to make your life easier and be more happy instantly.

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