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Be really ready to receive in action what your have done or still are doing in your mind, your emotions and your fantasy toward any kind of life, toward any part of the Divine creation.

When you are fully aware and conscious of all your past actions, thoughts and emotions toward others and you may have learned from it and become ready for a change in your life. You may first make a firm decision regarding your future behavioral goal to achieve.

You may then want to learn to conduct a lifestyle in harmony with all spiritual laws.

Ask God to assist you in reaching such goal. And by striving honestly toward this goal you may apply for God's mercy, Love and grace to withhold and dissolve any pending Karma that might still be waiting on you. God's Divine grace and mercy can and will dissolve any Karma even instantly by the power of his Divine Love, but it is YOU who first must realize the importance of developing Divine Love within. Create harmony within, because Love is the truth of your being. Anything else you try to create within, may cause damage to your health. Love always creates Divine health.

You may make a decision to switch OFF your TV within less than a second - you may then switch OFF your TV within less than one second

You may take less than a second to make a decision of causing Karma or creating Love - hence it may also take less than a second to stop the creation of any Karma

It may take less than a second to start loving everybody and anybody in this World and beyond

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