Below you will see a symbolic graphic showing different spiritual paths leading all to God The brown pattern on the far left shall shows you a regular life without conscious spiritual progress

The symbolic graphic above shows different ways to God: X

Shows a pattern of normal lifestyle with lots of ups and downs. Situation filled with pain, fear, sorrow. Sometimes the only exit out of such situations may be God's grace by invoking your "death".

A-F Show different true spiritual paths with some sidesteps but continuous upward development toward God.

Y Shows the path of a Divine reincarnation an "Avatar". Coming directly from God and returning directly to God. All his life is devoted to God - never being able to cause any Karma. Being all the time aware of his Divinity, such a Divine soul never has any deep roots on the physical or any other dimension beyond God. Living and serving God's purpose and Divine plan on earth or any other sphere is the only reason of being here.

Hundreds of Divine souls like this have incarnated on earth whenever necessary to eliminate any misunderstanding about the Divine by refreshing holy scriptures and teachings.

• Everything that came to existence did so through God. So God also created different spiritual traditions leading back home. Why however do we need different ways leading home, you may ask yourself. It is quiet obvious. There are so many different personalities with different behaviors, different tendencies, different fears and rejections, ... so he made a way for every single person. The actual spiritual tradition just gives you your main-frame to work along. The individual lessons are brought to you either by your guru or your life, if you are not blessed of having your "personal Guru".

• Some of God's children may prefer a path of Love like Bhakti Yoga, while others, at present too intellectual may need a more intellectual approach to God like Jnana Yoga. Some may prefer a religious path within a church and some may want to avoid just that due to some previous experiences in past incarnations. For example those of you who may have suffered from Christianization in past centuries may prefer a more moderate approach to God outside a church or religion, which is certainly fine and perfect. God never has been attached to any church or religion. God-Union can be experienced and reached by every soul - independent of religion, race, color, nationality, sex, ...

• Some of the churches said and sometimes still say, that they are the only representatives of God on earth. This is completely wrong and only used to attract persons into a particular religion for matters of increasing that religions might and power on earth compared to its "competitor-religions" !!! God is Love and all is made of his Divine Love - absolutely all -hence all are made of God. God has been sending Divine souls to every country in need, to every culture in need - because all are his children. There is no such thing like a holy country. Every country is an equal part of God's creation. All people are equal to God. Divine children of God. People know this truth or feel it. There are and have always been Saints within churches or religions as well as out of any religion or church. Many Divine souls came directly from God incarnating into different cultural groups just to show that every part of his creation, every minority is beloved by him and blessed with his living presence.

• Mankind is a creation of God as much as all plants and all animals are. They all are equal. No-one shall ever use or abuse any other part of God's creation, whether animal, plant, mineral or other form of life. All is an equal part of God. Everything is divine.

• No matter where you have incarnated at present - you may always find a direct way back home to God if you wish so. Even if you are living in a remote area and may never find a physically living Guru to help you or teach you, if you pray for divine assistance and Bliss and open your mind and heart for any help and Bliss coming to you, you may get help as much as you need. The author himself has never had, at least in this present incarnation, a physically living Guru, however his Guru did not need a physical body, to guide this soul back to God - his Guru from previous incarnations was guiding him with Divine assistance from God to Godunion the shortest and most efficient way. If Love is the only thing you are asking for, if Love is the only content of life, the only driving force in your life behind all action, feeling and thoughts, there is nothing else but God you can meet at the end of your way. You may receive so much Bliss and spiritual guidance, that you will surely feel it and trust it on your way home. You may feel the difference between any energy and Divine loving energy received from God or your spiritual Guru. You will learn to trust the Love-energy coming from God.

• For the huge number of souls there are numerous spiritual paths leading as directly as possible to God. However you may want to learn to use your intellect as well as your intuition to find out which one is a true spiritual path leading to the divine. Below you may find some rules that certainly should be true for any serious spiritual tradition. Some, like Kriya Yoga, do have a more scientific approach - by knowing how mankind descended to the dense physical dimension and at the same time knowing and applying the knowledge about God's true nature - Love - Kriya Yoga is a very straight forward technique involving development of Divine Love as well as dissolving everything that separates you from God. Bhakti Yoga taking into account the Divine nature of God - Love - strives to develop that Divine Love within every God-seeker. All this and other spiritual traditions cater to the needs of different souls and different personalities to make sure every single soul finds the way home as directly and feasible as possible.

Some or all of the following elements may be present in any true spiritual tradition leading to God.

You should easily be able to recognize them by using your intellect and proper distinction.

All these elements are in common of any true spiritual tradition.

These are among others:

Love, developing Love toward any living being on earth and beyond. Never excluding any being from Love.

Perfect non-violence - in Sanskrit ahimsa, one of the main principles of Mahatma Gandhi during his political career in India - toward all creation, in any situation, any time, anywhere.

There can never be such thing like a holy war, a war in the name of Christ, in the name of God or in the name of the church or anyone or anything else. A true spiritual tradition never would support any kind of war or violence - no matter what the cause. It would always strive for a complete peaceful solution without any kind of verbal, mental, emotional or physical violence.

A spiritual tradition would never defeat anything or anyone. All is part of God's creation. Rather than defeating something or someone, they would just strive for the Love and Bliss of the Divine. By doing so, everything else may one day be dissolved, without ever having been defeated.

The freedom of every being animal or human is sacred. Whether in political, or spiritual life in a monastery, Ashram or church, never may the freedom of an individual be limited in any way.

The freedom and independence of ALL involved shall always be protected, re-established and promoted. This is valid for ALL and all ages, including children, who are Divine souls as well, coming to earth for a particular, quiet often very spiritual purpose, and just should be considered beloved guests within a family. How would you treat or tender to beloved guests. So do to your children and the children at school or your neighborhood

All are equal, even Saints are nothing better than you. No hierarchical structure will be visible within any true spiritual tradition or church. All are always equal to each other. No matter to what political, social, cultural or sexual group they are belonging.

There should always be a distinct driving force toward harmony and love within a truly spiritual tradition or church, in all situations and toward every member and non-member alike.

Hospitality toward everyone is a standard practice.

A loving atmosphere and attitude toward all people outside their believes and traditions, outside political, spiritual or social "normality" of their culture or country is always projected toward all those who prefer to be different for whatever reason.

Verify your own way to God

Become Captain of your own life and your own soul. Make corrections where appropriate as soon as you recognize, that something is going wrong or as soon as you realize, that a different direction might be more beneficial, more harmonious or more loving to you and others as well, than your present direction of life

Free yourself out of any deadend road of life by praying for divine assistance. There is always a path of Love toward God, a straight forward way to God, paved with pure Divine Love, at any moment of your life, in any situation of life

God loves you and always helps you, he may send you another divine child, having a physical body, to assist you, or he may send you spiritual help, whatever is more efficient and beneficial for your spiritual growth

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