This chapter will elaborate about our many addictions we suffer from on earth. Learn to understand the true nature of addiction and free yourself to go ahead on your spiritual path and finally reach your Divine Home in God.

Lets first start with the single most important clarification that mankind may need:

We all are Divine Children made to the image of God. Women are made by God and men are made by God. God made the principle of female and male. God made the principle of sexuality. God is Love, nothing but Divine Love. So whatever he did he made of Love out of his Divine and loving Holy Spirit and everything he made, makes a very deep and loving sense in his entire creation. Everything God has ever created or will ever create was, is and will be for the purpose to have us learn to love in harmony with our God-created Divinity and thus grow up as his Divine Children to become true adult images of God.

Sexuality is God-made and it is the "playground" for males and females to learn the very basic steps of loving each other in more and more spiritual way. A soul is neither male nor female in the sexual sense. But any soul has "male" and "female" aspects in its vibration. Most souls incarnating on earth do so with male and female bodies. therefore it is important to learn the lesson that is pertaining to the gender of your present physical body. For a male to be "housekeeper at home playing mother" or a female becoming mechanic or carpenter makes little sense, as the person and the soul may be missing the spiritual lesson of the present incarnation and giving eventually reason for another incarnation before freeing the soul and returning to God. It may be very helpful to truly understand the lessons we may learn from having a harmonious sexual life while remaining free of any sexual addiction and remaining free to continue from physical love to metaphysical love. The misunderstanding of sexuality being a "sin" or being "dirty" has caused hundreds of millions of people - particularly in the Christian culture - to feel "dirty" or as "sinners".

However there is no and never was any such thing like "sin". Everything in God's creation serves the purpose of experiencing a large spectrum of his Divine creation before growing up and being Saints.

God made the Chakras of females and males turning each one in the opposite direction from the partner's one. This causes a harmony whenever we are facing each other, harmony can cause an attraction toward becoming one with each other. If both partners agree, one of them may develop a sexual feeling causing his Chakra to increase its vibration - thus "turning faster" and this creates what is known as being "turned on". Because this increase in vibration reflects on the partner and causes him to be "turned on", i.e. react accordingly to his partners sexual desires. This God-prepared harmony may also cause partner to read the other partners mind and be aware of all his emotions. Knowing what he / she wants or feels without talking is the result of this harmony in many partnerships.

Mankind without a physical body truly becomes one with each other when having sex in astral or higher spheres. Becoming one with God is but another highly evolved manifestation of pure and Divine Love. When having physical sex with a loving partner, it may create a high potential of love and joy. When doing the same in your astral body, there is even more love and joy that is created and exchanged between the two loving light-bodies. The higher the sphere where bodies are becoming one - the more love and joy may be experienced.

The utmost experience is God-union. There is so much Divine Joy, Divine Love and Divine Bliss flowing through you, that you will instantly be healed of any illness and all Karma you ever may have had.

So why shall we withdraw from any kind of sensual enjoyment and desires, from any addiction ?? The reason is partially explained above. First of all, many of the repeated pleasures we experience are but a substitute for the real pleasure our soul knows of. Our soul knows and remembers the experience of God-union. Divine Love above and beyond any imaginable limits. Because mankind on earth has lost its orientation toward the Divine, mankind strives to repeat the pleasures they can NOW create and repeat as often as desired. However by doing so, they create a form of attachment. Attachment to their physical body and hence their physical senses.

The reason why - without any given reasonable explanation - many spiritual tradition simply recommend to stop any sexual activity, is because of the present power that the ego had and still has on this planet, there is a tendency to abuse the power of sexuality for the purpose of conducting a personal war against the other gender or against the partner. Like turning someone on and then let him/her wait for any period of time while using his opening to get personal favors done, wishes fulfilled or just enjoy the feeling of the own power one may have over others. This of course is an abuse of power and eventually may come back as Karma to the originating soul in this or any later incarnation. Such situations are encountered daily by the million on this planet -causing lots of emotional, mental or physical turmoil. And for this very reason it was considered more wise or at least for the time being easier, to just recommend full abstinence from any sexual life. However you may look from different points of view at it. Preventing a lesson NOW by escaping all and any situation that may contain such lessons, does also prevent you from learning the lesson, and thus may withhold it for any later situation, any time in this or any future incarnation or metaphysical situations in higher astral or causal spheres, where you may need to spend some time to learn this very lesson that you could have learned whiled practicing physical sexuality with the spiritual points of view in mind - learning to love others - while at the same time protecting any time their individual integrity and Divine Freedom of choice. So you may decide to learn this lesson now or later. It needs to be learned, with or without physical body, with or without physical sexuality. Physical sexuality is just one God-made "playground" to learn this very lesson. There are others waiting for those who "escaped" this lesson in a physical body on this planet. God is Love - be happy and enjoy being a Divine Child of God, made to his image - a Divine being of Love and Light.

The goal of your soul is continuous spiritual growth toward God-union until you reach this state of spiritual maturity. Any attachment or repeated activity that awakens your physical senses may prevent or at least slow down your progress toward this spiritual goal. As long as you concentrate on a physical pleasure, you normally are blocked for the experience of the metaphysical experience of the same energies. Anything physical however always has its metaphysical counterpart.

However the physical senses are made by God to awaken our consciousness of the manifold beauty of his creation and awaken our natural curiosity to experience something even more beautiful behind or above the physical plane of existence. All experiences on earth are made to learn loving and becoming an adult Child of God made to his Divine image. Sexuality for example, may help to open ourselves for the partner, realize his desires of being loved and learn to love him as much as learn to being loved by him by allowing him to touch and physically love you. Learning to become physically "one" with your partner and to allow your partner to physically become "one" with you is just a preparatory step of becoming one with God in your soul.

The first and basic steps of love is learning to fully open yourself for all your partners needs and desires, and learn to please your partner with your Divine Love flowing from your soul trough your physical body into your partners body and soul. Once you have learned to live and realize this love, you may feel that there must be more than physical love. A deeper experience of love rather than a more often repeated experience of sex is now asked for by your soul. Now it is time to gently withdraw from physical love by improving your metaphysical sensitivity and starting to actually feel with your metaphysical sensual "organs" the love flowing from you to your partner and from your partner to you. This however can only be achieved after both partners have experienced the beginning of metaphysical love to be actually felt by them.

Such an evolution may take a few years but it can be accomplished by any person who wants so. Opening for or getting sensitive for metaphysical energy is usually a question of a few days or a few weeks if someone helps you. It may take up to a few months or a little longer if you are practicing on your own. Remember: Anytime you can ask God to help you on your spiritual path.

If you withdraw from any sexual activity within a partnership, or if you practice sex while feeling "guilty" because you may mistakenly imaging to brake a spiritual rule that is often been set up without proper explanation in many spiritual traditions, you may worsen your spiritual situation by creating a blockage, a feeling of doing something prohibited. You may loose the capability to fully open and enjoy what you are doing, thus you may prevent yourself from starting to experience the beginning of metaphysical love to be felt.

Suppression of sexual energy may result in problems like among women:

menstruation problems for females, like pain, irregular menstruation tumors or even cancer of sexual organs among men:

Prostate problems sciatica nerve problems

Men and women may encounter:

Hip problems

Problems of the lower third of your spine - lower back

During the course of your spiritual evolution, you may learn to transfer your sexual energy into a higher vibration of spiritual energy. The energy from Svadhisthana Chakra may be transformed into energy for Anahata Chakra or even further up. The energy from your physical body may be transformed into energy for your astral body, the energy from your astral body turned into energy for your causal body, and finally into energy for your soul - also called Atman. Whenever you concentrate on God, any energy, energy of any desire or addiction may even instantly be transformed into spiritual energy, if you ask God to do so.

Allow yourself to be what God made of you. Either a man or a women, and be it with all your heart, soul your body and all your emotions, including all experiences that include being male or female. Study your action, reaction, your emotional and mental behavior and continuously learn from all your self-observations. Study the reactions and actions, the expressions of love and emotions from your partner and strive to behave in a more and more spiritually loving way time after time.

Learn to practice whatever you do fully consciously - mentally and emotionally present. Live and observe HERE and NOW what you experience HERE and NOW !! if you do whatever you do consciously aware and fully concentrated on the present action, you may learn much more intensely and much faster, than when you do things mentally or emotionally absent. Until you may realize it's time to go ahead, to apply all your experiences in the next higher, more subtle and more spiritual form of existence.

Do whatever you want to do, but do it with love and improve your love steadily.

All this applies of course for all other sensual experiences and pleasures we often strive to repeat again and again. Many people are addicted to several sensual pleasures because they are closed or blocked for any metaphysical experience. Mankind has lost for hundreds or even thousands of years their capability to see, feel and be fully conscious and aware of any metaphysical reality.

Think of the true nature of your various desires. You may have wanted for years a particular toy, a particular vacation, or anything else. How often did you think of the object of your desires before you finally got it ?? how often did you have "day-dreams" and being mentally or emotionally absent while with your beloved ones because you were thinking of the objects of your desires.

When finally your desires became fulfilled, how long did your true happiness joy deriving from the fulfillment of your wish last. May be you have dreamed of a very particular and new car. When you got it, you may have been proud of it, showing it to many or all your friends. But how long did this joy last. May be a few weeks or months, if at all. Then the new car became a car. Just another car like millions on earth. Just an example ... but replace this car by any other object you may have wished for many months or years.

When you fulfilled your wishes, how many hours did you have to work to afford the object of your wishes, and how many hours do or did you have to work every month just to keep the object of your desires alive and running. May be you got even into debts with your bank or with friends, you may have lost your financial freedom just to make your wishes come true.

Then once you have the object of your wishes, how anxious have you been or still are of loosing it, getting it stolen, broken, damaged, how many hours did you lose your peace of mind and often peace of family as well, just for the sake of having now this wish fulfilled.

Any wish you have, may one day come true. But the true nature of such wishes may be so powerful to create the need for another incarnation, even several incarnations if needed, just to have all of your wishes come true. God fulfills all the wishes of his children - physical ones as much as spiritual ones. Any happiness and joy coming from any physical wish will surely vanish one day. Just remember you are but a guest on this planet and anyone living here will surely die one day - sooner or later - so all your objects you have collected to fulfill all your desires and wishes may be lost trough your sudden death. Learn to make free and wise use of all objects you truly need, but never allow objects to make use of yourself. Be free.

Never expect all your wishes and problems to automatically dissolve and vanish as your physical body dissolves. All your wishes, thoughts, emotions as well as the capability to act, think or feel in a certain way, may survive your physical death, because they are part of your spiritual being, of your causal body. It is something that you need to work on consciously, to dissolve it by the power of wisdom and Divine Love that you may develop during your spiritual progress. The more you progress on your spiritual path, the more you may become able to benefit and accept the grace and mercy from God who is always watching you and waiting for any spiritual desires you may have. God can and will dissolve anything you may ask him by the power of his infinite Divine Love for you.

God may help you to come free of any addiction, whether it be smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex or anything else mankind could ever suffer from. God is our beloved creator, hence we are his beloved children - keep this in mind on your way to god. All he keeps in mind is Love and how to make his beloved children happy, if we allow him to do so.

When you read a newspaper or book - read it consciously ! stop listening to music or eating while reading or you may never know how the music is or how the food tastes or what the story is and may want or need to repeat it again and again to finally know it.

When you are on vacation in a foreign country enjoy it - this very country you are incarnated in or visiting NOW Stop starting your plans for next years vacation, or remembering how your last one was

When you drink coffee - drink coffee and beware of what you drink and how it tastes

When you hear music - do it with all of your heart and soul

When you are having sex with a person while listening to music or smoking a cigarette, having a drink or thinking of any other person, ... you may never really be open to realize any feelings, Love and or even the words your partner may be whispering. You can make sex a thousand times and never have loved a single second while having sex.

Do whatever you do with Love and ...

do it consciously do it fully concentrated be fully aware of what you are doing be fully aware of how you are doing it how does it feel in the depth of your mind, emotions, heart and soul When you plan it when you do it after you did it then take your time to learn from this experience do I want to repeat it, if yes .. do I want to change it, if yes how can I change it, to put more Love into this experience if NO, ..

learn from it and return the situation you learned from to God, ask God to dissolve everything in Love and help you to truly learn from it

You may verify whether you are an addict or whether you are free by dropping any of your regular behaviors for any time.

If you are still peaceful and even minded even after days or weeks of abstinence, then you are free else:

you may still be an addict so make yourself free by realizing the truth and ask for Divine assistance from God.

Become free in your physical body, your emotions and in your mind, as well as free of any Karma.

Be a free child of God.

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