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How our attitude toward God and others affects our own well-being, health and spiritual progress.

Be open toward all and open toward God at the same time - continuously - to benefit most from all experiences God is offering you here and anywhere else and to spiritually grow in freedom and love.

Most people are closed toward God because most of their activities serve their very own ego and nothing else. Hence all there activities and relationship are ego-centric. The first graphic shows two typical persons closed to God and closed to each other. Whatever they do has little or no positive effect on their spiritual development.

Any interactivity or exchange of true Love is missing between the two persons above. Surrounded by god and Divine Love - all these two keep in mind are there personal interest and pleasure.

The next graphic show what interaction, communication and relationship between two or more such persons can result in

This is valid for most mankind on earth at the present level of spiritual development. Most people are to some degree obsessed by the energy of others. They are thus used, abused and possessed by the wanting, fears, desires and goals of others, partners of any kind, sexual partners, family members, friends, business, political, religion and more. Missing God-relationship always leads to a more or less degree of obsession - a condition where one person's aura is partially or (almost) entirely filled by the energy of their surrounding. By the energy from single persons, groups or entire society. This weakness due to separation from God can be created by creating ignorance about God's absolute truth resulting in persons orienting themselves toward earthly goals and - in case of emotional or material distress - grabbing hold onto physical helpers -some of which are abusing this situation to increase their own influence, power and might by creating or supporting dependency between themselves and the weak ones. Any person being separated from God can easily be influenced or even manipulated by anyone knowledgeable about techniques of hypnosis, the power of words, NLP and similar techniques - which all can be used for the benefit of spiritual and physical health and development of to create weakness and dependencies.

Any person can connect himself to God again. On his own and freely - any time - any where !!! The door to God is within you and far out of the reach of anyone else but YOU. You can reconnect yourself anytime again to God - if you truly and sincerely decide so. This desire to get in contact with God - the Divine source of all Love and Bliss - will open your sahasrara chakra as seen below in the graphic. Any deep prayer, any sincere wish to be loved by God and "please help me" from the depth of your heart is sufficient to open again for all Love and Bliss from God. Then you need to to learn to practice this attitude continuously - throughout all your life - during all your activities of all kind. It is very easy to do so - very easy. More and more Divine Love will flow into your body, your mind, your emotions and all aspects of your being - freeing you more and more until you have reached oneness with God - in Love and freedom - eternally.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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