Examples of modern slavery where you may find yourself being caught and imprisoned

Governments may restrict the freedom of most citizens to almost zero in some countries and control the freedom of most if not all the national population in most other countries. Control is nothing else but deprivation of freedom, because control is needed to verify the compliance of their population with the national laws and rules set up by that government implementing the control. In a controlled environment, individuality and Divine creativity has little if any room to develop. Individuality however is Divine and a prerequisite in order to grow and develop wisdom by experiencing. Actually experiencing life and all possibilities of life in God's Divine creation is the fastest and easiest way to spiritually learn and finally become free from the cycle of reincarnation. God is ruling his creation where ever mankind does not intervene in his wise and Love flooded guidance. God guides by the power of Divine Love and wisdom. God is Love, whoever truly loves to the full extent of Divine Love as God does is really almighty. Almighty in the absolute and Divine sense of the word. Hence Love can rule any country or planet without interference in the absolute and Divine freedom of any single individual soul or personality. Any restriction of freedom extends the duration and efforts needed to rich a certain spiritual goal. It restricts the flow of spiritual energy and guidance as it does limit or restrict the occurrence of individual and creative decisions made by intuition rather than forced by peer pressure coming from some outside sources.

Some parents do restrict the freedom of their children by various means. Parents feed or dress their children without often asking whether they like it or would prefer something different. Children are put to bed at certain times, have to wake up at certain times, eat at certain times. They are brought to church or religious education without asking them whether they like it or not. They are put at certain schools, often they have to learn or study at school what their own parents missed or would have like to study themselves. That means children are often abused to realize the dreams and expectations of their parents. Children are sometimes forced to learn or study a particular career, to take over the family business or even worst, to get married with a certain person of the parents choice like it is still custom in India and some other cultures. Parents forget that they have invited the children to come to their family as guests. Parents had sex - not the children and parents created a body for a soul to visit them. However the children always have selected exactly these parents to reincarnate while knowing in advance what kind of social climate, social environment and lessons may be expected. Parents consist of a woman and a man and none of the two ever can say they were forced to have sex, because they always had the opportunity to leave their partner anytime before they had sex for the first time, before they got children as well as they had the freedom to leave each other anytime after as well. Hence, it was finally their free choice active or passive, to have children by deciding or accepting to have sex. Children are guests and the parents are hosts. The more Love children receive, the more freedom they will be allowed to realize and the happier children may become. But it should be a freedom filled with the true and divine Love rather than control and restriction of the children. Guidance means advise of all possibilities resulting from various decisions and actions they may take. Children however are often kept as hostages rather than as guests. Children should have the right to dress what they feel comfortable in, to eat what they really need and like because they have a totally different energy body and thus have totally different nutritional needs than their parents. Children should be allowed to learn what their soul benefits most from, to develop creativity by being allowed to realize and to live their God given freedom. Parents and teachers should watch children, to see where they have their talents and support the God given talents of each individual soul. Let them make their own individual experiences, select the activities and topics at school they like most. Love them and give them wise advise and a neutral insight of all aspects of a upcoming decision to be made - BUT then leave them the freedom to make whatever decision they finally make. Because finally they - the children - have to live with their own decision, and hence they also have to live with their own Karma they may cause if they decide so after being made aware of all aspects including any possible Karma resulting from the different choices they have.

Fathers and mothers being divorced or separated may limit the freedom of their common children if the parents decide where the children may remain, with father or mother, instead of father and mother at the discretion of the children. All children have a Divine right to freely see both, mother and father, whenever they want and to live with whomever they decide themselves. Parents often decide when, how often and under what circumstances children may be allowed to see the other part of the parted parents. The one part of the parents who gets legal support for the children quiet often is using his legally strong position to force the other part to live in a certain way, at a certain place, to pay a certain amount just to be allowed to see his / her children. The love between the children and the leaving part of the parents, often deprived from legal rights as a parent, is abused to manipulate both children and leaving partner or take revenge - at the expense of the children and at the expense of painful Karma to be expected in a later situation or later incarnation by one or both parties of the parents involved.

Children do limit the freedom of their parents by remaining financially dependent on their parents longer than necessary. Many modern children in the western world start studying for many years without earning an adequate amount of money to cover all the expenses of their studies and living. They sometimes decide to stay at home until 25 or 30 years of age or longer, even while having a job, at the expense of missing experiences they could make in the world away from home. Sometimes it may be laziness or economical reasons, because it may be cheaper or easier to have everything done by mom or dad, rather than do it themselves. It may be easy to leave the responsibility to their parents, but at what expense ? It is a Divine duty of anyone even young children after 12 to 14 years of age to seriously start working toward becoming free, financially free as well. Many children use their studies just to avoid or postpone actual working for a living for another several years. Children after the age of 10 to 12 years shall be responsible enough to take care of themselves even for several days in a row without the parents being at home, every once in a while but at least a few times a year. They need to learn to grow up and become mature, responsible for household, their own belongings, washing, cooking and more, including to take care of other family members. When, if not during this time of life can they learn to do all this. The best opportunity is under the loving guidance of mother and father during their early teenager years. The best time is during their early teenager time. Being a host for guests - children - is beautiful, but one day the time of being a host may be over and parents have other lessons to learn in life. Parents may need freedom to travel to other countries, learn other jobs or activities, even permanently move to other areas or countries to find and realize new valuable lessons for their own spiritual growth. While at the same time being a guest may be attractive as well for children, but one day they need to learn to be absolutely free, self dependent and practice to become themselves hosts for other visitors, their own future children or any one else. This means that they need to learn to work to cover their own expenses of living, as well as the expenses of living for another few persons. This should be accomplished with 20 years latest. If they want to study or change their job, this can easily be done at their own expenses at any later time when really needed and beneficial for all. Children may often keep their parents at home, telling the parents that they are afraid, or ill, or need help, just because they may lack of responsibility and willingness to take care of themselves.

medical doctors and other medical services like hospitals very often limit the freedom of patients by giving them medication without allowing them to make their own decision or take an alternative medicine. Often doctors give no choice but one set of treatment in stead of a number of choices to select from. Many times patients in hospitals are told that they have to leave hospital if they do disagree on the treatment provided or suggested instead of offering them alternatives. They are given no choice but to accept that particular treatment or leave. Often the choice of treatment is made by popularity to the medical doctors. A new and risky surgical intervention may be more beneficial for the Ego and for the career of a surgeon than an alternate medical treatment such as acupuncture, homeopathy or other gentle form of treatments. Also high tech, high risk treatment may be more profitable. Many medical doctors have their own reputation and profit in mind rather than the well being of their patient. They forget to SERVE the patient and have the patient serve them with opportunities to massage their Ego and fill their bank accounts. In the medical field patients are seldom given a free choice of treatment, the medical doctors or hospitals want to provide their treatment of preference. Performing risky medical interventions and medical treatment may further deprive the patients by making them dependent on regular, often weekly visits at the medical centers for follow-up, check-ups and additional treatments, sometimes even for a life time, taking any freedom to move to other remote areas or countries for living. However every possible illness may be treated and cured in various ways using different methods, different also from the financial point of view. Doctors should seriously stop to treat and take care of illnesses and start healing, start to take care of health, rather than illnesses. The same of course applies to patients as well. Patients should stop to take care of and treat their illness and should start to strive for health, support and re-establish health at any price of efforts to be made. Health never is a matter of money, it is a matter of repeated efforts and wise decisions in regard to life style made by each person individually. Illness however is a matter of money and costs dozens of billions of dollars worldwide each year. As a medical professional you should allow your patients a free choice of treatment, even to change the doctor or healer for a particular treatment while still being your friend and patient. You should honestly tell them exactly all of the possible side effects of any prescription drug you give him and you should also honestly inform all patients of ALL alternate treatments available in the world of medicine. Remember that you depend on your patients, because you are making your living from your patients. Your patient never depends on you, even if he dies, he may find peace in God, while you still strive for money on earth. He has nothing to loose, but you may have a patient and friend to loose. So it is your responsibility to be a host and true friend for all patients, rather than just a supplier of a commercially marketed medical service at the highest possible profit. The best patient is one never coming back after your initial treatment because of your excellent treatment and his total cure trough your professional advice and help. Learn to actually cure and heal patients, rather making them dependent on further or regular medical treatment or even on apparatus for a life time.

Teachers and educational systems do restrict freedom of children - of souls - by deciding what children have to study and how they have to do it. In many schools even punishments - corporal, verbal and others are still common. Seldom children are allowed to select the topics of study they like or want. Most of the children are forced to go through a standard type of basic education for 59 years before they are allowed to make their first selection of further studies. Children are forced to adapt to the way teachers are teaching - instead of teachers adapting their way of teaching to the needs of children. If teachers stop their Ego-trip and start to love their children and students, to respect them as adult souls, children of God, made to the image of God, then they may create a situation of mutual Love and friendship between all children / students and themselves. Teachers should learn to SERVE children, to help them to find their own God-given creativity and strengths rather than finding their weak points. Teacher may further improve the strong points of all children, and help to dissolve the weak areas when desired so by the individual. Teacher should learn to use positive words, thoughts, imagination and affirmation rather than abusing power, might, control of the strong ones and punishments of the weak ones. The present educational system of many nations on this planet are serving the government's and industries goals rather than serving the individual's need for spiritual development. A government typically may want to have citizens who obey their law. Citizens who are free may be uncomfortable for a government because they have learned to think and make their own decisions, make their own plans rather than just following a leader of a government or industry. However the purpose of life on earth is to learn and learning can only be achieved at the fastest rate and in a peaceful situation in absolute freedom. The individuality of each soul is sacred and should never be tempted by anyone else but the individual itself. Spiritual development of a soul is the primary purpose of life on earth and each soul is unique, hence their are as many different ways of learning and teaching as there are souls. With this in mind the scholar system needs to be revised in many countries, particularly in the industrialized countries of Europe and USA, but many others as well. The schools primary goal should be teaching children to become spiritually aware, mature, willing to take responsibility for all their life, their action, thoughts and emotions, to become self-dependent even self-employed rather than being employees of others. Serving the entire creation as a free individual is different from serving a nation or culture as a member of that group - deprived from all freedom - following instructions and laws. Freedom needs to be taught and practiced at school, at home and in real life anytime anywhere by all. The sooner you start practicing freedom the sooner you spiritually awake and become free souls. In present educational systems, most children are taught to follow law and order and learn to say yes to the governments decision. The schools are often abused as instruments of a government to train and educate willing citizens. However it is within the power of each to become free and start to become a captain of his own soul, become his very own boss and be in charge of his own life. At home, at school, in life generally. But whenever you realize your freedom, always keep in mind that you need to provide others with their freedom as well. Whatever action you take, it should be done with Love and in a fully peaceful way. Keep your records clean of any new Karma, because you may still need a few years or decades to clean your records from previous Karma. The only way to do this is in peace and harmony with the Divine -with Love.

Employers do frequently restrict the freedom of employees by the way the have them working. Few employees are allowed free decisions within the full field of of their activities. Many employees actually have no freedom at all during their job. They are told when and how they should do their work. Any upcoming creativity is killed by the many rules set up by many employers. Little if any responsibility is given to them to allow them to feel free. Employees are often regarded as being less worth than the management, directors, or share holders of a company. Time to be present and even when to take annual vacation are often extremely restricted by employers. The spiritual purpose of jobs is to get people together who have common Karma or mutual lessons to learn. That's it. The actual physical work people are doing is of little value. Children enjoying freedom and playing all the time are learning exactly the same lesson while playing or while enjoying Kindergarden as those adults working for multi-billion dollars businesses. Remember, this planet serves as a classroom on a higher level in the Divine creation of God. The spiritual lessons offered here and to dissolve all Karma are the only real purpose of life here. We all need to learn to love all mankind, all creation. This also means honoring each other as equal beings of equal value, equal positions, equal salary. As an employer or in a management position you should make sure to understand yourself, that your employees make YOUR dreams come true. Without employees, no single car, TV, Computer, could be manufactured at all as most managers have no skills except commanding, using and "leading" others. However the employees, the technical staff, mechanics actually do the real work. Thus they all should be honored accordingly by given the same freedom, the same rights, the same salary as all management has, as all employers and share holders have. All are children of God, all are Divine and all should feel as such, any time anywhere. Imaging what would happen to YOUR business if all employees are becoming small farmers or free craftsmen, producing vegetables and fruits, or necessary supplies for real life, enough for their family, and YOU are with all your technical equipment, machines, computers trying to eat them - have you ever tried ?

Anyone can grow some farming products and live from it, no one can live from technical or industrial products. It is possible to practice vegetarian farming without any technical equipment, without any investment but land given by God to all mankind, this land has been given for free to all, no one can produce a receipt for the very first time land was occupied by mankind, anything that is sold now once was stolen from the Divine creation made by God. Anyone who "owns" land, "owns" stolen land - stolen from God. There is no legal property of any land, even governments can never own land, it all belongs to mankind in general. It is property of all, to be used freely and free of charge by anyone, whatever he needs personally for himself and his family and can handle personally with his family. God is the only legal owner, he created it and by the power of physical laws created by God, he is dissolving it continuously - as one day, far away from now this planet and all physical "matter" has finished to serve its purpose.

Farmers do restrict freedom of all or almost all animals they keep. And the kill beings or pay others to kill. Besides the violence against souls that any killing, human or animal is causing severe Karma it also constitutes a restriction of freedom. It should be left to nature, to all animals and of course God, when a being may be released of its Karma and of its physical body. Modern farming is a simple torture for all animals kept. A torture that farmers may encounter later on themselves as an equalizing mechanism of their own painful Karma that they have caused. Such Karma applies of course also to all those buying the meat and products of farming, as they are paying others to kill and grow animals. In addition many farmers keep as many cattle as possible because it makes them feeling mighty to control and possess other beings and souls. They force the animals to serve their personal need and pleasure just for the purpose of accumulating wealth and money. Freedom is Divine for humans and for animals. Also the general public keeps animals at home for their personal pleasure, cats, dogs, birds, snakes, turtles and many more. Non of them have a truly natural environment and all the natural freedom they would have, day and night, including all their natural food as they could enjoy in their real natural God-given home in wilderness. Any restriction of freedom leads to the Karma of experiencing loss of freedom.

There are manifold ways to restrict other beings freedom. You may as well restrict the freedom of many others. If you realize how many different person or beings are restricted in their freedom by your behavior, then you may realize why so many others also do restrict you in your freedom. Because it is your Karma to receive what you do to others. Whatever you do to others must come back to you. Until you have learned to solve any situation with Love rather than with punishments, might and control.

If you want to enjoy freedom yourself, you may need to give freedom to ALL others before you can enjoy your freedom. Before reaching spiritual freedom you may need to attain physical freedom in your life, because the outside of your life is equal to the life within. Change your outside and within changes will occurs as a result of your efforts as well.

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