Faith in God is far more than just a word It needs to be lived and practiced constantly Here some HOWTOs

On your way to God there are two different powers to develop within you

• the power to make decisions on your own and take full responsibility for all resulting from your decisions

• the power to really have faith in God's divine Love and guidance resulting from such eternal Love toward all

We will now have a look at the last point - having faith in God's Divine guidance.

If you truly devote your present incarnation to spiritual development - you also need to admit that mankind on earth is pretty far from the point of spiritual achievement needed to achieve Godunion. Hence there is a long path to go to achieve our natural state of being - true divinity and freedom in God. We need to learn to make clear decisions in regard to our priority in life. This is part of our freedom.

If we made a true commitment toward our spiritual development to end the cycle of reincarnation -we also need to accept Divine guidance from God. Our earthly rules and behavioral patterns have lead to a more and more distant position from Godunion within ourselves - for the entire culture and population of this very planet.

To truly understand our present position on this planet - you simply need to think about all the different wars we encountered during the past centuries or even during past and present years. How many people got killed - in the name of whatsoever !! through mankind's action ?? If the entire population of this planet would be truly spiritual in its present state of spiritual development -there could and would be but peace and love among ALL. Including governments, religions, families, between humans and non-humans, between humans and any other form and manifestation of life and God's Divine creation.

To find and efficiently go our spiritual path of Love out of our present situation, we need to learn again to accept spiritual guidance. Guidance coming from God - our beloved creator and heavenly father. God guides all of us who allow him to guide us. MANY of us truly think to allow God guiding us - however look at a few of below points and compare them to your entire present life - compare them with all aspects of your present life - your family life, recreation, business - just all:

• are you living with a watch to time your life and are you using your watch daily - or even frequently - hourly or so

• are you making plans ahead of time in your life, even for the weeks, months, years or decades to come - or even the entire present incarnation up to and past your retirement

• are you making exact appointments to meet different people

• do you have many appointments each day - dates that exactly define when to meet and when to leave certain people, when to be at certain places and when to leave

• do you have a daily, weekly, monthly and / or annual schedule leaving you little time for anything new, for changes, adventures, for daily constant flexibility in your life if you have one or more YES to any of above points, then you may be sure to leave only limited place in your present life for Divine guidance from God. If you have several YES to above point -then you may have left even NO place for guidance from God at all and you are one of the many persons who sometimes "need" and "accident" to allow the important changes to appear in your life.

Your holistic wellbeing and spiritual survival is the single most important in life for your soul, for your true being and survival. Hence if you leave little or no place / time in your life for your spiritual development, your souls drive for spiritual development may sometimes become overwhelming and will create the situation needed to further progress on your path to God.

Guidance by God requires true and permanent faith in his omnipresence and in his Divine Love for all. Faith in God however implies that you accept him guiding you free of any interference by your ego. You can re-learn this natural state within you just by allowing it to exist. Faith in God is a natural state of human consciousness as well as of any consciousness in general including animals, plant life and any other forms of life - physical and beyond.

If you truly want to progress as fast as possible on your path of Love and if you truly want this spiritual progress to be as smooth and love-flooded as possible, then you may consider and practice some or all of the following points - more and more often - to see and realize:

God's divine guidance really exists and works for the best of all. Here some points to start with

• drop day after day more and more of your fixed appointments and start to make more NOW decisions. If someone wants to talk to you NOW - then allow him to do so NOW

• if you have any meeting or talk to someone - continue until all parties involved have the feeling that all is said for NOW and absolutely everything is cleared that needed to be cleared.

• stop carrying forward anything left from meetings or talks toward future talks and meetings -always solve all NOW no matter how long it takes. In a future review of the same topic more time and energy is needed to make sure all known all the facts from previous meetings again. In addition anything left from being cleared keeps people from making the very best solutions until they know all and until all has been dissolved.

• allow more and more spontaneous meetings

• learn to say YES to people asking you for a meeting or talk and learn to schedule such meetings for NOW - immediately or within the fewest possible hours from NOW. Whatever is done, cleared and finished completely NOW never needs to be reviewed, repeated or finished in the future. It saves time, stress, misunderstandings and frustration for all parties involved NOW and in the future. Remember - the future comes to existence through things that YOU need to do and that YOU postponed to a later time.

• Learn to immediately do whatever you are aware of that needs to be done any way -sometimes in your life - do it and do it NOW - with love and precision - it frees you.

• Learn to wake up and get up as soon as you are awake and rest your body as soon as your body feels tired. It helps you to be ready for the truly important tasks in YOUR life - the spiritual and human tasks. • allow new experiences to occur in your life, go to different places first to dissolve any habit and then learn to go to places without prior scheduling at all. Leave it up God to let you know the last minutes or days even before traveling for vacation or adventure to far remote places. God knows best what is good for you and pleases you as well as what benefits your spiritual development most.

You will then see that God is able to wake you up exactly to the minute you really need to wake up to be exactly on time where you want or need to be. God will arrange for the meetings to occur with the person that you really need to see to further progress on your spiritual path. God will make available a free seat for you on the airplane, bus or train you need to be on for your God-arranged journey. He will give you a free table or seat in the restaurant or place you need to meet someone helping you or needing your help. You may feel attracted by a certain person just to find out that you needed to meet his father, brother, friend, employer, customer, supplier; or any other person that you may never have been able to meet otherwise at this time. You may feel attracted by a certain event just to find out afterwards that there was one or more person that were helpful or inspiring to you. God may make other persons withdraw from seeing or meeting you just to make you free for any spontaneous meeting or just to free you at all if peace and freedom is what you need and deserved most.

On your way to freedom - learn to clearly distinguish dates, schedules and appointments that truly and finally are absolutely necessary and helpful for your life, your business, your family and drop all the remainder of your schedule to free and open yourself more and more for Divine guidance from God to progress faster on a path of Love through all parts of your life and adventures and on your way home. You are free to make any decisions - but at the same time once you made a decision you may learn to allow God in helping you to realize YOUR decision with HIS divine wisdom, Love and guidance - just for the Love for you and to make life easier for you and all others involved.

Freeing you from fixed daily, weekly, monthly or annual schedules more and more, will open you more and more for spiritual guidance to occur. You will feel, see and realize this guidance consciously - and the more you do, the more faith you regain in God's omnipresent and loving guidance. Faith in God starts to develop the more you allow him to truly and freely manage your life on earth on your way back home. Gods only intention is to free you from the cycle of reincarnation and to see you as happy as possible any time and always.

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The Chakra Checklist

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