God is Love

This holy Mantram "God is Love" - one of the most powerful in existence - is healing your own picture of God that you have within your own aura. Most people, particularly those you ever had incarnations within the Christian culture of this planet, do have spiritual blockages and even fear of God as a result of such wrong and disastrous teachings as given even nowadays in Christian churches and scriptures about a punishing God.

The Mantram "God is Love" is like an all mighty spiritual equation and heals your own picture of God within yourself. The repeated use of this Mantram "God is Love" always leads to a complete healing of any blockages. It is a statement of utmost spiritual truth - God is Love is one of the most important spiritual truth - truth is Divine and a direct aspect of Divine Love. Such Divine truth always heals. Anyone ever applying any Divine truth always receives Divine healing by that Divine truth.

The Mantram "God is Love" is of particular value on your last journey - when you drop or loose your body and really want to be one with God.

God is Love - mercy and grace are direct aspects and direct manifestations of this Divine Love. To receive Divine grace and mercy - however you should practice equal grace and mercy toward ALL others during your entire remainder of the present incarnation. It will be infinitely much easier for yourself to open for Divine grace and mercy coming from God if you have applied equal Divinity toward all others as well.

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