Happiness in Job and Business

Where does happiness and satisfaction come from

How to select a fulfilling job, business or career

How can you change your present situation

Learn to turn your present situation into a satisfying and happy one

- the benefit will be yours as well as for all your surrounding friends, customers and family-

members learn to select your job, business or career from a spiritual point of view and in harmony with God

Happiness is important to mankind here on this planet as well as beyond. It is one major goal in life to achieve happiness in all aspects of your life, private, business, recreation. This following chapter will explain you the the laws and Divine principles behind happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment in your n their job, business or career.

What you do to others is what you get back in your life. This law of Karma has been described in depth in previous chapter and is valid for for your job, business or career as well. Understanding this principle thoroughly will enable you to change, adapt or modify any part of your present situation or to look for a new and challenging job, business or career in your future. Some may simply make some minor changes in their personal attitude to achieve this goal. Some others may make some changes in their business policy, in their way of doing business, talking to business partners, employers, employees or customers you get happiness within in return for the happiness you are creating in the outside. Your happiness and fulfillment in your job, business or career depends on the following factors:

for employers:

• do you make your employees happy

• are you always true and honest toward all employees, customers and suppliers at any time

• are they free in the way of doing their job, to develop their full God-given creativity

• are they free to manage their time on duty

• are they free to take leave whenever they want and / or need

• are they free to take additional time off when they wish so

• are you aware that your employees are doing the actual work that supplies YOU with your income

• are you aware that most employers couldn't live on their own without their employees, because most of them haven't learned to actually produce anything to gain any money on their own

• could you offer your employees the possibility to become freelance co-workers in a team of equal specialists for employees:

• do make your employer happy

• can your employer fully depend on you

• are you aware of the fact, that your employer is supplying the investment to create a job for you and thus to create the opportunity for your income

• are you always true and honest toward your employers, customers and suppliers at any time

• would you open your own business if you had an opportunity

• are you willing to be fully responsible for all your your services and products you provide some general points to consider for all

• do you make your business partners, customers, suppliers happy

• is happiness and satisfaction of your customers the only goal of your activity, of the company you are working for

• does your product or service meet a natural and true need of mankind

• does the product or service you provide make your customers free, healthy and safe

• does the product or service you provide make your customers more free to accomplish his spiritual l purpose of life and support achieving this goal

• are all customers free to select or void your products or services if you say NO or your answer is questionable to any of above points, then you may have to consider some of the following suggestions and apply them in your situation.

First some common mistakes made and recommendations on how to improve the situation. Be truthful and honest toward yourself and find out whether some some of them apply to you.

• Do you use your job or business just to gain money ? Any job can be fun and supply you with happiness. Change your job. Find out what kind of work you really like. Each individual has a highly creative potential given by God. We all are children of God made to his image. Find out what potential you have got and employ it for the benefit and welfare of all. Forget money in your life. Look at all the rich people in history, most of them were lonesome and died of some serious illness. This should show you that they did something wrong. Learn from it and improve it in your own life. Your job of any kind should leave you plenty of opportunities for social interaction with your customers and any other person around you. From the absolute, spiritual point of view there can be no separation between private life and business life. It is all one. You are spiritually learning while working. Realize your lessons and apply all you can learn day after day.

• Do you first think of the benefits for yourself or your own business before thinking of the well-being of others ? Then all others will also first think of their own benefits and well-being and no one will take care of you. Start to think of the well being of all others and all others will start to think of your well being after a while. They all behave like your mirror!! if you think "I don't care about him as long as I am doing fine" then he will think exactly the same way. How terrible this idea can get - but how loving it could sound and be if you think "I want them all to be happy and enjoy life day after day".

• Is making profits important to you ? Making profits all the time is increasing the prices but never making anyone happy. Making profit means you want to get more than you gave. This is pure egoism. Be happy with a honest and equal share from the income. Others have a God given right to live well as much as you.

• Is career more important to you than serving or helping customers and mankind ? Remember: if you spend all your time thinking of your career and making money. One day you may be an old woman or man and no one may have time for your personal and human needs, because you never had time for others when they needed you. Why should anyone help or serve you if you never served and helped others? Look at how lonesome rich people can be. Some of them need to buy company to go out for diner or go on vacation, because no one loves them. They never took time to truly love anyone and to help all the many needy children of God. Learn to keep the well-being of your customers, of all mankind in your mind and make it a major goal in your life to increase their happiness and well-being throughout your life.

• Do you or your employer force some of your customers to purchase products or services or are they forced by law to do so ? Most services and products coming from governments, government agencies or similar organizations are usually purchased against the free will of the customers. People have to pay taxes for a number of government implied occasions during their life, have to purchase and supply certain forms, have to register at certain offices, have to purchase ID-cards, passports, etc. most of these services and products would never be purchased without a particular law forcing people to do so. Thus all those working in such positions have never created any happiness, hence can never obtain any true happiness from their work. Someone working for police, army or custom, limiting the freedom of of trade, the freedom of travel, killing people, menacing an entire country or giving fines to others does create little if any happiness in his job, hence he can earn little if any happiness from his job.

• Is Money is important to you ? Have you ever seen anyone actually eating money or purchasing a pound of Love or a liter of happiness with money. Love and happiness are treasures beyond the limits of money. All treasures, money and gold on earth are nothing compared to a single minute of true happiness or a moment of God-Union.

Start supplying others with Love, happiness and true joy of life and you may earn manifold what you have supplied to them

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