Honesty Asteya

Honesty and truthfulness are closely related to each other. If you may encounter some present difficulties with one of them, you probably may also find some disharmony with the other one.

Lack of truthfulness and lack of honesty is widespread all over this planet in all levels of society, from children to governments and even lawyers or judges. What is the cause for this disharmony ?? Most often, the cause is fear. Fear of losing the friendship and / or love from the other person or fear of punishment.

Past experiences of having been rejected, having lost a friend or partner or having been painfully punished, makes people sometimes to become more and more dishonest and lying. Learn to accept all others the way they are and allow all of them to learn, give them a chance to revise their behavior day after day without any pressure from any outside person or institution. Allow them to revise all of their behavioral patterns within themselves and between God and themselves. One who may have rejected you for speaking the truth or being honest, may have learned from his lesson and now is ready to accept straight forward honesty in all situations. Just be a loving, honest and truthful living lesson for others, but always remember to do whatever you do with Divine Love, and leave all the rest.

The reason of anything you do shall be Divine Love - nothing but Love - in all and any situations of life.

Here you will receive a few examples of honesty in various situations of daily life and you will surely understand honesty and start to apply and practicing it in all YOUR situations of life.

A honest businessmen will always give all full and true details about the true nature of his products, material and services to his customers. If he knows the products or services is a "special deal" because it may have some minor hidden defects or it may be outdated, he will of course tell this to his customers without being asked for. A customer always has the right to assume the highest possible quality of any products or services he is purchasing in any deal.

A customer has a true right to expect top quality even if the price is low.

If for any reason you have some low quality material, services or some defects that you know of, then you clearly point this out to your customer. Make sure he exactly knows what effect this defects in workmanship or material may have on his planned use of this product or service. Leave the decision up to the customer, whether he may accept this product or whether he may prefer a different one even from a different business. A honest businessman may even ask his customer for a honest offer for this product instead of fixing the price himself.

If you miscount a product in your favor and realize it later on, you will of course correct this as soon as possible. You may even contact your customer to inform him. He trusts your honesty and may never count or measure the quantity he ever receives from you.

If you are a customer and got more products than you paid for by your or the businessmen's mistake, the same applies to you as customer. Point the difference out to your dealer supplying you. Pay the difference at the earliest opportunity possible. Remember that some of the missing material may have to be paid by employees. A customer has the Divine right to trust his suppliers and all businessmen have an equal Divine right to trust their customers.

Honesty also means that as an employee you use your employers resources only as far as he personally pointed it out to you. Some employees are getting used to make telephone calls from their business places because it may be cheaper or more convenient. Ask your employer about his policy in this regard. Never assume his agreement just because it is common standard among employees. The same may apply for many other products or services from your employer, like stamps, photocopies, fax, e-mail, Internet surfing, always remember that any company going broke may go broke due to the sum of numerous small amounts missing that finally may sum up to thousands or millions after many years. This difference may often be the only cause for a company going broke, resulting in dozens, hundred or more family loosing their daily source of income.

Government officials at any level shall become aware who's money they are spending. How did you get this money. Has this money ever been given to you, the governments or did you just tell people to give a certain amount to you, else make sure you are fully conscious of the personal source of all the money you are spending. Spend this money in a spiritual way - one day someone else may spend YOUR money the same way you do spend the money now. Any honest government employee is SERVING his people. Whenever he spends official tax money, he may first think of all the labor working hard for this money before the government confiscates this taxes. Taxpayers seldom have any chance to decide on the amount they are paying. The money is simply taken from them.

Government officials and employees shall never earn more money than the poorest among their tax payers. They shall select this government job because of their Love for their people, because they want to SERVE their people. Act day after day in every situation with responsibility and the awareness of whom you are serving. Any person in any situation is always fully responsible for any action and any Karma caused.

Be prepared to take full personal responsibility for any thought, emotion, word and ACTION you have ever had, be it on behalf of an employer, government, Organization, family or anyone else. Never forward the responsibility of your action, words, thoughts or emotions to anyone else but yourself. The single only other authority you may clear any responsibility for anything past, present or future is God. You and only you are fully responsible for anything you ever do or have done or will do. Even a policemen or soldier killing in the name of "law" is finally causing personal Karma, as much of course as the persons behind are causing by creating such laws to allow killing or any other form of violence.

The same of course may apply for all employees and officials of any international or national Organization. Accept such a job with the only desire to serve an part of God's creation. Devote this work you do entirely to God. He may reward you in heaven, once you have accomplished your task on earth. Beware of the truth that any money of any organization originally comes from working labor, from citizens of many countries around the World, including some very poor nations.

Any employee shall become aware of the fact, that the future of thousands of families may depend on his honesty and behavior. The welfare of suppliers, employees and customers may be affected by honesty or dishonesty of a single person. Remember that all you are ever causing to others may one day return to yourself. In this or in any future incarnation. It may come back when you least expect it, when you are already down because of all the Karma that has reached you again from past times. This sometimes happens to wake you up and make you aware of your behavior, to give you a chance to change and re-orient yourself toward a spiritual behavior for the benefit of all and the entire creation - far beyond the physical creation that you may realize around you here on earth and when looking at a clear sky in night time.

Honesty toward your self includes that you only accept jobs that you can fully agree from within the deepest of your heart and soul. It also includes that you can accept and realize the true nature of your soul as being a creation of God. The truth of your being is Divine Love and light. You are a Divine Child of God made to his image. Honesty toward your self is a very important aspect too often forgotten in many situations of life. Too many persons nowadays "sell their soul and body" just for the simple cause of money. They do anything they are asked to do, just to increase their profits or to make any money at all.

A honest person always can look deep into any other persons eyes, and look at himself in a mirror as well for many minutes and longer continuously radiating a feeling of Love nothing but Divine Love.

When did you look into any other "strangers" eyes with a smile in your face and nothing but Love in your heart.

A honest person always can accept any other person reading his mind and his emotions, reading all of his "most secret" Records of life and business, because a honest person may never have anything to hide.

A honest person - even if yet imperfect for any reason - always asks God to assist him in improving to become even more truthful, more honest in any daily situation, whether it be in business, official, government, sports, recreation, family, or any other situation ...

A honest person of any situation or position always can easily accept the full and true publication of all his Records, thoughts and emotions in any newspaper, radio, TV, WWW or by any other means.

If there is anything you ever want or wanted to hide from any other person, clear it with God. God is the only "authority" the source of Divine Love, grace and mercy who always can dissolve anything you have done with the power of his Love for you and all his children. Change your behavior until their is nothing left that you ever want to hide anymore.

Live all your feelings and thoughts in your daily life and create a full harmony between all your inside and your outside. However if you get the idea or feeling that you may never live in your daily action according to your thoughts and emotions, then you may reconsider all of your thoughts and emotions, change and purify them until all of them are a manifestation of Divine Love, until you can live them publicly !!!

Your mind's thoughts and your emotions are public, because anyone seeing or feeling an Aura can be aware of all of your thoughts and emotions, in fact most or almost all people surrounding you are affected in their behavior by your thoughts and emotions. Their actions often are a re-action to your thoughts and emotions.

An equation about honesty may read as follows. Strive to understand it and realize it in all your being.

Honesty = all your thoughts = all your emotions = all of your physical actions and words = true nature of God = Love

From this equation you may imply:

Honesty = Love all your thoughts = Love all your emotions = Love all of your physical actions and words = Love all of your physical actions and words = the true nature of God

A honest person lives his mind and minds his life

A honest person always has God in his mind

- whatever he does, feels or thinks

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